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Special Report: Syed Talat Hussain سید طلت حسین

Awaz Apni Exclusive Report: Syed Talat Hussain (Urdu: سید طلت حسین) is the executive director of AAJ Television[1]  and hosts the famous show Live with Talat. He writes for Newsline, Daily Dawn, Time Magazine, Daily Times (Pakistan), Daily Express and occasionally contributes to India Today.
Talat Hussain is married to Tehmina Talat and has 2 kids, a boy Shamil and a girl Afza. He lives in Islamabad.

As a media professional he has vast experience in establishing news and current affairs systems. He established aRYs Islamabad office and headed the team that launched PTV World News. He has held key positions of Director News & Current affairs with Pakistan Television Corporation Prime Television (UK) and Telebiz. He is frequently invited to lecture at prestigious forums like National Defence College of Pakistan air War College Pakistan Naval War College Pakistan Foreign Services Training academy of Pakistan Information Services Training academy of Pakistan Quaid-e-A…

Advantages Of Pay As You Go Mobile Phones are excellent

As market is getting competitive, new schemes are coming everyday. Most of these schemes are fantastic and give maximum benefit for your hard earned money. If you need to talk more and you are a frequent traveler then you must have a affordable plan for communication. There are several plans available in UK mobile phone market, you can opt per your wish.

Pay as you go mobile phones are the best suitable tool for those who need to talk while roaming. Pay as you go mobiles are also known as prepaid service and help talk more as well as keep track mobile phone bills. This service is far better than contract mobile phone as it allows switch network anytime without any hindrance.

If you want to avail such deals then you can go for pay as you go mobile phone deals. Most prominent operators of UK offer many best mobile phone deals and you can opt per your wish that is best suitable to your needs. In case of any confusion you can take help from web portals.

Awaz Apni :HTC EVO 4G: Best Smartphone until new iPhone 2010

With only days to go until the release of the HTC EVO 4G we can't help but notice that its success will be short lived. The HTC Incredible is currently the best Android handset on the market, but the EVO is thought to become the best smartphone in the world. However, this reign will not last for long once Apple announce the launch of its new iPhone at WWDC 2010 – well this is what Larry Magid from Mercury News believes. He states that the HTC EVO 4G is the best handset that he has ever used after testing it for more than a week – even more so than the current iPhone 3GS. The HTC EVO 4G will be released by Sprint on June 4 and will come with the current Android 2.1 OS. For those who believe that the EVO is an awesome phone now just wait until it receives its Google Android 2.2 FroYo update later this year. The latest handset coming to Sprint comes with two cameras, an 8-megapixel one on the rear and a front-facing one for video chat. However, let us not forget what makes the HTC EV…

Awaz Apni :Quit Facebook Day: Apocalyptic Predictions Overrated

There are two special things going on today, May 31, 2010 – Memorial Day and Quit Facebook Day. The former will see a number of local events and some great sales being offered, which we discussed in a recent post, the latter will go by while just 2 percent of U.S. Facebook users will go ahead with the deletion of their accounts. That's right, today is the day when a group of people wish for you to delete your social network account, but recent apocalyptic predictions of a mass exodus from Facebook has been overrated. Quit Facebook Day was first thought up due to the recent privacy issues that have hounded the social media site and its users – so why the failed attempt? There are a couple of reasons why Facebook users decided to not go through with deleting their accounts, the first is due to a number of new privacy options announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and the second is that these users feel that there is no substitution for Facebook at this moment. According to an ar…

Cheap Pay as you go mobile phones be free to communicate more

Heavy mobile phone bills are the biggest worry for gossip lovers and for those who need to talk longer on phone. Such bills can be reduced with pay as you go handsets. There are so many plans available in UK mobile phone market which let you free to talk longer at lower call rates.

Cheap Pay as you go mobile phones are easy to get because almost all handset makers like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Apple offer splendid mobile phones. Out of them sony ericsson pay as you go mobile phones and nokia pay as you go phones are best. You will find fantastic gadgets in their collection. They comprise all types of phones from simple devices to high end multimedia devices. You can opt per your wish.

