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Java (J2ME) mobile YouTube player now available

A few days ago there was presented a great freeware Symbian S60 YouTube video player EmTube. Today we got an official YouTube J2ME mobile video player. This player can be started on wide variety of mobile phones and smartphones supporting mobile Java. This list contains Nokia Symbian S60 devices like 6120, N82, N95, N73, E65, E51, 5500, SonyEricsson UIQ smartphones like P1 and mobile phones like

War on terror a long drawn battle: Musharraf

CNews LONDON: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Monday said that he would contact world leaders to get economic and political support for Pakistan, as this will assist Pakistan a lot in war against terrorism and extremism.
Addressing a joint press conference here at Downing Street after holding a meeting with President Pervez Musharraf, Gordon Brown said, ‘Thus, Pakistan will have poverty and ignorance alleviated and the educational facilities will be bettered.’
Gordon Brown said the first priority for Pakistan and the world community should be to ensure that Pakistan treads the democratic path, as stable Pakistan is vital for South Asia.
British premier said that he stressed President Musharraf to have negotiations with all political parties for peaceful democratic future in Pakistan.
Pervez Musharraf said he still believes that a strong democratic government would come into existence following February 18 general elections.
President Musharraf said: “Matters including February 18 gener…

Sindh governor sees off UAE President

CNews KARACHI: The President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, left here for home on Monday onboard his special plane after a 10-day private visit.

At the Karachi Airport, he was seen off by the Sindh Governor, Dr. Ishratul Ebad Khan, Caretaker Chief Minister Justice (Retd) Abdul Qadir Halepota.

The Ambassador of the UAE, Muhammad Ali Alshamsi, Consul General in Karachi, Sohail Mattar Al Katbi, were also present on the occasion.

Two small children attired in traditional dresses presented bouquets to the distinguished guest.

Earlier, the UAE President arrived here from Rahimyar Khan and was received by the Sindh Governor, Caretaker Chief Minister, UAE Ambassador and Consul General.

Pro, anti-Musharraf demos as he arrives at 10-Downing Street

CNews LONDON: Rallies took out both in support and against the President General Pervez Musharraf when he arrived here at 10 Downing Street to meet the British Prime Minister, Gordown Brown in the last leg of his European tour.
The pro-Musharraf demonstration was staged by Pakistan Muslim (Q) on his arrival at 10 Downing Street. They were holding party flags, photos of the President, and banners to show support to him.
The protest rally was taken out jointly by PML-N, Pakistan Peoples Party, Tehreek-i-Insaf and Jamat-i-Islami.
Holding flags of their respective parties and banners, the activists chanted slogans against President Musharraf.
Due to the above demonstrations, President Musharraf was given entry to the 10 Downing Street from the Foreign Office gate and not from the main gate. Prime Minister, Gordon Brown accorded a warm welcome to his guest.
The meeting between the two is, presently, underway in which matters relating to war on terror, Afghanistan, swapping of criminals, investi…

Musharraf’s chance meeting with Israeli defence minister in Paris

CNews PARIS: A foreign news agency Monday reported that President Pervez Musharraf has held a meeting with Israel's defense minister in a Paris hotel last week. Presidential spokesman however, has denied meeting between President Musharraf and Israeli defence minister.
In Islamabad, Foreign Ministry spokesman said Musharraf had a ``chance'' meeting with Israeli minister in Paris hotel.
A foreign news agency citing Israeli sources reported President Musharraf and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak met by chance at the a Paris hotel, where they both were staying. They then held a scheduled one-hour meeting the following day, the officials said. Israeli defence minister and President Musharraf discussed the Iran nuclear issue, the report said.
However, Musharraf and former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon had shook hands on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in September 2005.
In Islamabad, Foreign Ministry spokesman said Musharraf had a chance meeting with Barak in Par…

Govt. sees foreign agencies’ hands in law, order situation mess

CNews ISLAMABAD: Government claims foreign intelligence agencies are engaged in creating law and order situation in Pakistan.

Federal Interior Secretary, Syed Kamal Shah made this disclosure in a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee for interior affairs here. Interior secretary said that the foreign intelligence agencies were messing up law and order situation in Pakistan.

IGs of all the four provinces and top officials attended this meeting of the committee, while the Benazir Bhutto Liaquat Bagh attack probe committee chief Additional IG, Chaudhry Abdul Majeed also apprised the committee of the progress made thus far in this regard.

The participants of the meeting also appraised the ongoing actions against the miscreants besides mulling over the previous weeks’ law and order situation.

Kamil Ali Agha and Tahira Latif of Muslim League-Q protesting against Kamran Murtuza of Muslim League-N’s remarks about former Punjab Chief Minister, Pervaiz Ellahi walked out of the meeting. The membe…

Ahmadinejad to visit Iraq in March

CNews TEHERAN: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is planning to make his first visit to Iraq within the next two months, the foreign minister said on Monday.
"The trip has become definitive and he will go on this trip by the end of the year," Manouchehr Mottaki told reporters, referring to the Iranian year which ends on March 20.
Last week, Baghdad said Ahmadinejad has accepted an invitation from President Jalal Talabani to visit Iraq but no date had been fixed.

100 Index manages to close positive with 24 points

CNews KARACHI: The local capital market witnessed a mixed trend on Monday, as KSE-100 Index after moving both sides of the fence managed to gain 24 points to close at 13881.
Total trade volume stood at 171.64 million shares.
The broader market witnessed mixed activity with shares of 150 companies registering gains while prices of 151 scrips suffering losses.
KSE-30 Index declined by 39 points to finish at 16477.

