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"Z68 wont be around for long"

CNETAnalysis: We spoke to a representative from ECS on the trade show floor at Computex today who revealed that it sees no real future in Intel’s latest chipset, the Z68. It did, of course, have it’s own Z68 board, the ECS Z68H2-M, on display on its stand but said that it was not planning on building many of the boards as it was expecting the board to only have a very limited shelf-life. So what does ECS think is the next big thing from Intel then? Well, it’s putting all its Intel eggs in the forthcoming X79 platform, the spiritual successor to the still dominant X58 chipset. This quad-channel memory toting varmint is set to be the perfect home for the new Intel Sandy Bridge-E CPUs that are inbound around the end of the year. These chips will need a new socket, the LGA 2,011 shown here. It’s not just a clever name; that is a bigger socket with a whopping 2,011 pins in it. We’ve seen a few samples, mostly pre-production ones, of Intel’s next motherboard chipset on the stands of the ma…

Intel and Asus unveil ‘ultrabook’ laptop-tablet hybrid

CNETAnalysis: Intel has revealed its latest laptop-based chip plans over at Computex, putting the emphasis on low power and skinny looks in order to claw back some share from the tablet market. The term Intel has coined for this ‘new’ category is ‘Ultrabook’, which we’ve already reported to the hyperbole police and expect the chip maker to be hauled into the exaggeration station along with Steve ‘Magical’ Jobs and HTC any minute now. Although no official Ultrabook products have been unveiled, Intel’s executive vice president, Sean Maloney, reckons they “will make up 40 per cent of the market by the end of 2012.” A bridge too far It’s all thanks to the 22nm Ivy Bridge chipset, which will be a diminuitive 0.8-inches thick and provide faster responses and ‘tablet-like features’. If it wants to hit 40 per cent of the consumer market, Intel better keep the pricing of the Ivy Bridge chips manageable, pointing to a sub $1,000 price point to be getting on with. Intel has been getting all cos…

Huawei Aiming to Double Handset Sales in 2011

CNETAnalysis: Huawei is looking to double its mobile phone sales in 2011 to 60 million handsets as it starts a move into selling phones under its own brandname in the UK and China this year. Click here for more .

PSN Download Manager 3.82 Now Includes Multi-lang Support

3h ago - Hey, I’m back with a nice big update to PSN Download Manager 3.82! In this release I looked back at feedback, such as Web browsing crashing the proxy etc and many more bugs detected / reported by GrandpaHomer who made sure I fixed everything, but without his feedback and contribution I wouldn’t of had much of an update to release other than the P2P function with tracker support.I’m going to film a nice new video for 3.82 as the current version displayed on YouTube is old and outdated by a mile, so when the PS Store is back online I’ll film it and update this thread with it.Today it finally dawned upon on me, that a huge amount of users come from countries which speak; Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Japanese etc and I though wouldn’t it be nice, if the main interface was displayed in there natural language? so I implemented support for 10 languages including English, this applies to some messages and the main interface; the login / logout explains it’s self and the options ar…

Shahid Afridi Announces Retirement From International

Shahid Afridi Announces Retirement From International Cricket.Shahid Afridi announces retirement from international cricket. Its a shock but knowing Pakistan cricket he’ll be back in a month most likely

Shahid Afridi’s chances of regaining Pakistan’s ODI and T20 captaincy is all but over but the flamboyant all-rounder will get a chance to prolong his career as a player in the national team, a PCB source said. According to sources, PCB chairman Ijaz Butt has decided to revoke the policy of having separate captains for limited overs cricket and Test matches, which means Misbah-ul-Haq is expected to take over the charge of Pakistan team in all three formats of the game. “The decision to remove Afridi as the captain of the one-day team and hand over this responsibility to Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq is part of the new thinking in the board,” one source said.

Shahid Afridi announces retirement

Reliance Communications Quarterly Profit Down 86 Percent

CNETAnalysis: India’s Reliance Communications (RCom) has posted an 86% drop in its net profit for the first three months of this year, to Rs 168.6 crore for the January-March quarter this year, mainly due to fall in the average revenue per customer generated. Click here for more .