They are hopeful to increase their sales therefore they provide free gifts with every purchase. For right device and right gift you need to explore the market before buying. To find congenial deal you can take help from web portals. They have wide range of affordable deals.

zhiing Free GPS-Messaging App

zhiing Location Messaging is a free mobile GPS messaging application that is an innovative use of Ovi Maps and other mapping software. It connects GPS-enabled S60 5th Edition and 3rd Edition device users to each other, and to others with PCs, Macs, other smartphones, and even in-car navigation systems. It combines exchange of text messages with dynamic mapping and turn-by-turn voice directions. It allows two people on the go to find each other and see dynamically-updated routes to each other as they move around. In the parlance of the application, users are receiving ‘zhiings’, as they ‘zhiing’ one another.

zhiing Free GPS-Messaging App

Thoughts on Wrapping Up Microsoft's FY10

Well, here's to wrapping up FY10. The kick-off of the Annual Review Season is our long, long, sloppy kiss goodnight to the fiscal year that was. How are various things wrapping up?Entertainment and Devices: with Bach and Allard out of the picture the E&D snow globe got a shaking where it's not clear how things are going to change. I was surprised at the number of pro-Bach comments in the last post, and a number of commenters believed that Mr. Bach had what it took to be the next Microsoft CEO. I respect your opinion, but I have to admit I did my best "ba-roo?" reading that.Regarding Mr. Bach's departure: you can't call it accountability. Accountability would have been right after the red-ring o' death $1,000,000,000USD write-off. Come on, when senior leaders get together to consider what kind of emergent opportunities to get into, it's all about the billion dollar market. Perhaps they wrongly assumed that it exclusively meant income. It's plea…

Awaz Apni :HTC Evo 4G vs Samsung H2

A new phone from Samsung has been leaked, and the new handset has some features that can rival the HTC Evo 4G. The new handset will follow on from its earlier successful H1 model and is called the Samsung H2. Michael Alonso of is reporting the specs that for the moment are unofficial, include an 8-megapixel camera, a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor that runs LiMo, 720pHD video recording, and a super AMOLED WVGA screen. The Samsung handset doesn't have 4G connectivity like the EVO 4G but is a good multimedia handset without the bulky size. The Samsung comes equipped with a HDMI port so will make up for having a smaller screen. The handset is expected to be released sometime during the upcoming FIFA 2010 South Africa World Cup, with Vodafone being the first to get it. Pictures of the handset are being showcased here .

Awaz Apni :Google’s Top 1000 Websites: Facebook Named As Most Visited

In a list that was released today by Google, it is no surprise that the most visited website is social networking giant Facebook. How many of you open up your favorite browser and immediately type "f" in the address bar just to check out what is going on in you and your friends world? Facebook tops the rankings with a magnificent 540 million unique visitors and 570 billion total page views, which gives them a 35.2% of the internet population. Quite staggering numbers. Other websites further down the list include Yahoo! In at #2. in at number #3 and Wikipedia at #4. Twitter is #18 on the list, behind and who come in at #10 and #14 respectively. Amazon (#22), Windows (#23), Ebay (#24), MySpace (#26) and Apple (#27) make up the vast majority of the 20-somethings while Hotmail is at (#30). The entire list from #1-#1000 can be seen via the Google Stats page here . Are you surprised about any of the entries? Check the list and tell us what you think…

Awaz Apni :New iPhone 2010: Verizon no show at WWDC

There are two questions that we hope to see answered at WWDC 2010, when will Apple launch its new iPhone and will it be available on Verizon Wireless? We are almost certain that Steve Jobs will unveil the new iPhone, which has been dubbed 4G, as it is the fourth-generation Apple smartphone. But do not expect the CEO to announce the release of a Verizon version at the event. We know that Apple and AT&T have extended their exclusivity agreement – most likely until the end of the year, but we have heard reports that we could see a Big Red version in September. However, there is no more proof of this since WSJ broke the story a couple of months back. Jobs will have a hard time telling the world of the new design and features of the next iPhone – this has something to do with a recent iPhone prototype appearing on Gizmodo. Suzanne Choney from MSNBC points out a great statement from Gene Munster, an Apple analyst from of Piper Jaffray, saying that Steve Jobs has “little room for surpris…