BlackBerry: DB upgrade failed. Error Executing an sql statement

Summary: When upgrading BES versions in this instance applying BES 4.1 Service Pack 4, you receive the following error "DB upgrade failed. Error Executing an sql statement" during database upgrade.

Resolution: In this instance; the cause was due to the MSDE database log file having exceeded it's default 50MB limit.

To verify the current size of the MSDE log file; go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data

Locate file BESMGMT.LDF. (Your database name may not be the same) Examine the file size to see if it has approached the 50MB limit.

To increase the limit:

1. Open a command prompt

2. OSQL -E


Re-run the service pack or upgrade.

James Chong (MVP)
MCSE | M+, S+, MCTS, Security+

Nokia Share Online v3.0 Beta

Share Online makes it easy to post photos and video from your symbian phone straight to your blog, photo sharing site, or other online community. You can control the file size and quality of your photos and video, add text to your posts, and browse to your page to see how it looks once you`re done.

for Nokia N73
for Nokia N76 & N81
for Nokia N95 & N82

Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable medium-range missile Hatf-4

CNews ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Friday successfully test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile Hatf-4 Shaheen-1 at the conclusion of the army's annual field training exercises, the military said.

A statement said that the Strategic Missile Group had launched the Shaheen-1 missile on Friday from an undisclosed location.

The nuclear-capable missile has a range of 700 kilometers (420miles). Pakistan routinely tests the various missiles in its arsenal, designed to match that of neighboring archrival India.

A Strategic Missile Group (SMG) of the Pakistan Army’s Strategic Force Command (ASFC) conducted a successful training launch of the Shaheen-1 (Hatf-IV) Medium Range Ballistic Missile.

The launch was conducted at the conclusion of the annual field training exercises of a Shaheen-1 Missile Group.

It may be recalled that the Shaheen-1 Ballistic Missile System, with a range of 700 kms, is an operationalised weapon system held by the ASFC and is routinely fired during training exercises by …

Musharraf criticizes dubbing Pakistan nukes ‘Islamic bomb’

CNews DAVOS: President Pervez Musharraf Thursday said Pakistan is fighting war against terrorism and extremism.

Speaking to the annual gathering of the world's political and business elite at World Economic Forum in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, Musharraf said Pakistan is advancing towards genuine democracy and with free and fair elections in February democracy will be more stable in the country.

He said the media has been given freedom in Pakistan. “When I assumed power there was only on television channel in the country but the number has now reached to more than 50”.

Musharraf said Pakistan is fighting against terrorism and extremism and pursuing a multidimensional strategy in this respect.

Talking on Pakistan’s nuclear programme President Musharraf said the nukes have no threat from terrorists. He questioned labeling Pakistan’s nuclear bomb as “Islamic bomb.” He asked why the other bombs not being named as Hindu bomb or Zionist bomb? It is incorrect to dub Pakistan nuclear bo…

US willing to fight with Pakistanis against Al-Qaeda: Gates

CNews WASHINGTON: The United States is "ready, willing and able" to conduct joint combat operations with Pakistani troops against insurgents in Pakistan if Islamabad agrees, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said.

Gates said he was not aware that Pakistan has requested additional US military assistance but said it was part of an ongoing dialogue.

"First of all, we remain ready, willing and able to assist the Pakistanis and to partner with them to provide additional training, to conduct joint operations, should they desire to do so," he said.

Asked at a press conference whether joint operations meant US combat troops fighting with Pakistani troops against Al-Qaeda in the tribal areas, Gates said, "If the Pakistanis wanted to do that, I think we would."

Gates' comments were the most direct yet by Washington about US willingness to send US combat troops to Pakistan as part of an intensified counter-insurgency effort in the tribal areas bordering Afghanis…

Gilchrist sets record for wicket keeping dismissals

CNews ADELAIDE: Australia's Adam Gilchrist broke South African Mark Boucher's world record for the most test dismissals by a wicketkeeper during the fourth and final match against India on Friday.

Gilchrist claimed his 414th victim, eclipsing Boucher's record of 413, when he caught India captain Anil Kumble off the bowling of Mitchell Johnson for 87.

Gas supply to Peshawar CNG stations stopped

CNews PESHAWAR: Over 100 factories of Peshawar Industrial Estate have been closed here as The Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) has stopped providing gas to CNG stations to ensure its supply to domestic consumers.

The Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited took the said decision after the go-ahead sognal from the caretaker government.

He said that under a plan of gradual suspension, the SNGPL stopped supply to a couple of CNG stations in Hayatabad on Thursday.

IIS: Error Writing Encrypted Data to the Web Services Configuration Database

Summary: When attempting to install or re-install IIS; you receive the following error:

"Error Writing Encrypted Data to the Web Services Configuration Database" The option gives you the ability to "write unencrypted data." However if you proceed; IIS installation stalls and does not proceed.

World Wide Publishing Service fails to start with

"The specified handle is invalid"

Resolution: Rename the MachinesKeys folder in the following directory to MachineKeysold.

%Windir%\Profiles\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys

Once this has been renamed; in the IIS installation where you were prompted to choose "write uncrypted data" close out this dialog box by clicking the X (windows close button on top right corner"

IIS will complete the instllation and you will see a new MachineKeys directory. If you already closed out of the prompt box above; just uninstall and re-install IIS.

James Chong (MVP)

Exchange: Bulk Remove X.400 Address Using Admodify

Summary: This article will go over how to remove legacy X.400 addresses in bulk using Admodify. X.400 addresses were used in Exchange 5.5 and may not be required. However; removing the recipient policy for your X.400 address will not remove the addresses from your users.

