First Year Chemistry Complete notes

Complete Chemistry Notes XI:

Class 1st Year Chemistry Notes Board of Intermediate Education Karachi. That Application is helpful all the first year Science Students, Model College for Girls is the best Place for Science Students, That Private college to Promote a new technique of Education. That is very helpful to all Science student. In this Application That all of Topics are Included.

Short Question Answer
Introduction to Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry
Three States Of Matter Matter
Atomic Structure
Chemical Bond
Energetic Of Chemical Reaction
Chemical Equilibrium
Chemical Kinetics

Complete Chemistry focuses on students learning chemistry. The app covers tutorials, solver, quiz, formulas and dictionary.

It covers all you need to know to understand chemistry concepts. The chemistry practical exposes you to periodic table and dilution calculation.

Complete chemistry offers a quiz section for evaluating your knowledge and areas you need to improve on chemistry.

The app also has a note section where you can save notes of items you want to remember or a summary of certain concept.

The app basically covers syllabus for exams like Intermediate Board Office Karachi, BIEK, WAEC, NECO, JAMB, KCSE, Post JAMB and GCE besides everyone can still use it.

The following topics are covered

Atomic Structure
Periodic Chemistry
Chemical Bonding
State of Matter
Energy and Energy Change
Acids, Bases and Salts
Solubility of Substance
Rate of Reactions
Redox Reaction
Carbon Compounds
Chemistry and Environment
Non Metals
Metals and its Compounds
Organic Chemistry

Disclaimer: The question and solution section uses Past WAEC exam questions and solutions which were provided by WAEC for students planning to sit for WAEC exams

If you have a suggestion or issue with this app please kindly let me know through my contact email so that I will attend to it immediately. Remember to rate this app

All Chemical formulas,

Detail about periodic table data contain.
Atomic Weight
Atomic Radius
Boiling point
Melting point
Electronic Configuration.

it also contains the conceptual explanation of most of the chemical/chemistry related terms

some are listed below

Absolute Entropy
Buffer Solution
Avogradro's Law
Ideal Gas Law
Dipole-interaction, Reactions, Substitution Reaction, Displacement Reaction, Addition Reaction, Combination Reaction, Reversible Reaction etc)
all functional Groups.........etc

Quick Reference to Access data as fast as possible.
Some of Them are Given bellow

Ionic Solubility Chart
Activity Series
Flame Color
Solution color
All Constants
Modulus Geometry
Equilibrium Formulas
Function Group ......... etc

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