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Sorry Bhai 2008 Hindi Movie Watch Online & Download

Siddharth Mathur, a shy young scientist, travels to Mauritius for his elder brother Harsh's wedding. Accompanying him is his Ma, a reluctant traveller since she is angry at Harsh for deciding to get married without consulting them. Also travelling is Siddharth's cheery father, whose sole entertainment is pulling Ma's leg.

Harsh, pre-occupied with work, can spend little time with his family and it is left to his fiancee Aaliyah to show them around Mauritius before the wedding. However, Ma's anger at Harsh ensures that she takes an instant dislike for Aaliyah, and it is Aaliyah and Siddharth who end up spending loads of time together. This, added to the fact that Aaliyah feels neglected by the career-obsessed Harsh, leads to them being irresistibly drawn to each other. A horrified Siddharth battles this attraction desperately, but Aaliyah has fallen madly in love and pursues him with single-minded determination. When Siddharth's defences start crumbling and Ma…

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye Watch & Download

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 Hindi Movie Watch Online Informations :

Director : Dibakar Banerjee
Release Date : 26 November 2008
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Anurag Arora, Richa Chadda, Neetu Chandra, Abhay Deol, Paresh Rawal, Manu Rishi, Rajinder Sethi, Archana Puran Singh, Manjot Singh

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 Hindi Movie Watch Online Full Movie

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Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 Hindi Movie Watch Online Part 3

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Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 Hindi Movie Watch Online Part 5

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Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2008 Hindi Movie Watch Online Part 1

Oye Luck…

Three die, 25 hurt in Karachi firing

AMagazine KARACHI: In exchange of fire between two groups three persons were killed and 25 wounded on Saturday.The angry mobs set shops and four vehicles on fire. According to AMagazine correspondent two groups trade fire in Banara, Orangi Town, Momin Abad, Pak Colony, Sohrab Goth and other areas of the city. Public transport has been suspended in these areas and the miscreants are looting passersby. The authorities have deployed 500 Rangers to restore peace in the metropolis.
Peoples of karachian are said: we are a 1 Nations of Pakistan that is a action of Indian Intelligence and want to Create a pank in our Country. But we are stand a against of all Pakistan opposite force.

ISI chief not to go to India: Cabinet endorses

Awaz Apni ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet unanimously decided that the ISI chief will not go to India instead an official will represent him, Awaz Apni reported on Saturday.Now, ISI chief Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha will not go to India.It should be mentioned here that Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had accepted a request from his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh on Friday to send the ISI chief to India for sharing of information related to the terrorist attack in Mumbai.Before the meeting, the Army Chief Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani held separate meetings with President Asif Ali Zardari and discussed the request of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh regarding assistance in Mumbai attack probe.Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also briefed Prime Minister about his India visit.Earlier, the Prime Minister left for Islamabad from Lahore boarding on a special flight immediately after the announcement of the cabinet me…

US, UK, Israel ramp up intelligence aid to India

AMagazine WASHINGTON: Unprecedented intelligence cooperation involving investigating agencies and spy outfits of India, United States, United Kingdom and
Israel has got underway to crack the method and motive behind the Mumbai terrorist massacre, now widely blamed on Islamist radicals who appeared to have all four countries on their hit list when they arrived on the shores of India.

Investigators, forensic analysts, counter-terrorism experts and spymasters from agencies the four countries are converging in New Delhi and Mumbai to put their heads, resources, and skills together to understand the evolving nature of the beast. The spy chief of the Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) is also being summoned to India to help with the investigations because of the widely-held view that the terrorists' footprints go back to Pakistan.

The Bush administration has taken the lead to forge cooperation, partly out of concern that charges by India that the terror plot has Pakistani …

Zardari, Gilani, Kayani in meeting

AMagazine ISLAMABAD (Awaz Apni): An important meeting between President Asif Ali Zardari and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani is presently underway to discuss the post Mumbai terrorist attacks scenario,while Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has also arrived in President House to join the meeting.