To remove X.400 addresses in bulk:

1. Download Admodify

2. Launch Admodify.exe

3. Modify Attributes

4. Domain List = Choose your domain; Domain Controller = Select your DC

5. Click the Green Arrow

6. Double click your domain in the white pane. This will expand your OU list. You can highlight just the OU you wish your query or highlight the domain to work with all objects in your domain.

7. Click Add to list. This will enumerate your users in the right pane. Click Select All and next.

8. Click the Custom Tab.

9. Check "Make a Customized Attribute Modification"

Attribute name: proxyAddresses
Attribute value: X400:c=US;a= ;p=mycompany;o=FC;s=%'sn'%;…

Exchange: The format of the e-mail address is incorrect

Summary: When sending to an internal user; you receive the following NDR:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: test ignore
Sent: 1/21/2008 11:50 AM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

Joe Test on 1/21/2008 11:50 AM
The format of the e-mail address is incorrect. Check the address, look up the recipient in the Address Book, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address.

Resolution: A second SMTP proxy was added. However sending to this SMTP proxy would fail. The email address was correctly formatted without any special characters. A simple removing of the SMTP address and re-entering it in worked without issue. The cause could've have been pasting the address. Sometimes pasting can cause issues.

James Chong (MVP)
MCSE | M+, S+, MCTS, Security+

FlipSilent - mute your phone by flip it over

With new 2008 year we got new awesome free applications for our Symbian S60 mobile phones. The first one is a Flip Silent application. Do you know what FlipSilent is? This is freeware app which makes phone to be muted off with one simple gesture - flip over. This is really helpful when you are in a meeting and a call starts ringing all of the sudden. You just can quickly flipover your smartphone

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Pindi, Karachi blasts suspects arrested: Hamid Nawaz

CNews ISLAMABAD: The interior minister has announced progress in investigations with arrest of suspects involved in bombings in Rawalpindi, Karachi and other attacks across the country.Caretaker Interior Minister, Hamid Nawaz Khan talking to media while inauguration of a police station here, said eight suicide bombers have been detained along with key suspect of recent suicide attacks. He said total 8 suspects have been picked up by the police from Sargodha and Mianwali with explosives. Five would be suicide attackers have been detained from Sargodha with 37-kilogram explosives, while three others arrested from Mianwali with 30 KG explosive material, the minister further said. Commenting on the Scotland Yard probe, the interior minister said that the team has been given 30 days to complete their investigation into Benazir Bhutto's assassination. Four British detectives would remain in Pakistan till the probe is completed, while others would arrive and return back home according to…

470000 tonnes wheat to arrive in Pakistan by month end

CNews ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has received 225000 tonnes of imported wheat by the mid of January while 245000 tonnes more wheat will arrive by the end of the current month, said Ministry of Food and Agriculture.The officials said tenders will be opened to import additional 610000 tonnes wheat – 460000 tonnes red wheat and 150000 tonnes white wheat.This additional wheat will arrive in Pakistan by the mid of February.0

Joint fight against terrorists vital for peaceful polls: PM

CNews ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Mohammedmian Soomro on Tuesday termed extremism a common challenge for entire nation including political parties, which he said needed to be confronted to ensure holding of general elections in a peaceful and transparent manner. He was talking to Senators including Senator Maulana Sami Ul Haq, Razina Alam Khan, Waqar Ahmad Khan and Senator Israr Ullah Zehri, who met him separately at the PM Secretariat here. Soomro said the determination of government and people to see a stable Pakistan was stronger than the intents of the forces wanting to destabilize the political process. The Prime Minister said free, fair, transparent and peaceful election would bring about political and economic stability in the country. He said the country was facing shortage of energy and the government was making best possible efforts to expand resources through conservation. About availability of flour in markets, the Prime Minister reiterated that elements involved in hoarding…

Landhi blast case registered under ATA

CNews ISLAMABAD: The police have registered a case of Quaidabad blast under Anti-Terrorist Act against the unidentified miscreants for causing carnage in the industrial area of Landhi.The blast occurred in Karachi industrial area of Quaidabad near a crossing in Landhi Town killing eleven and injuring over 50 people, according to the local media. The case of Landhi blast has been registered under Anti-Terrorist Act PPC Clause 33, 427, 324, 302, ¾ with SHO Inspector Huzoor Bux Solangi as complainant."The death toll has risen to 10, and there are about 50injured people," Akhtar Zamin, Sindh home minister said. "This is the work of people who want to destabilise the country going towards holding of peaceful elections," Zamin said.The bomb disposal squad said that the one and half kilo heavy bomb was indigenously made nails and ball bearings used in it. The culprits used time device for blast.Another injured Jamil s/o Abdus Sattar 16, who was a resident of Quaidabad Muz…

PPP to directly approach UN

CNews KARACHI: Co-Chairman Pakistan People’s Party, Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday said Government had rejected his party’s appeal for UN-led enquiry into Benazir’s assassination, therefore “we will directly approach UN in this regard”.

Addressing a press conferene here at Bilawal House, Asif Zardari said he went to meet Scotland Yard team because the British police was not allowed to come to Nau Dero.

The workers ask why we are still alive after their leader’s death. I tell them that we are alive because we have to complete the unfinished mission of Benazir Bhutto, he said.

He said Scotland Yard has a limited mandate and that they have been provided with the evidences collected by the Pakistan Peoples Party.

Asif Zardari said he had talked to former UN secretary general Kofi Annan in connection with PPP’s demand for UN sponsored inquiry.

He said, "I am in persistent contact with the like-minded people all over the world. I assure you that PPP will never compromise on its principles.”

