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Nokia S60 Symbian Windows Live client available in Europe

Mail and IM application for Nokia S60 E50, E51, E61, E62 devices provide access to Microsoft's services as Hotmail, MSN IM, Windows Live Spaces and Live Search. Now you can download it for free in all Europe and US carriers. Just go to "Download!" tool in your device and get this great free symbian application.

Introducing N-Gage School

There's a new sister site to the Unofficial Nokia Gaming Blog, called N-Gage School. Its aim is to show not just how to install and use the new N-Gage platform, but also all the stuff that the N-Gage site doesn't talk about like how to install other kinds of games. It should be building up gradually, but there are already some useful tutorials there so check it out:

Awaz Apni Special on 28 May 2008 "We are Atomic Power"

1998: World fury at Pakistan's nuclear tests
Pakistan has exploded five underground nuclear devices in response to India's nuclear tests two weeks ago.
The move has provoked worldwide condemnation and fears of a nuclear conflict in one of the world's most volatile regions.
"We never wanted to participate in this nuclear race Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan's Prime Minister"
Pakistani officials said the devices were detonated underground at 1030GMT in the Baluchistan region near the border with Afghanistan.
Shortly afterwards, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed the nation on television and said the five tests by India had made the action "inevitable".
"Today's day is history in the making," he said. "Today God has given us the opportunity to take this step for our country's defence which is inevitable. We never wanted to participate in this nuclear race. We have proved to the world that we would not accept what was dictated to us."

Smart Recorder

DOWNLOAD Smart Recorder is an excellent app, which records calls in background and don’t ask for permission on every call. Records calls in background once you set it up to record automatically.

Free s60 software

Bounce Mp3ActiveDeskAgileLieDetectorAdvanceCallManager111.v1.04.N6600ADnota.PMA.N6600.v1.01.Patch-XiMPDAActiveDesk.v2.01-XiMpDACall_Counter_v1.00_cracked_lvckylukeBlackList_v1.0_crackedkballer100_3650_3660_7650_Ngage_Sx-1_Full_crackedanti-virus_fsc_os7AnsweringMachinev10_OS6CameraFX2.03_full_DotsisckyconXP_full_n-gageGuitartuner-1.1_Fullgamephone_advance_1.4_crackedFaceStore_Snap4.3_

free Norton Anti Virus s60

DOWNLOAD The best ever made Anti-Virus softwares for your handset.


Zplus is another alternative to password protect your files. Also hides your contacts, gallery encryption, wallet information, hide applications, notes hider and sms hider. Cool Application.DOWNLOAD

The Blind Pianist - Beethoven Reincarnation

Maybe you would wonder why i post this video? Im not related to this child or even asking for votes nor donation. I was deeply struck by her ingenious virtuosity, and touched my soul. Even if God haven't blessed her with eye vision to the cruel to this cruel world, but her music moves peoples live. I just saw this video from Star King ( Korean Talent Search Variety Show for kids with unique talents) Charice Pempengco was also able to perform here also. This is the video of the 5 years old Yoo Ye Eun who i believed a reincarnation of Sir Ludwig Van Beethoven. Hope that her life and video would serve as inspiration to those who close to despair.

N95 skin

TWO_by_babiTWO_B (with 2 bars)


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