The meeting was the first interaction between the three elders of the nation and was considered to be an important one following the India’s accusations of Pakistan’s alleged involvement in Mumbai terrorist attacks.

ISI chief not to visit India: PM spokesman

AMagazine ISLAMABAD: A representative of ISI will visit India instead of Director General of the agency to help in investigating the Mumbai terrorism incident, says an announcement by the Prime Minister Secretariat late night Friday.

It is pertinent to mention here that responding to India’s accusation of Pakistan’s alleged involvement in Mumbai attacks the Prime Minister had announced that Chief of Inter Services Intelligence, the top-most intelligence agency of the country, will visit India to discuss the issue and help in investigation.

PM’s announcement initiated a heated debate among political and security circles of the country and the decision was widely being criticized among the masses.

However, an announcement issued here late night Friday by a spokesman of the PM declared that a representative of ISI will visit the neighboring country instead of DG to assist Indian agencies in probing the attacks.

Army receives no order on ISI chief’s visit: ISPR

AMagazine ISLAMABAD: Director General ISPR has declared that Pakistan Army has not received so far the government’ order of sending ISI chief to India.

Talking to Awaz Apni Friday night, Maj. Gen Athar Abbas said no written orders for ISI chief’s proposed visit to neighboring India has so far been received by the Army.

Commenting on India’s accusations on alleged involvement of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies in Mumbai attacks, Abbas said the country has blamed Pakistan for many terrorism incidents occurred in its land in past but all its allegations were proved baseless.

He said India would be asked to present the details of its accusations against Pakistan.

Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee meets today

AMagazine ISLAMABAD: Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee is meeting here today for sighting the Zil-Haj moon, which would be making an announcement about the sighted/not sighted of the moon.

Ruet-e-Hilal Committee’s Chairman, Mufti Munibur Rahman will be presiding over the meeting to be held at the religious affairs ministry. Zonal and provincial Ruet-e-Hilal Committees’ meetings will also be held simultaneously, while on the basis of their reports, the sighting/not sighting of the Zil-Haj moon will be announced.

Mumbai Attacked: Terror attack in Taj Mahal, Trident Oberoi hotel, CST, Cama Hospital, Ville Parle, Leopold Cafe Colaba, GT hospital, Nepean Sea Road,

Visit more news to
Death toll mounts to 160 in Mumbai mayhemMUMBAI: Indian authorities were still fighting gunmen at Mumbai's Taj Mahal Hotel, but other standoffs around the city, including ones at the Oberoi Hotel and a Jewish center have come to an end on Friday evening.

Nearly 160 people were killed at nine locations and over 300 people got injured. Nine gunmen and eight foreigners were among the dead, officials said.

Commandos ended a siege of the luxury Oberoi hotel while other forces rappelled from helicopters to storm the besieged Jewish center, two days after a chain of militant attacks across India's financial center left at least 160 people dead and the city in panic.

While explosions and gunfire continued intermittently at the elegant Taj Mahal hotel Friday, officials said commandos had killed the two last gunmen inside the nearby Oberoi.

"The hotel is under our control,'' J.K. Dutt, director general of India's elite National S…

Mumbai Under Attacks | Special Coverage | GEO TV Network

Videos Mumbai Under Attacks

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said Pakistan has violated the UN code on the use of land and sea routes for launch of terror strikes against India. More news:

Lt.Gen N Thamburaj has said that at least one militant continues to battle commandos in the hotel and may be holding two or more hostages. More news:

India Mumbai Oberoi hotel under control, 2 terrorists killed More news:

India Mumbai More commandos sent in to Nariman House More news:

AMagazine Mumbai India Continuous gun firing on at Taj More news:

LG Renoir KC910 8 megapixel cameraphones

Camera phones are very popular and now comes a lot of 8-megapixel cameraphones like LG KC910 Renoir, Samsung M8800 Pixon but The LG KC910 Renoir is a stylish fashionable 3G touch screen phone. LG KC910 is a 3G handset with HSDPA to 7.2Mbps, a front-facing camera for video-calling and Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth among its non-camera treats. There is about 100MB of internal memory and you can expand it up to to 8 Gbytes . The phone didn't baulk at my 16GB microSD card. This fabulous looking handset comes complete with fast technology such as WiFi, 3G HSDPA and Bluetooth® technology. The handset comes with a 3 Inch touch screen allowing the user to control their feature selections on screen as well as viewing a high colour display when using the 8 megapixel camera feature complete with video capabilities.