He sai…

Quaidabad blast case registered against unidentified miscreants

CNews KARACHI: The police have registered a case of Quaidabad blast, which left at least ten people killed and at least 50 were injured, against the unidentified miscreants.The blast occurred in Karachi industrial area of Quaidabad near Gul Ahmed Chawrangi in Landhi Town."The death toll has risen to 10 and there are about 50 injured people," Akhtar Zamin, the home minister for southern Sindh province, of which Karachi is the capital said. "This is the work of people who want to destabilise the country going towards holding of peaceful elections," Zamin said. Musharraf and caretaker premier Mohammedmian Soomro condemned the blast and expressed their grief for the loss of life.

Entire political leadership in danger: Interior Ministry

CNews ISLAMABAD: Interior Ministry spokesman Brigadier (Retd) Javed Iqbal Cheema Tuesday said the government has prepared a security advisory plan for politicians to avert life threat to them.He told the weekly media briefing that the advisory is aimed at providing general guidelines to the political leadership for their safety and security. Cheema said after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto it is of paramount importance that political leadership is sensitized about looming threat and asked them to adopt a security conscious approach. "The government would provide adequate security cover to the political leaders, it is incumbent upon the political leadership itself to play its role in taking necessary steps to ensure their own safety by cooperating and paying heed to security advisory." He said all Home secretaries and heads of law enforcement agencies have been given directives to ensure foolproof security of all political leaders under threat. Under the security advisor…

Bin Laden's son applies to move to U.K.

CNews CAIRO: Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden's son has applied for a visa to the United Kingdom where he intends to live with his British wife. According to a British daily, the British woman changed her name to Zaina Al Sabah Bin Laden after her marriage to Omar.If the couple's application is accepted, they will move to Jane's $1.1 million home in Cheshire, near Manchester. It further said that Umar has divorced his first wife, the mother of his two-year-old son.

Govt against political leaders’ contact with people: Zardari

CNews KARACHI: Co-Chairman Pakistan People’s Party, Asif Ali Zardari, Tuesday said his party will itself go out and make a request to the United Nations (UN) to carry out a probe into the assassination of Ms Benazir Bhutto.Addressing a press conference here at Bilawal House, he said the Government has claimed that Al-Qaeda is involved in the Benazir’s murder. “The fact that Al-Qaeda is an international organization, establishes UN’s relevance with this case,” he maintained, adding “Therefore, PPP will itself go out and request UN to extend its help into the investigation of the case.”He said PPP shares the same point of view with the well wishers of Benazir Bhutto across the world in connection with getting the probe conducted into the incident by the UN.In this regard, he said talks have been held with former UN secretary general, Kofi Annan and well known human rights activist, Asma Jehangir.Asif Ali Zardari said he had to go to meet Scotland Yard team because the British police was…

Karachi retailers fearing penalty stop selling flours

CNews KARACHI: The shopkeepers here have stopped selling flours in order to avoid penalty for charging rate higher than the official one, while the utility stores, due to lingering power outage, are failing to arrange flour supply meeting the demand.

Karachi Retail Grocers Association’s president, Muhammad Farid Quraishi told CNews News that the flourmills were supplying flour at Rs17.50 per kg, which could be sold in the retail market minimum at Rs18.00 to Rs18.50 per kg, but the government has fixed the price at Rs17.50, leaving no alternative for the retailers, but to stop selling flours, triggering acute shortage. They said that if the government fixes the ex-mill and retail prices, then the situation could improve.

On the other hand, Utility Stores’ Regional Manager, Kamal Mustafa said that the supply of 20,000 bags of 10 kg flour through the utility stores has been planned, but due to the disruption in power supply, flourmills appear to be unable to provide flour bags in the requi…

Altaf Hussain demands action against culprits

CNews LONDON: Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain has strongly condemned the bomb blast at Quaidabad and demanded providing all available medical facilities to the injured.

He prayed for the departed souls and early recovery of the injured and demanded to provide best medical facilities to them. He said those involved in terrorism were the enemies of the nation and country.

Altaf Hussain demanded of the government to take stern action against those involved in this condemnable act and give them exemplary punishment.

Nine dead bodies, 40 injured at JPMC following Quaidabad blast

CNews KARACHI: At least nine dead bodies including two of children have been taken to Jinnah Hospital besides 40 injured as a result of a blast occurred here at Gul Ahmed Chowrangi, Quaidabad.

A JPMC official at Emergency Ward source said eight bodies and 40 injured have been shifted to Jinnah Hospital.

It was said three of the injured are in the age group of 24 to 26 while two victims were aged 16.

A doctor of Social Security Hospital Landhi, Imran Ali said that five bodies and 35 injured were brought to the hospital with major and minor injuries.

A police official said that the explosive device was planted in a fruit cart.

Red alert declared throughout province: Sindh police chief

CNews KARACHI: Acting Inspector General of Police, Sindh, Azhar Ali Farooqui on Monday confirmed that five causalities had taken place and 20 persons were injured in powerful bomb blast opposite Gul Ahmed Textile Mills in Landhi Industrial Area on Monday night.

Talking to media, police chief said a red alert was declared in throughout the province after the incident.

He admitted that violent incidents had occurred in the disturbed area and said that high alert was also declared there to cope with the situation.

Additional contingents of police have been sent to the area, besides deployments of reserved force have been made wherever considered necessary, he added.

Police chief ruled out delays in initiating rescue activities at the crime scene, claiming that senior police officials were present at the scene. "The rescue operation has been started and I'm in constant contact with senior officials."