ARM hopes to ‘conquer the mobile PC market’

CNETAnalysis: Mobile chip specialists ARM hope to make significant moves into the mobile PC market over the next five years, with the company’s president hoping for 50 per cent of the market by 2015. Cambridge-based ARM is already rumoured to be looking to get its tech used in the next iteration of Apple’s MacBook Air. Something that we expect to hear more about later this summer, when Apple is anticipated to announce a new refresh of its ultra-slim laptop range. ARM’s president, Tudor Brown, told a gathering of reporters and industry execs at Computex this week that he hopes ARM will soon conquer the mobile PC market, looking to grow what is currently around a 10 per cent share to 50 per cent by 2015, by getting its mobile chips in more and more netbooks and ultraportable PCs. Takes Intel threat “very seriously” While Intel looks to make its own moves into the mobile market, ARM has also declared that it will take any plans that Intel may announce to make chips for its customers “ve…

Google Chrome 10, Extensions for Facebook Users

Lately I set up my friends computer who pretty overmuch uses his plate computer for a bit of diversion but mainly Facebook, I content I would install a twosome of Plate extensions for him and I must say that he was really impressed with two of them, hence I thought I would percentage these with you.Foremost to use these extensions you must tally Google Chrome installed, many fill are insecure whether or not to pose an secondary to Cyberspace Soul or Safari, notwithstanding it in my view is faster, author close and much unlogical than Microsoft’s and Apple’s attempts. You can download and position Google Chrome here, it won't bite! (If you do not like Chrome you can easily uninstall it).If you are unknown with what extensions do they are basically fine apps which integrate with your web browser, today we leave begin you to two Google Plate extensions which are eager if you use Facebook on a steady foundation, these are: Facebook Ikon Rise and Facebook for Google Chrome.
Facebook Pi…

Computex 2011: Asus unveils the Padfone and new 3D tablet

CNETAnalysis: Asus has unveiled its latest ‘Padfone’ hybrid mobile computing device at Computex 2011, a smartphone that also comes with a tablet for the user to dock into. Asus CEO Jonney Shih has unveiled a prototype of its new Padfone in Taipei this week, which features a combined 4.3-inch screen smartphone and a 10.1-inch tablet dock. Convergence in mobile devices Asus is still to settle on the final dimensions and tech spec for the Padfone before releasing it as a final retail product. The company’s Computex press release informs that the Padfone “reveals exciting new possibilities for mobile computing and communication.” The Asus announcement continues: “This convergent device combines a smartphone and a tablet computer into one symbiotic gadget that allows consumers to choose the screen size that best fits their activities while seamlessly sharing data and 3G internet access.” In addition to the new Padfone device, Asus also revealed a number of other new products at Computer 2…

Quad-core tablet gaming: new Nvidia Kal-El demo

CNETAnalysis: Nvidia is set to wow the crowds at Computex 2011 this week, with the latest demos of its new mobile quad-core ‘Kal-El’ chip showing off the real-time dynamic lighting possibilities the tech will open up to mobile games and app developers. Kal-El (named after the young Superman) is the next-gen Tegra processor from Nvidia, which brings together four CPU cores with 12 GPU cores. Nvidia first previewed the quad-core Tegra 3 tech back at Mobile World Congress in February earlier this year. Kal-El powered mobile gaming The first demo from Nvidia is a game called Glowball, shown running on a Kal-El powered Android Honeycomb tablet. The game concept itself is fairly basic and generic – use the tablet’s accelerometer to guide a glowing ball around an on-screen zone to hit trigger points and progress to the next level. But it’s the graphical prowess of the demo that really impresses. After you have seen the lighting effects shown off in this Kal-El demo, then you may well begin …

WikiLeaks: The Pakistan Cables

WikiLeaks has unveiled more US diplomatic cables which target Pakistan’s political and army leadership.