Awaz Apni :Motorola Droid 2 Prototype: Chrome not Black

We recently learned that Motorola were to launch the Shadow – we had assumed that this will be the Droid 2, but we have since learned otherwise. The former should be released sometime in July with the latter following shortly after and now a prototype has been spotted in the wild. Engadget were giving a tip by Howard Forums members Mabbikeel and Tuan Tran, we can clearly see that the new Droid will be smaller in size as it has done away with the huge main button to the right when turned on its side, and that it will be in chrome and not black – but let us not forget that this is just a prototype. The keys look much better than the current Motorola Droid as they protrude more in their center – so typing should be much easier than before. Let us hope that the Droid goes on a diet, as the current model is certainly one of the heaviest Android handsets on the market. According to Droid Life they reckon that Droid 2 has shown up in the Verizon inventory system – they even have a screen gra…

Zen S10 – Zen Mobile Launches ZEN S10 Dual SIM Slider Phone

Recently, Zen Mobile announced to launch its first slider Dual GSM phone - S10. The phone is made by metallic body. It has multi-layered features. Zen S10 is priced at Rs. 4999 in Indian market.

Zen S10 is a sleek and easy mobile phone. It comes with metallic body which makes it a stylish phone. It is being considered as a high-end smart phone also. Zen S10 mobile phone is equipped with a 2 Mega pixel camera with flash.

Zen S10 phone has a 2.2″ QVGA high clarity wide screen. The phone is equipped with MP4/MP3 Player, FM Radio, Bluetooth and 2GB memory card also.

You can swing to the music of a wireless FM or inbuilt loud speakers on the phone. You can enjoy cutting edge clarity of MP3 playback system on the phone.

Zen S10 gadget offers expandable memory up to 4GB option also. It has a long talk time battery up to 4 hours. You can remind your schedules with reminders option of the phone.

Zen S10 has Dual SIM feature that makes it very compatible for Indian market. The phone is design to mee…

IE 8

Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1 (RC1). This release is the first update sice the public Beta 2 release last August.

According to Microsoft, IE8 RC1 is "Platform Complete", which means that Microsoft won't be adding (or removing) any futures from IE8. Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager of Microsoft's IE development team pointed out a new security feature that was added after Beta 2: "We've worked closely with people in the security community to enable consumer-ready clickjacking protection. Sites can now protect themselves and their users from clickjacking attacks "out of the box," without impacting compatibility or requiring browser add-ons."

According to Dean Microsoft also made some changes to the InPrivate function. This function lets you control whether or not IE saves your browsing history, cookies, and other data (popularly known as "porn" mode).

Users who have already instal…

Awaz Apni :Eurydice

crayonmonkey posted a photo: Study for "Orpheus and Eurydice". I'm lazy. I don't bother painting in areas that will be obscured. I usually end up regretting it, though :D

Show Me the Money

Nielsen Financial uncovers what different kinds of wealthy clients typically buy and need.

All advisors want to work with wealthy clients, but targeting them is a challenge because every other advisor is pitching for the same business. Winners in this space go into a meeting with a high-net-worth prospect knowing roughly what kinds of services that prospect is likely to buy.

Like what you see? Click here to sign up for our daily newsletter to get the latest on advisor market trends, investment management, retirement planning, practice management, technology, compliance and new product development.

To take some of the guesswork out of it, research firm Nielsen Financial analyzed the investment trends of the wealthy and found that rich people fall into different brackets based on their interests and geography. Nielsen tracks as many as 15 unique customer segments, but there are at least four that advisors should be aware of in prospecting and expanding their business relationship with clie…

A New Dynamic

Variable annuity sales fell in 2009 as incentives to stay put in existing contracts choked off exchange growth.

New variable annuity sales rose 2.6% in the fourth quarter of 2009, although they were down 3.8% from the previous fourth quarter. Year-over-year, new sales plummeted almost 19%, from $151.6 billion in 2008 to $123.1 billion in 2009. That's the lowest annual new sales figure since 2002, when sales reached $112.4 billion after bottoming out at just over $107 billion in 2001...