Mr. Farooqui added that a three-member committee, headed by a Senior Superi…

Sindh Governor condemns Quaidabad blast

CNews KARACHI: Sindh Governor, Dr. Ishrat- ul- Ebad Khan has strongly condemned the act of terrorism in Quaidabad area on Monday evening and expressed grief over the loss of lives and injuries to people.

He issued directives to the concerned authorities to take immediate care of the injured and provide them every possible medical facility.

The Governor appealed to people to exercise restraint and patience, maintain unity in their ranks and keep watch on mischievous elements so that they may not take advantage of the situation and thus achieve their nefarious designs.

He called upon the organisations responsible for maintenance of law and order to maintain vigil on suspects and take action against them without any discrimination.

The Governor announced that the government will continue action against terrorists with the cooperation of people and would not cow down before them.

The law enforcers were directed to unearth the elements involved in this heinous act and utilize the best of t…

2 feared dead in Karachi blast

CNews KARACHI: At least two people are being feared dead, as a fierce bomb blast ripped thorough Karachi industrial area of Quaidabad near Gul Ahmed Chawrangi today (Monday) evening.

TPO Landhi Town said that the bomb was rigged to a motorbike. It should be mentioned that the blast site is normally a crowded market place, where people come to shop in large number.

Emergency imposed in Karachi hospitals

CNews KARACHI: Soon after a blast occurred in Karachi area of Quaidabad, the emergency has been declared in most of the hospitals of Karachi.

However, owing to extreme conditions of traffic gridlock, the ambulances are facing trouble in transporting the injured to hospitals.

It should be mentioned the reason behind massive traffic jams is VVIP movement in the city today.

Seven dead in Quaidabad blast

CNews KARACHI: Seven people including a child have been killed, when a blast occurred here at Gul Ahmed Chowrandi, Quaidabad on Monday evening.

TPO Landhi Town, Azad Khan confirmed that explosives strapped to a motor cycle blew up, killing and injuring many. It should be mentioned that the blast site is normally a crowded market place, where people come to shop in large number.

At least five dead bodies, including one of a child, have been shifted to Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre. Two dead bodies are said to be present at Social Security Hospital Landhi.

The ambulances of Eidhi arrived on the blast site. Also, the fire brigade vehicles have been called in. Investigation and Bomb Disposal Squad have been called. Police cordoned off the whole area and started the relief activities.

Emergency has been declared in most of the hospitals of Karachi.

However, owing to extreme conditions of traffic gridlock, the ambulances are facing trouble in transporting the injured to hospitals.

It shoul…

Bomb Blast in Quaidabad Near Karachi 'bomb blast kills nine'

CNews Karachi: Bomb Blast in Quaidabad Karachi 9 person dead, 2 child inculded, 40 persons Injured.....

At least 9 people have been killed in a bomb explosion in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, police say.
More than 40 others were injured in the blast in the city's Quaidabad area. Reports say the death toll could rise.

Sindh province police chief Azher Farooqi said explosives had been hidden under a fruit cart.

It is not clear who carried out the attack. Pakistan has been swept by a wave of suicide bombings by Islamic militants in recent months.

Musharraf rejects idea of nukes going into extremists’ hand

CNews ISLAMABAD: President Pervez Musharraf said Sunday the nuclear assets of Pakistan are extremely safe and that his country needs nobody to tell about what to do next in this connection. In a wide-ranging interview with a US news publication published online, he said that if needed, the assistance would be solicited, terming it quite absurd that extremists can possibly capture nuclear weapons of Pakistan.Musharraf also expressed his refusal to let the United States launch CIA operations against Al-Qaeda in Pakistan. Pakistan has been in turmoil since Bhutto's assassination on December 27 and her Pakistan People's Party has challenged the government's reports on her death. No autopsy was ever conducted. While her party insists she was struck by a gunman's bullet before a suicide bomber blew himself up, the government says she was killed when her head hit her car's sunroof as she waved to supporters after a campaign rally. Musharraf said Bhutto's body should b…

Benazir’s heirs to decide about post-mortem

CNews ISLAMABAD: People’s Party (PPP) Sunday said that the government should have conducted the post mortem of Benazir Bhutto immediately after her martyrdom.Reacting to a statement by President Pervez Musharraf, PPP Spokesman Farhatullah Babar said the government has not so far requested for the post mortem, if any request is tendered for the purpose, then the heirs of the deceased chairperson will decide in this connection.‘PPP wants uncovering the faces of the murderers of Benazir Bhutto, the planners and their financers; it makes no difference knowing now whether she died of a bullet or by some other thing,’ he maintained.Farhat continued, ‘That is why, PPP demands UN inquiry into her murder.’

270 MW electricity supply to Karachi suspended

CNews KARACHI: The supply of 270 megawatt electricity to Karachci has been suspended, as feeder number one and two of the Bin Qasim Power Plant tripped off.According to CNews News, the WAPDA had already reduced the electricity supply to Karachi from 270 megawatt to 250 mw. Due to this situation, the electricity supply has been suspended to Surjani Town, Kharadar, Mithadar, Lyari and other important areas of Karachi.