Most people do not know that the Baboonsliving in South Africa barter their food. They exchange a banana for a bag of crisps they stole from an unsuspecting tourist. Just like those baboons, Pakistan’s rent seeking elite barters power and privilege. Unlike baboons, who barter among themselves, our political elite barters with an alien foreign force and when they are not bartering with that alien foreign force they want it to play the guarantor; at least that is what latest WikiLeaks Pakistan Papers tell us. While the newspaper reading drawing room analyst types (that’s almost all of us) already knew or suspected whatever goes in the corridors of power, we learned a few new things from the cables. Take this particular cable from 2009 for example, US considers PML-Q to be the asli tay vadi PML because they have been referred to as plain and simple PML – with no ABCD affixed to it. PML-…

Watch Banana News Network 29th May 2011 Geo Tv

Watch Banana News Network 29th May 2011 Geo Tv

New iPhone 5 imminent, implausible commercial

The rumors that the iPhone 5 is imminent have being doing the rounds today due to a recent ad casting. However this is an implausible commercial, and people who work in that field are those to disprove it. The ad was online only for a few hours when it was taken down, but that was enough time for someone to take a screenshot. In that ad it was looking for five people to shot a commercial in LA, but be paid in pound sterling. Now there are two ways that we can take this; the first is that there is a commercial and that it will be for the iPhone 4S, as that is the most likely next Apple Smartphone. However, it is more likely to be a hoax due to the nature of the ad. One reader has commented on MacRumors, saying that his online casting software company handles at least 98% of all commercials in LA; he also adds that no director would ever cast for actors in this way. This certainly seems to be the consensus, as most of the readers have wondered how some of us have got suckered into this in…

Four iPhone 4 versions for India, changing the trend

It has been almost a year, but now there is to be four iPhone 4 versions for India. There will be those wondering why it has taken so long, but when you look at the history between India and Apple, we now hope that they are changing the trend. While this news will not be very beneficial to those of you in other parts of the world, just imagine how much it is a big deal for the Indian market? Looking on the Flipkart website we can see that they are currently out of stock, but Tech 2 believes that they are finally on their way. The four versions will be the 16GB and 32GB, along with a choice of black or white. In the past India has been one of the last on the list when it comes to getting Apple’s smartphone; the reason for this was due to the lack of 3G support by local carriers. Now that they have started to push out this service in parts of the country they are now starting to get the handsets that consumers have been craving. There is evidence to support this fact, as India received th…

Apple’s 8-megapixel iPhone 5: Improving picture quality?

We all know that the current iPhone has seen an improvement when it comes to the camera, but this has still not stopped us from purchasing third-party accessories. However, Apple’s 8-megapixel iPhone 5 might stop that altogether. Now we know that it is not all down to how many megapixels there are for improving image quality – that it all down to the lens – but we can be sure that Apple will have that covered as well. DigiTimes has learned that Largan Precision will be the supplier for the parts needed, and that they will appear in the 2011 iPhone later this year. We all know that Apple usually launches a new iPhone in June, but recent reports suggest that it will be September, and this latest news supports this. Largan’s should expect their 8-megapixel camera module sales increase from 10 percent of its business to much more than that. The reason we say this is because the iPhone 4 is the most used camera in the world, so we cannot see why this would not be the same for the iPhone 5 as…

iPhone 5 or 6 new design, curved glass feature

Reports are suggesting the Apple iPhone 5 or possibly the iPhone 6 will get the curved glass feature as the iPod nano shown in the picture above, the question is “Will this be a very expensive option if added to the future iOS smartphone?” DigiTimes has reported that Apple may possibly look into the curved glass screens for future iPhones, the iPod Nanos as said above have this glass already but the screens are very small whereas the iPhone versions will be around 4-inches, expensive option but possible. Apple do have great experience already we know that and if reports are correct that they are investing in 200-300 glass cutting machines then they must be serious in incorporating this technology, Apple has the money to make this investment and if succeeded we could see brand new iPhone designs that would definitely be good for the eyes of the customer. Aesthetically the new curved glass design would look great but do we really need to sway away from the current flat screen? Of course thi…