Financial Planning: A New Dynamic

In the business race with Visio 2007 Standard

Many a time interaction or the wealth of words may not bring the desired effect. If the same is communicated with visual diagrams, the effort gets rewarded. In today’s times, using diagrams, you can let people gain insight into the complex information you want to convey so that you and your associates take better decisions and extend your business prospects. Microsoft’s Office Visio Standard 2007 helps you realize this potential. Exhibit to your target customers and associates what you are thinking of with attractive and information oriented diagrams. Give a boost to your business activities with the Visio 2007 Standard.

You need not go to a computer store to get it. You can get it online. All you need to do is visit an online store selling only Microsoft products; select your product and pay using your credit or debit card. Thousands of buyers have preferred to buy the Office Visio Standard 2007 including other Microsoft products.

Visio diagrams are designed to ma…

In the business race with Visio 2007 Standard

Many a time interaction or the wealth of words may not bring the desired effect. If the same is communicated with visual diagrams, the effort gets rewarded. In today’s times, using diagrams, you can let people gain insight into the complex information you want to convey so that you and your associates take better decisions and extend your business prospects. Microsoft’s Office Visio Standard 2007 helps you realize this potential. Exhibit to your target customers and associates what you are thinking of with attractive and information oriented diagrams. Give a boost to your business activities with the Visio 2007 Standard.

You need not go to a computer store to get it. You can get it online. All you need to do is visit an online store selling only Microsoft products; select your product and pay using your credit or debit card. Thousands of buyers have preferred to buy the Office Visio Standard 2007 including other Microsoft products.

Visio diagrams are designed to ma…

Annuities After the Deluge

Insurers are simplifying variable annuities to reduce risk and cut costs, but most investors still want living benefits.

Annuities saw the best of times (for clients) and the worst of times (for insurers) when the safety features kicked in during 2008. Insurers convinced they sold their guarantees too cheaply have rushed to repair the damage.

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They are doing this in two ways. Some are stripping back the fancy features that proliferated in the past by offering simpler, cheaper products that carry less risk for insurers. Others continue to offer fancy bells and whistles, but at a slightly higher price...

Bank Investment Consultant: Annuities After the Deluge

BratAlarm's Just a little crackme

It's been some time since I updated my blog but today I got bored and reversed a very little crackme.
It is the BratAlarm "Just a little crackme" that I'm going to talk about.
It was a bit interesting in the sense that you need to have basic mathematics knowledge.

Basic maths knowledge

Complex numbers are used throughout the whole keygenme to generate the serial.

Complex number basic operations used are the following :
multiplication : (a, b) * (c, d) = (a*c - b*d, b*c + a*d) = (a + i*b) * (c + i*d)
addition : (a, b) + (c, d) = (a + c, b + d) = (a + i*b) + (c + i*d)

Where is the serial checking and generation located?
First of all, this keygenme wasn't packed nor obfuscated in any sort so it was pretty simple to find out
where the interesting parts are :
- API analysis : DialogBoxParamA
- Strings

Using these twos clues, we can extract the fact that everything happens in DialogFunc() and that it is using complex numbers.

How is the serial generated then?

First we need to know wh…

Awaz Apni :Top Herbal Treatments For Toothache

Herbal Remedies For Toothache Clove oil is considered to be one of the most effective herbal remedies for toothache. Mix clove oil with a pinch of black pepper powder, place to the affected tooth area. Mustard oil is another natural ...

Awaz Apni :Ovulation Calendar: New iPad Apps

A new version of Ovulation Calendar app has just been announced which now offers support for the iPad. Renamed "Days" for the iPad version, the ovulation calendar application helps users determine their fertile days of the month. Great if you want to achieve or even avoid pregnancy. Released by Florida based Dynadel the app maintains a list of user's symptoms during their monthly cycle, and has a BBT and weight chart. The app is based on the original which is available for owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The calendar predicts future ovulations and menstrual cycles based on the date of a user's period. It estimates the gender of a user's baby using the Shettles method and predicts the best time to get pregnant. Other features include password protection, consistency checking, and exportable reports. A day (Ovulation Calendar) 1.0 is on the App Store for only $4.99. Requires iPad with OS 3.2 or later.

