Blip: iOS 7 concept artist wants widgets

CNETAnalysis: A dilligent designer has mocked up a video showing how he’d like iOS to work on his iPhone and iPad , with features like Android-style widgets on the top of his must have list. Frederico Bianco has created quite a detailed breakdown of his vision for iOS 7 , not just of what the features should be, but of how they should work, too. As you might expect, a number of the features Bianco wants are some of the best ideas found on Android phones. He wants to be able to launch apps from the Lock Screen, for example, and he wants to access certain apps through widgets, rather than having to launch the apps themselves. One of his better ideas is for a new app called Shelf. This would be a repository for all of the webpages you select to read later, with a two-step process for adding them through the Safari browser. Take a look at Bianco’s video for yourself and let us know which of his ideas you love, and which are completely bonkers. Via Mashable YouTube :! Blips are TechRadar’s new news nuggets that you’ll find percolating through the homepage – or you can see them all by hitting the blip keyword below. Related Stories Google adding info cards to Play movies

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