Zamin is telling CNews: against Karachi ‘Bhatta’ mafia

CNews KARACHI: Caretaker Home Minister Brig (Rtd) Akhtar Zamin has said that kidnappings for ransom, and "Bhatta"mafia (extortionists) have become a cancer for the society and their elimination has become inevitable and, therefore, there is need to work on war footing to check the menaces. He was addressing a joint meeting of industrialists of North Karachi and Federal B. Area here Sunday. He informed that a joint strategy in this regard will be chalked out by Rangers, Police and industrialists to arrest the growth of the menace to some extent. Also, Sindh Industries Minister Arif Ali Abbasi, DG Rangers Maj Gen Liaquat Ali, IG Police Azhar Farooqi, Chairman NKATI Noor Ahmed Khan, Patron-in-Chief NKATI Capt Moiz Khan and Chairman F.B. Area Industrial Association Adrees Giggai addressed the meeting. Secretary Industries Rasool Bux Phulphoto, DIG Falak Khurshid, Ranger's Col. Asif, SSP AVCU Farooq Aawan and concerned TPOs and SHOs were also present on the occasion. Brig. Ak…

British detectives visit Liaquat Bagh again

CNews RAWALPINDI: Scotland Yard detectives have regrouped in Rawalpindi to examine Liaquat Bagh once again. The team took to the rooftops of nearby buildings to examine the blast site.Sources say security officials have provided results of DNA analysis of the suspected suicide bomber and gunman to the Scotland Yard team.Meanwhile, the British High Commission says the team is mandated to determine the cause of Benazir Bhutto's death. According to the text of the agreement reached between Pakistan and the British Metropolitan Police Service, the Scotland Yard team's basic purpose is to assist local authorities.

Railways’ complete restoration directed

CNews ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime Minister Mohammedmian Soomro has directed the Pakistan Railways to restore its services completely within the shortest possible time. The Prime Minister was chairing a meeting at the Prime Minister Secretariat in Islamabad. The meeting reviewed the losses caused to the railways due to the violence in the aftermath of Benazir Bhutto's assassination.Regretting the damage caused to the railways, Soomro directed the concerned authorities to finish the repair work in the shortest possible time. He urged the people to exercise restraint while expressing their sentiments.Chairman Railways told the premier that 32 out of 263 passenger trains and six out of 45 freight trains are not functional, adding that Pak Railways repaired at least 19 engines.The Caretaker Minister for Railways said that during the recent tumult, the Railways suffered at least Rs6.5 billion and twenty railway stations had to be shut down.

British detectives visit Liaquat Bagh again

CNews RAWALPINDI: Scotland Yard detectives have regrouped in Rawalpindi to examine Liaquat Bagh once again. The team took to the rooftops of nearby buildings to examine the blast site.Sources say security officials have provided results of DNA analysis of the suspected suicide bomber and gunman to the Scotland Yard team.Meanwhile, the British High Commission says the team is mandated to determine the cause of Benazir Bhutto's death. According to the text of the agreement reached between Pakistan and the British Metropolitan Police Service, the Scotland Yard team's basic purpose is to assist local authorities.

Musharraf vows safety of tribal areas

CNews ISLAMABAD: Governor NWFP Owais Ahmed Ghani called on President Pervez Musharraf here on Saturday at Presidential Camp Office and discussed various issues. Reiterating his resolve to continue the war against terrorism, President Musharraf said the terrorists and extremists elements would not be allowed to hide in any part of the country.President said that to provide the people of FATA and NWFP with a peaceful life, the terrorist elements would be wiped out from the area.The President congratulated him on assuming the charge of his new responsibilities as Governor NWFP and hoped that he would continue to work for the development and socio-economic uplift of the people of NWFP in the same way as he did for Balochistan. The Governor NWFP thanked the President for reposing confidence in him and assured the President that he would do all in his power to come upto the expectations of his countrymen.The President directed the governor to take up steps to ensure peace in the province an…

4 In A Line - S60 3rd Edition - Video & Review

Four In A Line is a phone version of the classic Connect 4 board game. It's been made by the acclaimed mobile game developer ZingMagic, who've been making traditional games for portable devices since the days of the Psion Organisers. In case you've never heard of it, the aim of Connect Four is to make a line of four of your playing counters horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The board is

Equities fall below 14000 level at weekend

CNews KARACHI: Stocks continued to slide on a second consecutive day Friday and the KSE-100 Index lost 168 points to close below the level of 14000 level at 13915.

The share market carried forward Thursday’s hangover and opened in the red zone. The negative trend continued throughout the two sessions at the weekend. At one the 100 Index took a steep plunge by more than 300 points on a rumour of a bomb in the parking lot of Karachi Stock Exchange.

However, slight recovery was witnessed towards the end, as market participants learned there was no substance in the reports of bomb threat.

The total of 346 scrips were traded on Friday; 215 declined while 103 advanced and 28 remained unchanged.

Trade volumes picked up to 256 million shares as compared to 245 million shares traded during the last session.

The market analysts believe that short recovery could be seen at the beginning of the next week.

Rain, snowfall continue in northern, hilly areas

CNews MANSEHRA: The sequence of rain and snowfall in the northern and mountainous areas persisted, triggering low gas pressure causing inconvenience to the people, however, several link roads have been cleared of the piles of snow allowing free-flow of traffic.
Following several days of downpours in the NWFP districts of Mardan, Charsadda, Naushehra, Dir and Sangla including Peshawar the sky is clear. Swat’s upper areas including Bahrain, Kalam, Utrot and others have received several feet of snow. District Mansehra and Balakot due to snowfall witnessing chill weather. The biting cold shooting up demand for fuel triggered low pressure at CNG pumps and household supply of natural gas unleashing hardships to the people.
Quetta, Chaman, Qalat, Mastung, Ziarat, Loralai, Zhob and other areas continued to be hit by severe cold, while the low pressure of gas has added miseries for the people. The six-day spell of rain and snowfall in Muzaffarabad and Azad Kashmir has ceased, however, the sky re…

NWFP caretaker Auqaf minister resigns

CNews PESHAWAR: NWFP caretaker Auqaf and Religious Affairs Minister, Khalid Raza Zakori has resigned from his post.
Zakori told CNews News here that he had sent his resignation to the NWFP Governor on January 4 and has also dispatched a reminder yesterday to the Governor and the Chief Minister, as he was neither informed about the acceptance nor the rejection of his resignation.
Zakori further said that he was contesting election on Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-JUI (F) ticket from the constituency NA-27 Lucky Marwat and because of his being engaged in election campaign, he was unable to continue performing the duties. It may be recalled that Zakori, a month ago resigning from the basic membership of Muslim League-Q, had joined JUI (F).
On the other hand, sources said that the portfolio of Auqaf and Religious Affairs has been additionally assigned to the caretaker food Minister, Alam Zeb.