Awaz Apni :AT&T Samsung i897: Android with no Custom UI

For those of you who are tired of all those AT&T Android handsets that look the same, then you will be pleased to know that the sleek and sexy looking Samsung i897 has been spotted in the wild. Looking at the images thanks to AndroidGuys , you will see that it strikes a huge resemblance to the Galaxy S – on the inside only. The handset comes with a 4-inch AMOLED display – just hope that it does not have stock issues like the HTC Droid Incredible – and a 5-megapixal camera. Other features include that ever-popular 1GHz Snapdragon processor – sounds very much like the Google Nexus One when you look at those specs. It is said that the Samsung i897 will come with Android 2.1 and that AT&T will not touch its interface – meaning consumers will get the full Android experience. If this is true then the smartphone will get an update to Android 2.2 Froyo much sooner than many other handsets. This is all the information available for the moment, but we are certain that more details will …

Sim only deals perfect plans for longer talks on mobile

Sometimes, longer talks may be necessity in urgency. If you are a gossip lover then also longer talks are your necessity. You must know that you have to pay for communication on handset. This payment increases when you talk while roaming. If you do not want to pay more on communication then go for a reasonable deal. There are so many deals available in UK mobile phone market.

Contract mobile phones are most popular in electronics market but, it is not suitable for gossip lovers. The right deals for loquacious are sim only deals. Such deals are beneficial in many ways and give optimum benefit for hard earned money. Sim only contracts are easily available with most prominent service providers of UK including vodafone, virgin, orange, o2, three and t-mobile. Their sim only deals are attractive and let speak more. Such deals also give freedom to switch another network anytime without any restriction. Moreover, these are lucrative and can fetch one extra device absolutely free. These deals …

How to Compress Pictures in Excel using VBA

How to Programatically Compress Pictures/Images in Excel using VBA
If you are trying to compress pictures, you will normally be doing using the following dialog:

Compress Pictures Excel Dialog

Compress Pictures Excel Dialog

The same dialog can be automated using Excel VBA and SendKeys as shown below:

Sub Compress_PIX()

Dim octl As CommandBarControl

With Selection
Set octl = Application.CommandBars.FindControl(ID:=6382)
Application.SendKeys "%e~"
Application.SendKeys "%a~"
End With

End Sub 
Supressing "Compressing Pictures May reduce the quality of your images.." dialog is also taken care by SendKeys

The code uses CommandBarControl to find the Command and then execute the dialog

See also: How to Increase / Decrease Size of Images in Word Document using VBA

How to add description to Macro Functions in Excel VBA

How to add argument description to Macros/User Defined Functions in Excel VBA

User-defined functions are created in Excel for helping the Excel users. It would be good to add descriptions of the arguments used in the functions. This can be done using Application.Macrooptions method

Let us assume a small User Defined Function that takes an argument:

Function A_Sample_UDF(ByVal sArg)

MsgBox "Sample UDF " & sArg

End Function

The following code will add the UDF to information category
Sub Add_UDF()

Dim ArgDes As Variant

ArgDes = Array("First Arg")

Application.MacroOptions Macro:="Personal.XLSB!A_Sample_UDF", Description:="Sample Function", Category:="Information", ArgumentDescriptions:=ArgDes

End Sub

How to Extract TextBox Contents from All Slides using Powerpoint VBA

Extract Text from Textboxes in Powerpoint slides using VBA
Dedicated to good blogger friend Rahul. This code snippet loops through the slides and extracts the contents of the Textboxes

Sub Extract_TextBox_Text_FromSlides()

Dim oPres As Presentation
Dim oSlide As Slide
Dim oShapes As Shapes
Dim oShape As Shape

Set oPres = ActivePresentation

' --------------------------------------------------
' coded by Shasur for
' --------------------------------------------------

For Each oSlide In oPres.Slides
Set oShapes = oSlide.Shapes
For Each oShape In oShapes
If oShape.Type = msoTextBox Then