LG KC910 Renoir weighs approximately 114 grams including the fitted rechargeable battery & measures approximately 14mm deep by 107.8mm tall by 55.9mm wide.
The built in GPS feature…

Hostages die in Jewish center raid: diplomat

AMagazine MUMBAI: The bodies of five hostages were found on Friday after Indian security forces attacked gunmen at a Jewish religious center in Mumbai, citing an Israeli diplomat from the scene, a foreign news agency reported.

"The incident has not ended." "Five bodies of hostages have been found inside the Chabad House. We still don't know whose bodies."

India's National Security Guards chief J.K. Dutt told Indian television that the commandos had killed two militants in operations at the center.

"We have neutralized two terrorists," Dutt said. "Along with that we have also found two bodies. Those bodies appear to be of hostages."

Earlier, Israel's ambassador to India said he believed about six Israeli nationals had been held hostage at the center, including a rabbi and his wife.

Moreover, the resident editor of an Indian leading English daily Sabina Sehgal Saikia said to be missing who was present in a hotel in Mumbai during the terrori…

Removing camera shutter sound in sony ericsson*

This tutorial teaches you about how to remove the camera shutter sound from ur sony ericsson mobile.

By replacing the internal shutter sound , with an empty one , u will get no sound when taking pictures in normal mode ( not only in silent mode ) . To do that , we have to replace camerashutter2 located here in "tpa\preset\system\sound" ( zip archive , add in Misc in Se-tool , press flash ). After u flash this archive to your phone , go to camera , select More , go to Shutter sound , and select Shutter sound 2 ( this is the empty one created by us )


*U must know flashing before proceeding

W200i - flashing (customization)


The Sony Ericsson - W200i is the popular mobile among the flashing experts. It supports the modifications like changing
the firmwares and features easily. Its processor has very good capability to drive the flash contents like *.swf files.So the flsh
themes can be installed in this mobile very easily. The customization operation can be done by using the various softwares like
" FAR manager " , " XS++ ", " SEtool " and " JD flasher". Each one has different kind of advantages and disadvantages.
My recomendation is " XS++ " for beginners, but some kind of things like applying the path and few modification functions are very difficult in this software. But if u become pro in the above software you can handle the others easily. This mobile also supports cross flashing. That means you can change the W200i to some other model like K310. Here the most important thing is you can increase the sound above the provided limit by…

Pak PM to send ISI chief to India

AMagazine ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani Friday accepted a request from his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh to send the ISI chief to India for sharing of information related to the terrorist attack in Mumbai.
The Prime Minster's spokesman Zahid Bashir said Singh had made a request to Gilani, asking him to send the ISI chief to India to "cooperate in the investigation of the Mumbai attacks and for sharing certain information".
"The Pakistani Prime Minister accepted this offer. The two sides will work out modalities for the visit of the Inter Services Intelligence chief which is expected to take place soon," Bashir said.
Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha was recently appointed chief of the ISI by Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.
This would be the first instance of a chief of Pakistan's spy agency visiting India in connection with the investigation of a terror attack.
Gilani had earlier said he was "really hurt" ove…


AMagazine New Delhi, Nov 28: The chief of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan Lt General Ahmed Shujaa Pasha will be coming to India in connection with the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. The development came after Prime Minister Dr Mannmohan Singh on Friday asked his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raja Gillani to send the intelligence chief for information sharing. According to reports, Pakistan Army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani will also accompany Pasha to India. The government of Pakistan has reportedly accepted Prime Minister Mammohan Singh’s request and will shortly send General Pasha to India. Pak Prime Minister’s spokesman Zahid Bashir said Singh had made a request to Gilani, asking him to send the ISI chief to India to "cooperate in the investigation of the Mumbai attacks and for sharing certain information". Bashir told reporters that "The Pakistani Prime Minister has accepted this offer. The two sides will work out modalities for the visit of the Inter Servi…

Airtel free gprs trick -- for google earth (gmap)

Airtel wont charge you if u use google earth in your mobile!!!!!!! Download it from here.

