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Elder Scrolls 5 (V): New Engine for 2011 Release?

CNET Games: We have some potentially exciting news for those of you patiently waiting for Bethesda to announce Elder Scrolls V, as we are hearing reports that the developers have built a brand new game engine, and that the follow-up to Oblivion will be the first game to run on it. If you head over to GamesAbyss , you’ll see them mention that Bethesda has already announced a new game engine, with reports suggesting that this engine has been tailored for use in ‘large open worlds’, which would obviously suit the likes of Elder Scrolls V perfectly – assuming that the game will be as big as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Here is a passage from their article: ”With the announcement of a new secret game engine, it seems that a new Elder Scrolls is on its way. According to sources, this new game engine works best for large, open worlds, which only further confirms Elder Scrolls imminence.” GamesAbyss has also added some gameplay elements which they would like to see revamped for the new game, …

Rahul Gandhi is Gay ,WikiLeaks Update US Embassy in Delhi Reports

Rahul Gandhi is Gay ,WikiLeaks Update US Embassy in Delhi Reports

who emerged as the youth icon after the Lok Sabha polls is the new gay icon. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGNT) community voted overwhelmingly for the Congress hoping that young Rahul will fight for their cause too.

Well he is not married,hes old enough to get married by political-indian standards,he has never ever been reported to have a girl friend…he could be a closeted gay

Rahul Gandhi surfaced as a youth icon during the General Elections and what most people don’t know.

Rahul Gandhi Indian politician and member of the Parliament of India.Rahul Gandhi represents the Amethi constituency.Rahul Gandhi was born on the 19th of June 1970 in India, he was born to a Nehru Gandhi family. His family is one of India”s most prominent political families in India.His political party is the Indian National Congress.Rahul Gandhi is an activist, he asks for building connections to rural India and trying to democratiz…


1st Year Pre Engineering Result Karachi, HSC Part 1 Results 2010 1st Year Pre Engineering Result Karachi, HSC Part 1 Results 2010.The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi will announce the results of the Higher Secondary School Certificate, part-I (Class-XI), science group annual examinations-2010 during the current month. According to BIEK chairman Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai, the results of pre-medical and pre-engineering groups will be declared on Nov 26 and Nov 30, respectively.

Updated: CES 2011: 3D Blu-ray, OLED plus more tablets

CNETAnalysis: It won’t be too long before CES 2011 is upon us. Taking place from 6-9 January 2011 in Las Vegas, CES sets the tone for the tech year. Apple may not be present, but just about everyone else is – from the electronics giants such as Sony, LG and Samsung to the tiniest software companies. CES covers the whole gamut of technology, so you’ll also find Microsoft and Nvidia alongside names such as Kodak and Polaroid. CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is the place where the industry meets, does business and – most importantly for you – launches new kit. TechRadar will be there in force to bring you the latest news and hands-ons from the event, but what can we expect to see there? Last year, 3D was the main theme alongside every single company talking about the environment. This is a slightly odd thing to hear in Vegas, which is possibly the least environmentally friendly location known to man. Expect those companies who haven’t yet gone big on 3D – such as Sharp – to go fu…

Woman offered trip to Australia in Twitter mixup

CNETAnalysis: A woman from Massachusetts who knows nothing about cricket has been offered a trip to go watch a match in Australia because of a mixup over her Twitter name. Click here for more .

Kinect Sales on Xbox 360: Over 2.5 Million in One Month

CNET Games: We recently told you about some Microsoft Kinect sales figures over in Japan , but now we have an update on how things are going back home – and it’s pretty good news from Microsoft’s point of view. According to this report from BGR , Microsoft has managed to shift more than 2.5 million Kinect sensors for the Xbox 360, despite the fact that Kinect has only been on sale for a month. Don’t forget that Microsoft sold 1 million Kinect units in it’s first two weeks on sale, so Microsoft has more than doubled that figure in the remaining two weeks of November. Furthermore, the company are apparently shifting 107,000 Kinect sensors per day, meaning that if they keep up with this pace, they may well meet their end of year sales predictions of 5 million units. Did you buy a Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360? More On: Kinect , microsoft , Xbox 360 For more coverage: Follow Product Reviews on Twitter Become a Fan on Facebook

Plasma Vs LCD Vs LED TV 2010: Which is Better?