Decision to shut down markets at 7:30 pm

CNews ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government has decided to have all the commercial markets closed at 7:30 PM with an aim to overcome the ongoing electricity crisis across the country.
This was decided at a high level meeting chaired by Caretaker Prime Minister, Muhammadmian Soomro here on Friday.
The meeting considered ways and means to conserve energy besides adoption of alternative sources of energy.
It was decided to replace the existing lights of President and Prime Minsiter Houses and other such buildings with solar energy or energy savers.
Use of gas heaters and geysers be discouraged while those on solar energy be promoted, the meeting agreed.
The Prime Minister on the occasion pointed out that the government has to give a heavy subsidy on petroleum products owing to their growing international prices. People should extend cooperation to the government in its effort towards saving energy, he said.
The meeting also decided to make functional the Alternative Energy Board and to intensify e…

Safe passage be given to Musharraf to step down: Imran

CNews ISLAMABAD: Chief Tehreek-i-Insaaf, Imran Khan has urged all the political parties to come together and provide safe passage to President Pervez Musharraf to step down.
Addressing a news conference here on Friday, Imran Khan ruled out the holding of free and fair elections, saying the security forces, which are supposed to provide protection to the people, have themselves become target of terrorism.
“This is not the right time for holding elections in the country but for political reconciliation,” he maintained.
He said APDM will soon convene a meeting the main agenda of which will be to devise a strategy aimed at giving a safe passage to President Musharraf to leave his post.
Imran Khan said policies pursued by the President to fight against terrorism are mainly responsible for the worst law and order situation in the country. He also blamed the former prime minister for what he called his flawed trade policies.
Imran Khan also announced to visit Nau Dero shortly.

Shahbaz eyes motive behind worsening conditions

CNews LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) leader Shahbaz Sharif Friday claimed that if the general elections are held in fair manner, then Q-League would be wiped out.
Talking to the media after visiting the injured of Lahore Suicide attack at Meo Hospital, he said that the circumstances are being made to aggravate on purpose, adding the general elections have been postponed only to benefit the Q-League.
Shahbaz said the opposition parties are willing to get united to save Pakistan; however, Pervez Musharraf is giving preference only to himself, maintaining that dire hazards are facing the federation necessitating the national unity.
PML-N leader continued, ‘If the nation does not get united now, then the history will not forgive us.’
Visiting the 20 injured police personnel admitted to South Surgical Ward in Meo Hospital, he presented them the offer of medical treatment at Shareef Medical city and Ittefaq Hospital.
Talking to the injured, Shahbaz said that the entire nation is proud of…

Section 144 imposed in Peshawar

CNews PESHAWAR: District Nazim City District Government Peshawar, Haji Ghulam Ali has under section 144 Cr.P.C. prohibited forthwith writing/distribution of objectionable pamphlets/posters or wall chalking especially on mosques and Imam Bargahs, pillion riding, display/carriage of weapons, printing/circulation of objectionable materials, fanning communal hatred, Afghan refugees entering the city and rumour-mongering.
Any persons found violating this order shall be proceeded again under section 188 PPC.
This order has come into force forthwith and shall remain in force for 10 days during Muharram-ul-Haram unless modified or withdrawn.

Sketch of suicide attacker in offing

CNews LAHORE: The atmosphere prevailing over the city remained marked with sadness today (Friday); the investigative teams of various institutions inspected the scene of suicide blast here and collected the clues.
Police officials told that the face of suicide attacker was operated upon for plastic surgery in King Edward Medical College; whereas, the hair, blood, teeth and nail of his thumb have been sent to Proff. Riyaz of Punjab University for DNA test.
The sources said that police held the re-made face as unsatisfactory, as its facial contours were not quite conspicuous.
Lahore Police obtained the services of NCA student Nasiri, who started preparing a sketch in accordance with the information marshalled from eyewitnesses.
Principal Officer of the U.S. Consulate Lahore Bryan Hunt and Regional Security Officer met Punjab IG Ahmed Naseem and offered condolences over the sad deaths of police personnel and offered him assistance of all sorts from US government.
Lahore Police made strictest …

Championship Manager 2008 - Java J2ME - Video

Championship Manager 2008 for Java is a soccer football managerment simulator, based on the famous PC game of the same name. It's been written to include as many options as possible from the PC original, and is probably the most complex and in-depth football management game available on mobile phones.I wanted to do a proper review of this, but to be honest I've never actually used a footie

Jackpot Casino (2.0) - S60 3rd Edition - Video & Review

Jackpot Casino 2.0 (also known as Jackpot Casino II and Jackpot Casino: Frenzy Gambler) is a compendium of twelve casino games:-Craps-Roulette-Caribbean Poker-Blackjack / Pontoon / Twenty-one-Slot Machines-Puzzle Slot Machines-Video Poker: Deuces Wild-Video Poker: Tens Or Better-Video Poker: Aces And Eights-Video Poker: Joker Poker-Video Poker: One Eyed Jack-Video Poker: Jacks Or BetterYou start

Exchange 2007: Free Busy Not Available for 2003 Users

Summary: Exchange 2007 users cannot view Free Busy for users on Exchange 2003

Resolution: Copy the Free Busy System from to Exchange 2007.