The airtel wont reduce the balance for using mobile google earth(gmap) in your mobile. so the data transfer through gprs is free. If you face any problem feel free to ask. Thank you!

Activity menu in W200i

Do you want activity menu in your W200i as K750i or k310 ?

The activity menu is that thing that show's u lost calls/messages ( events ) , but on w200 we know it as a simple "pop-up" menu . Well ,on newer phones , we have the Activity Menu , and besides the missed calls/sms , u can see what app is runing in background ( walkman , games , browser ) and u can easely resume it or end it
here are some pictures (most of u guys will remember what i'm talking about , especially k310 owners )

The problem is that on w200 , we don't have a button assigned for it , so now we will asign the UP-BUTTON (of the joystick )
so about the Activity menu..u can now find it in Settings -> General -> NEW EVENT , were you have 2 options, PoP-up(classical view) menu and Activity menu(the new cool thing) , and besides those , u can change the way Activity menu is displayed on w200 " vertical" or "horizontal" layout.

--> Hamler_Certificate___Full_Activity_Menu___3_…

Increase the file transfer speed to mobile (by 6 to 7 times)

Are you spending more time for copying the files to ur mobile???????
This software name is Tera copy.Nobody knows exactly what this program does , but it transfers the files to mobile very quickly. It probably uses some other protocols , that makes the transfer speed from 120kb/s up to 700-800 kb/sYou just have to put your phone in "File transfer" mode

Download link : Tera copy 

MQM chief condemns acts of terrorism in Mumbai, India

AMagazine KARACHI: The chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Altaf Hussain, has strongly condemned the acts of terrorism in the Indian city of Mumbai. In a statement issued here on Thursday he expressed sorrow over the killings of personnel of law enforcement agencies and the innocent citizens in such incidents.The MQM chief further said the peaceful people of Pakistan as well as those in other parts of the world condemn these killings.MQM Chief also expressed his heartfelt sympathies with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Indian government and the members of bereaved families in India. He said we share the sorrow and grief of the people of India as well as the Indian government.Altaf Hussain also prayed for the early recovery of those who sustained injuries in such incidents.

We want all Mujahideen released: Terrorist inside Oberoi

AMagazine MUMBAI: A militant holed up inside Mumbai's Oberoi Hotel told a television news channel on Thursday that seven attackers were holding hostages inside the luxury establishment. "There are seven of us inside hotel Oberoi," the man identified as Sahadullah told the channel. "We want all Mujahideens held in India released and only after that we will release the people."

The terrorist said he belonged to an Indian Islamist group that is seeking an end to the persecution of Indian Muslims.

Identifying himself as a member of a group calling itself Deccan Mujahedeen, the gunman, who was holed up in the Oberoi Trident Hotel, called for the release of all fellow Islamic militants detained in India.

"Muslims in India should not be persecuted. We love this as our country but when our mothers and sisters were being killed, where was everybody?" he told the channel by phone from inside the hotel, which is surrounded by army commandos.

"Release all…

Mumbai CCTV videos & Latest Videos for Mumbai Attacked

AMagazine Mumbai Exclusive: Terrorists caught on CCTV
More News & Videos:

Mumbai Terrorists flushed out of Taj Hotel: Army
More News & Videos:

One of the hostage who was rescued from the Trident hotel has said that he was terrified
More News & Videos:

Mumbai Watch: First pictures of terrorists
More News & Videos:


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