BlackBerry’s masterplan may be phone-powered tablets and laptops

CNETAnalysis: BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has revealed that the company is working on ways for smartphones to power all of our computing devices and provide users with a unified syncronised experience. Speaking to ABC News upon the US launch of the BlackBerry Z10 , Heins said folks are fed up with carrying around multiple devices and that there’s no reason why a smartphone can’t carry the load. He said: “We are talking about a mobile-computing experience that makes sure that for you as a user, you only have to carry one computing device. “Then you get peripherals around it that make your life much more easy than it is today carrying a tablet, carrying a smartphone, carrying a laptop, going to your office and having a desktop.” Succeeding where Moto failed? It seems that Heins is referring to laptop dock similar to the one Motorola tried (and failed) with its Atrix line of smartphones , or a tablet dock similar to the ASUS Padfone . He would not be drawn on exactly the solutions he had in mind but said all will be revealed at the BlackBerry Live expo in Orlando, Florida in May. He added: “”There are various configurations you can think about,” “We are working on a few of those, so allow me to not comment on those in depth. But we will talk about a few of those concepts at BlackBerry World.”

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