CNET: If we were to go back 10 years ago the only choice that you had to make when buying a new TV was which size and brand, but things are much harder these days. Now you not only have to consider those previous two choices, you now have to choose between a Plasma, LCD or LED TV. Plasma TVs were the first large flat-panel TVs to come to market, and some of the early versions were beasts, and also required a separate tuner box. They have come a long way since then, with Panasonic being a leader in the Plasma market. We have known for some time that these new TVs struggle to match black levels of CRT sets, but new Plasmas are now coming close, which is a major factor when choosing a TV. There are two downsides to Plasmas, high-energy consumption and burn-in. LCDs were next to market, these have now become very popular, but the larger models are much more expensive than their Plasma rivals. The main issue with LCD TVs is the poor black levels, although they have improved over the years…

NewEgg Cyber Monday 2010: LED TV’s To Computers

CNET: There are so many great online Cyber Monday deals to be had today, and we've already brought you details of a few of them. Now I thought I would bring you some more deals, straight from the website on a variety of items from LED TVs to computers. Are you looking to buy a new TV for your bedroom or the kids' room perhaps? If so, then you might like the Sceptre E246BV-FHD 23.6-inch LED-LCD HDTV, which is currently on offer for just $199.99. It features a full 1920 x 1080 resolution, a response time of 5ms and a brightness of 300cd/m2. Maybe it's more along the lines of a new GPS system that you are looking to buy yourself. If that's the case, then have the Garmin Nuvi 265T GPS navigator for only $89.99. The Garmin Nuvi 265T features a 3.5-inch screen with a display resolution of 32- x 240 and voice prompts. Another great deal is the Hanns-G HZ281HPB 27.5-inch HD LCD monitor, which is available now for just $259.99. Features on this monitor in…

Sam’s Club Cyber Monday 2010: Sharp, Sony and Samsung

CNET: The Internet is no doubt going to get extremely busy today, with thousands of people logging online to search for those all important Cyber Monday deals. We've brought you a few Cyber Monday articles recently, including news on Walmart deals, a list of Xbox 360/PS3 deals and printer deals from Walmart and Target. We now have more Cyber Monday news to bring you, only this time it's on the Sony, Samsung and Sharp deals available from Sam's Club . If you are thinking of buying someone a Sony PlayStation 3 video games console this Christmas, Sam's Club have the 160GB model on offer for $296.88. You can also pick up a Sony Vaio E notebook for $599.00. It features a 15.5-inch widescreen display, 4 USB ports, 320GB hard drive and is powered by an AMD Athlon II X2 P320 processor with a speed of 2.10GHz. They have some great HDTVs on offer as well, such as the Samsung LN32C350 32-inch HDTV. The Samsung LN32C350 features a 35,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a response time …

Inflatable Home Theater System: Two Kits At Target

CNET: I have to admit, up until now I’d never even heard of an inflatable home theater system , but I now know that they do exist. If you love entertaining and have a big enough garden, then you may like to know about the two separate kits that are available at Target. The first one I'd like to mention has a screen size of 9 foot wide x 5 foot tall, with a total diagonal measurement of 123 inches. The projector features digital zoom, 4000 hours lamp life, a brightness of 2800 Lumens and a projection distance of 18 feet. It also features a contrast ratio of 3000:1, a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768, and a 170-degree viewing angle. The second one has a screen size of 16 foot wide x 9 foot tall, a diagonal measurement of 220 inches and is made of smooth Ripstop nylon that's wrinkle resistant. The projector can of course be used indoors or outdoors, and features integrated speakers, 4000 hours lamp life, a 3400 Lumens brightness and a projection distance of 32 feet. Both kits co…

Best Buy Cyber Monday Deals: LG 32LE5400, 32LE5300, 42LE5300 HDTVs

CNET: If you are looking for a television as a gift or for yourself during the Cyber Monday online shopping frenzy, you’ll probably be interested to hear about Best Buy’s collection of LG LED and HDTV models that they have on offer. We have three models to tell you about now, each one available for a discounted price during Cyber Monday only. Unlike Black Friday, these deals will be available online only, meaning that you won’t have to rush too much to secure one, unlike you normally would in-store. All three models are from LG, and they come equipped with LED-LCD display screens. The models are the LG 32LE5400, the 32LE5300 and the 42LE5300. The LG 32LE5400 is a 32-inch model and it’s available to buy online now for $899.99, while the other 32-inch model, the LG 32LE5300 is cheaper at $799.99. You may want to pick up the $899.99 model though, since it features LED backlighting and Internet Services such as Netflix and YouTube, whereas the LG 32LE5300 doesnt. Best Buy are also offeri…

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (MvC3): Should DLC Characters be Free?