The Invisible Imaginary iPhone, future in your hand

Now we all know that the new iPhone 5 will be shipping around September time and it would be fantastic if we were to see this the new invisible imaginary iPhone, this is what we call ‘Future in your hand’. Patrick Baudisch researcher at Hasso-Plattner Institute has made this new technology all possible and if you watch the video below you can see the invisible iPhone in action, this could become reality in the future. This technology is worth thinking about, your phone rings, or you want to call someone, maybe you would like to play a game, whatever the scenario there is no need to hold the Apple iPhone because you can just hold out your hand and use that as the screen. We visited Technology Review and they report that the ‘Invisible iPhone’ has an Xbox-like depth camera that will acknowledge a users finger when your swipe or stroke your hand. This new hi-tech gadget does require special software so that it can determine gestures the user is making; it transmits commands to a physical ph…

iPhone 5 may have LTE on China Mobile

The rumors that the iPhone 5 may have LTE are starting to gain momentum, but is still not likely this year. China Mobile said that they would support this to their 600 million or so customers, but this will still not happen until at least 2012. Both Apple and the carrier have been in talks since the first-generation was released back in 2007, so great to see the two could be close to a deal. Apple will have to make a few changes to the China Mobile version of their 4G iPhone, as they use a technology called LTE TDD, which some of you may know means Time-Division Duplex. PCWorld learned this from a spokesperson from the carrier, who had been in direct contact with chairman Wang Jianzhou. Some of you may be wondering why Apple and China Mobile have not made such a deal in the past, and the simple answer is all down to TD-SCDMA 3G network. The 3G technology is very different to what AT&T uses, so would have required Apple to rebuild their smartphone to accommodate this. China Unicom alr…

iPhone 5 possible delay & iPad halt after Foxconn Fire

The iPhone 5 could see a release date delay this year after an explosion at a Foxconn factory near Chengdu, China happened. Two people who worked at the factory were sadly killed and 16 were left injured. The Foxconn site is where the iPad is manufactured supposedly and because of the explosion that led to a big fire could halt production of Apple iPad’s, according to Computer World this could also bring the iPhone 5 release delay as well. WSJ reports that the explosion happened Friday night near the southwestern China facility, halting production. There was a statement sent to Gizmodo mentioning that Foxconn reports that the situation is now under control and such production will be put on hold allowing police to go ahead with their investigations. You can see the full Foxconn statement via CNET that say’s at approximately 7 p.m. on May 20; there was an explosion at our Chengdu campus. Foxconn always take safety seriously and working very closely with investigations. There have been a fe…

World-mode Verizon iPhone 5, same AT&T release date

Since 2007 Verizon customers were holding out for the iPhone, and thankfully they finally got their hands on Apple’s smartphone in January. We had assumed that the Big Red version would sell a huge number of units, but knowing that they were offering 6-month old technology did not sit will with the consumer. However, that will all change this year, as we can expect a world-mode for the Verizon iPhone 5, and the best bit is that it will have the same release date as AT&T’s version. Reuters has been on hand at the Global Technology Summit, where Verizon CFO has been talking about the iPhone world phone as it will be known, which means that it will work in a number of other countries and not just the U.S. However, the one thing we are uncertain of is an actual release date. We had assumed June, but maybe Verizon’s January launch of the iPhone at the beginning of the year has postponed that until September? So what does this all mean? Well all you need to know that instead of just worki…

Apple always behind in iPhone technology, reasons

Some may say the Apple iPhone is the most advanced smartphone on the market and of course we agree, but we have to sit back and think about them always being behind in mobile technology. Please let us give you our reasons why. There are a few things to hit on here, for example 4G-LTE network technology is somewhat becoming a favoured subject to talk about with many companies such as Verizon etc bringing this new service to customers and many 4G enabled devices are being developed to feature 4G. Apple seem to be lagging behind with this technology on the iPhone, even the next-generation iPhone 5 (4S) will not have this feature. Phones Review have stepped up to the plate and put forward statements such as; Apple’s lagging behind and seem to always wait for other devices with 4G technology such as Android devices, then once these mobile devices have been tested on the field and running smoothly Apple only then jumps on the band wagon with the same service. On a personal note I have used man…


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