1. Open Exchange 2003 System Manager.
2. Scroll to Administrative Groups and Folders
3. Right click Public Folders - View System Folders
4. Expand Schedule + Free Busy
5. You should see Free Busy subfolders starting with EX: Right click each one properties, replication tab. Add your Exchange 2007 server.

Let it replicate and check 15-30 minutes.

James Chong (MVP)
MCSE | M+, S+, MCTS, Security+

Dreamway - S60 3rd Edition - Video & Review

Dreamway is a 2D racing game similar in spirit to the old Super Sprint arcade machine, with a top-down view of tiny cars racing round a track. Unlike Super Sprint, the track does scroll somewhat, but not much.As well as just racing, if you play the game on Medium or Hard settings you'll see items appear on the track which can help or harm you. In theory there are lots of different types, but in

Lost In The Pyramid - S60 3rd Edition - Video & Review

Lost In The Pyramid is an odd adventure game featuring a rather disconnected series of events that have you ending up inside an Egyptian pyramid.I've done a gameplay video of the first few minutes as displayed above, and a review for All About Symbian (which includes screenshots) at the link below: game

Snake Deluxe - S60 3rd Edition - Video & Review

Snake Deluxe is yet another remake of possibly the oldest phone game of all, Snake. You can see a gameplay video above, and I've written a full-length review (accompanied by screenshots) for All About Symbian which you can find at the link below: a nutshell: the classic Snake gameplay is all there, but there's not

Meteor - S60 3rd Edition - Video & Review

Meteor is a Breakout/Arkanoid clone for S60 phones. As with most clones, the game has been made more complex by adding various bonuses and special blocks, as well as the occasional flying saucer which drops bombs on you.I've done a gameplay video above and a review for All About Symbian at the link below: isn't

Pakistan rejects report on Usnited States operations in tribal region

CNews RAWALPINDI: Pakistan rejecting reports of the US administration considering granting the CIA right to carry out US operations in its tribal region said it is not up to the US administration to make such decisions as the Pakistan government is responsible for security in the country.Talking to French news agency Chief military spokesman Major General Waheed Arshad said that there are no overt or covert US operations being carried out inside Pakistan. “Such reports are baseless and we reject them." Arshad also dismissed comments from US White House hopeful Hillary Clinton that she would propose a joint US-British team to oversee the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal if she was elected president. "We do not require anybody's assistance. We are fully capable of doing it on our own," he said.

SY investigators briefed on Ms Bhutto’s murder case

CNews ISLAMABAD: The British Scotland Yard (SY) team which arrived here on Friday was given a briefing by the Interior Ministry about the probe carried out so far by the local investigators into the assassination of Ms Benazir Bhutto.Sources told CNews News that Special Investigation Group of FIA Anti Terrorism apprised the SY team about the evidence gathered so far in connection with the murder of PPP leader.The SY team, after holding detailed consultations with the Pakistan Government, will be embark upon a fully fledged probe into the incident and they will be extended full cooperation by SIG.However, the matters regarding the team’s contact with the eye witnesses besides autopsy of the body of Ms Bhutto are yet to be finalized. Meanwhile, the office bearers of Pakistan Peoples Party have been expressing distrust on locally conducted investigation and have demanded probe into the murder of Ms Bhutto under United Nations’ appointed investigators.President Pervez Musharraf had announ…

Introducing... the Unofficial Nokia Gaming Store!

Some of you may have noticed a new logo on the right side of the screen pointing at an online store. Well, this is the official unveiling of that store!It's done in association with Clickgamer, a general phone game retailer, and is intended to be as user-friendly as possible for owners of Nokia phones and smartphones. However, we need your help to make this as good as possible. If there's

Sola Rola - Java - Video & Review

Sola Rola is, quite simply, the best Java game I have ever played. It's got lovely graphics and lovely gameplay, a low price, and a sense of humour, so you couldn't really ask for more. It's a cute wobbly 2D puzzle/platformer with a strange world full of changing environments, timebombs, lava flows, ropes, rocks, nasty monsters, disappearing clouds, cars, lifts and weird aliens. It starts out

January :- Samsung mobile Price in India

Samsung C140

Rs.1,650/- Samsung C160
Rs.1,969/- Samsung C170
Samsung C130

Rs.2,625/-Samsung X160
Rs.2,549/- Samsung X210
Samsung C300

Rs.3,750/-Samsung X510
Rs.3,800/- Samsung X520
Samsung M600

Rs.3,950/-Samsung X620
Rs.3,700/- Samsung X650
Samsung E250

Rs.5,199/- Samsung X530
Rs.5,500/-Samsung X630
Samsung J600

Rs.5,919/- Samsung X640
Rs.6,155/- Samsung E690
Samsung F200
Rs.7,144/- Samsung E490
Rs.7,274/-Samsung X820
Samsung E740 Rs.9,100/- Samsung E840
Rs.9,534/- Samsung D840
Samsung D900i Rs.11,399/- Samsung U600

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Java - Video

Don't get too excited, this isn't the console or PC game, it's a 2D Java platformer. Tomb Raider Anniversary for Java-compatible mobile phones looks and plays very much like the Tomb Raider games for the Game Boy Color which appeared during the 1990s, with a similar quality of graphics and animation. This isn't a bad thing incidentally, as the GBC games received good reviews.In many ways this is


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