CNET Games: We have an interesting interview for you to read for those of you planning to pick up Marvel Vs Capcom 3 next year, as Capcom’s Christian Svensson has been answering a few questions on the debate surrounding extra characters via paid DLC. The interview comes to you courtesy of EventHubs , as they had the chance to quiz Svensson on Capcom’s upcoming plans to charge extra for more characters after the game is released next Spring . For those of you who are unaware, a debate has kicked off due to the fact that players will only receive the characers Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) and Shuma Gorath (Marvel Comics) if you purchase the special edition of the game. EventHubs were pretty blunt in expressing their annoyance over this to Svensson, and here is what he had to say in reply: EH : ”I don’t agree with the decision to include DLC fighters in MvC3. This is just wrong” . Svensson : ”Suffice to say, there are differing views on DLC. Everyone needs to decide whether there’s va…

Armored Core 5: Release Excitement

CNET Games: If you're a fan of the Armored Core video game series, then you're no doubt looking forward to the next installment, Armored Core 5. While some may say that Armored Core: For Answer is one of the best in the series, the next one in line will hopefully be better. According to OtakuRockU over at , the Armored Core 5 game is looking pretty good. There have been a few changes to the next installment, including the mechs being built 5 meters smaller and bigger environments. It may even play faster than the previous AC games. Although he hasn't given too many details away, Toshifumi Nabeshima – the producer of Armored Core 5 – did say that the online mode will feature more than just combat. Hopefully this will include capture the flag, deathmatch and team deathmatch style game modes. No other details are really known about the upcoming game at this stage, but I'm sure we'll start hearing more news before long. Armored Core 5 – which will b…

Gran Turismo 5 Codes: GT5 Signature Problems

CNET Games: If you bought the Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition you will undoubtedly using your codes to receive your exclusive cars and enter yourself into a competition, however some people are reporting that their codes are invalid. I do not own the signature edition, however from what I can see the codes for the stealth and chrome cars work fine, however the code for the exclusive competition entry does not. I looked into this and it looks as if the codes will become active as soon as the competition starts in December, however at the time of this post no activation date had been announced. To be honest with you it would be nice to hear something official from Sony as there are a lot of confused people over at the PlayStation forums . Did your Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition codes work? Source: CVG More On: Gran Turismo 5 For more coverage: Follow Product Reviews on Twitter Become a Fan on Facebook

Best Buy Pushes iPod Deals For Cyber Monday

CNET: As you are probably aware Besy Buy’s Cyber Monday 2010 offers are available online today and tomorrow, one of their Cyber Monday 2010 deals shows that they are very keen to ship some iPod Touch portable media players. If you check out this link you can see that when you buy any of the iPod Touch models you get a free Insignia NS-NAV02R GPS worth $129. The Insignia NS-NAV02R GPS comes with the US maps preloaded along with 2 million points of interest, it also features text-to-speech technology, a 4.3-inch touch screen display and an SD memory card slot, you can see more specifications here . There are three iPod Touch versions to choose from, all of which are 4th-generation devices, these are the 8GB Apple iPod Touch for $229.99, the 32GB Apple iPod Touch for $299.99 and the 64GB Apple iPod Touch for $399.99. If this deal was available in my country I would be tempted to buy the 8GB model, let’s face it an 8GB 4th-gen Apple iPod Touch and a GPS for my car for $229.99 in total is…

Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-ray Player With Web Apps

CNET: My father makes me laugh, he has a Full HD TV, but he is more than happy with his DVD home theater system. I just find it so strange that he has this TV, but cannot enjoy what it has been designed for, 1080p Blu-ray movies. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy my dad one – I was thinking of the Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-ray Player, as he does have a Samsung TV. As with all blu-ray players you get cinema-quality resolution, and he does not even have to throw his DVDs away, as the player will upscale them for him – making classic movies come back to life. It is not just image quality that is improved, sound quality is to; although there will be an issue when you connect this device to your new Samsung LED TV with those underpowered speakers. Most of you with a Samsung device will know that you will be able to stream your media content from your PC direct to your Blu-ray player – I can do that with my Sammy LED TV. The best part is, this can be done wirelessly with the BD-C6500.…

Samsung WEP450 Bluetooth Headset: Christmas 2010

CNET: Electronics and video games are always a great gift idea for Christmas, but with so many gadgets on the market these days, it can be hard choosing what to buy. We've been helping out a little over the past few days, by bringing our readers some fantastic Christmas gift ideas. For example, the Leapfrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System is a great gift idea for the younger children this year, while the Insignia Infocast 8-inch Internet Media Display would make a perfect gift for the gadget lover in your family. The Samsung WEP450 Bluetooth headset is another great Christmas idea. The super-light WEP450 Bluetooth headset provides users with up to 200 hours standby or 6 hours talk time, so they don't have to worry too much about being cut off mid-conversation. Pairing the WEP450 with other devices shouldn't be a problem either, thanks to its Active pairing function. Other features on the Samsung WEP450 include automatic volume control, noise reduction and Multi-point Tech…

Black Monday 2010 Cyber Deals: Apple Sales

CNET: If you are looking to secure a great deal online on Monday , then we may have found the perfect source for you. Online retailers Mac Connection are holding some special promotions that you won’t want to miss out on. If you head to this section of their website , you’ll see that they are holding a special sale called ‘Holiday Apple Blowout’ in which a range of Apple electronics will be available with discounts of up to $240. Products listed include $200 off a 13.3-inch Macbook Pro laptop, meaning that the price to buy from Mac Connection is just $1299 for a limited time only. Specs include an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB Hard Drive and Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics. Other notable deals include $240 off a new 15-inch Macbook Pro with a Core i5 processor and a free case whenever you buy any iPad model. If you are interested in any of these deals, head to Mac Connection for a full overview. The details listed would make an ideal gift this Christmas. Let us know if…

Plane crash in karachi at Photos

Best Samsung Cyber Monday 2010 Deals

CNET: Consumers still have one more day until the Black Friday / Weekend deals are over, which then leads into Cyber Monday. This is when the sales truly get into their stride, as more and more people stay at home to grab a bargain online. One brand that looks to clean up in 2010 is Samsung, with their range of many products. I thought I would point out a few of the better deals from the South Korean consumer electronics maker. The first deal that needs to be pointed out is on a huge range of TV – what did you expect from the worlds largest TVs manufacturer? There are 13 TVs in all up for offer, with prices ranging from $199.99 to $1,199.99. One TV has $800 off the standard price. Samsung do not make many laptops, as a result there is only one in the Cyber Monday deals. The Q430-JU01 Notebook currently has a saving of up to $150, which we will discuss in detail in a later post. Next up we have four camcorders and four cameras up for grabs. These deals have been running from November …

Plane Crash in Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi Exclusive Videos, News and Photos

Plane Crash in Dalmia, Karachi Exclusive so 8 people were on board.6 families in one building that has completely demolished.2 buildings completely collapsed due to plane crashA plane has been crashed near Dalmia area in Gulistan-e-Johar

A cargo plane has reportedly crashed near Dalmia area in Gulistan-e-Johar locality, Geo News reported late Saturday.According to sources, police, rescue workers, law enforcing agencies trying to reach the crash site.
According to reports, it was a Russian made plane. Dalmia is a thickly populated area near Gulistan-e-Johar so deaths have been feared.Earlier, people claimed hearing a powerful explosion, which appeared a plane crash.Hundreds of people have arrived on the spot while the crash site is on fire and thick smoke is emitting from the scene, eyewitnesses said.Another eyewitness Adnan, said the right engine of the plane, appeared to be PIA’s plane, right engine caught fire first then while preparing to take turn, it crashed into ground.

A Russian…


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