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Wiki for T-Mobile SDA from HTC Smart Mobility

Here is HTC's own Wiki for the T-Mobile SDA. Truth be told, I've got way more info on this blog then they do, but as I'm trying to track down every resource, I've decided to add it. Wiki for T-Mobile SDA from HTC Smart Mobility

PowerControl+OMAP is a great overclocking app

I got a chance to install this overclock app from Surreal Networks yesterday. I was a little hesitant at first, but the app makes everything very simple and the speed boost really does make your T-Mobile SDA much more repsonsive. I'm sure it may decrease the battery life by a bit, but so far I am more than pleased! Just make sure you follow the directions included at the site and you should be

Wearing jeans not affecting battery life

With all the talk over this key lock issue, and with the current weather change where I live, I thought I'd mention something that I noticed. I have switched to wearing jeans and I keep my SDA in my left pocket. But for some reason, it is not turning the SDA on like so many other users. Why is that? I have not noticed an excessive drain in the battery. How are you folks doing on battery life?

Autolock at Surreal Networks

This app may be of use to some of you who have been having key lock problems. I haven't used it yet, but some user reviews seem favorable. Brought to us by one of our favorite T-Mobile SDA hack sites, Surreal Networks.Autolock at Surreal Networks (first app on the page)

T-Mobile SDA custom ROMs

I'm new to the whole ROM upgrade scene. Would anyone with some pertinent information be interested in writing an article for this blog? I've seen mention of custom ROMs, iMate ROMs, etc. but not sure where to begin, but it is an area I would love to have some more information on.

Total Commander for T-Mobile SDA smartphone version

Total Commander is a great file explorer utility for your T-Mobile SDA smartphone. Below is a list of the features and a screenshot. Really useful for powerusers.Main features: * Use phone keys as hotkeys * Copy, Move whole subdirs * Inplace rename, create dirs * Delete (no recycle bin) * Zip and unzip * properties dialog, change attributes * built-in text editor *

Synch your Outlook Notes to your T-Mobile SDA

One of the missing features of the T-Mobile SDA is the ability to synch and store notes from Microsoft Outlook. This nifty little app makes it all so easy to take your notes on the run.SmartphoneNotes for T-Mobile SDA at Handango

Pocket Nester

Pocket Nester is an excellent NES emulator that runs nearly full speed with sound! You can map your phones keys to your preferred layout and even rotate the screen to landscape mode. Check it out gaming fans!Pocket Nester for your T-Mobile SDA

Copy and Paste with VITO CopyPaste

Here is a free utility that allows you to copy and paste with your T-Mobile SDA. This sort of thing should have been included with the OS, but here it is anyways.Copy and Paste with VITO CopyPaste


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