Debug.Print oSlide.Name & vbTab & oShape.TextFrame.TextRange.Text

End If
Next oShape
Next oSlide

End Sub

Awaz Apni :Ujwala Prabhu for JK

Shitao 师涛 posted a photo: Laughter and Tears IX As the Sun withdrew his rays from the garden, and the moon threw cushioned beams upon the flowers, I sat under the trees pondering upon the phenomena of the atmosphere, looking through the branches at the strewn stars which glittered like chips of silver upon a blue carpet; and I could hear from a distance the agitated murmur of the rivulet singing its way briskly into the valley. When the birds took shelter among the boughs, and the flowers folded their petals, and tremendous silence descended, I heard a rustle of feet though the grass. I took heed and saw a young couple approaching my arbor. The say under a tree where I could see them without being seen. After he looked about in every direction, I heard the young man saying, "Sit by me, my beloved, and listen to my heart; smile, for your happiness is a symbol of our future; be merry, for the sparkling days rejoice with us. "My soul is warning me of the doubt in your heart, fo…

Awaz Apni :Ideas_4334

Mic the otter spotter (dipping in and out) posted a photo: The lion has been based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh's designs

Awaz Apni :Apple iPad: A Look at Bell’s Official 3G Data Plans

Tomorrow you will finally be able to pick up an iPad in Canada from the data carrier Bell, you may wonder just how much you will have to pay for 3G connectivity, well Bell have now officially announced the price of their data plans. There are two plans to choose from, one of which sets you back $15 per month and gives you up to 250MB of data to use over the month, this gives you roughly 8MB per day. The other will set you back $35 per month and will give you up to 5GB of data usage, this gives you around 170MB per day, which is a bit overkill, however better than receiving a large bill for going over your data allowance. Both plans give you unlimited connectivity to Bell WiFi hotspots, this includes Starbucks locations which are scattered around Canada. If you would like to find out more you should check out the official Bell website . Do you think Bell’s data prices are fair? Source: IntoMobile

Samsung bada London Dev Day - only 2 weeks left to register!

Like a graceful swan, SMI has been calm on the outside recently, but paddling away like crazy behind the scenes to pave the way for both bada and also the first bada handset, the Wave. As, you’ve probably heard by now, the Wave is an incredibly powerful smartphone and we will be giving away an unlocked device for those lucky enough to attend - Places are limited, so apply now! (

Cash refund for life insurance

A new cash refund option will be made available through Symetra Life Insurance for its income annuity products, according to the insurer.

With the cash refund option, once the annuity owner dies, the beneficiary is able to get one lump sum that is equivalent to the unrecovered purchase payment, Symetra said. The annuity will be paid out no matter what the circumstance may be, ensuring a certain monetary amount...

US Insurance Online: Cash refund for life insurance

Couple charged with life insurance fraud

A Florida couple have been charged with an insurance swindle involving the burial of a man they knew under a false name.

Laura Freed, 43, and Michael Petro, 40, were arrested Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel reported. They have been released on $125,000 bail.

Investigators say Freed and Petro took out an insurance policy on the life of Racko Petro in 1998. In 2005, Billy Urich, 59, was admitted to Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center as the 34-year-old Racko and died there of kidney failure...

UPI: Couple charged with life insurance fraud

Life insurance outlook once again stable

The insurance industry has moved its outlook from negative to stable, according to Moody's Industry Report.

As the economy begins to stabilize, so does the life insurance business, Moody's Investors Service said. Trends signaling the upswing of the market include higher stock prices, improved employment numbers, and more consumer spending. Life insurers are expected to soon see an improvement in net profits along with operating and investment incomes...

InsuranceCorner: Life insurance outlook once again stable

Fed Is Confident of AIG Payback, but Skeptics Remain

Federal overseers of American International Group Inc. and its chief executive sought to convince a skeptical congressional panel that the U.S. would recoup the record sum extended in the AIG bailout.

Federal Reserve officials said they are increasingly confident the government-controlled insurer will repay what it owes the central bank, but their Treasury Department counterparts appeared less certain...

WSJ: Fed Is Confident of AIG Payback, but Skeptics Remain

Awaz Apni :Nokia N8: Vodafone UK Release ‘Coming Soon’

So far Nokia N8 release details have been scarce, however Vodafone UK’s website is currently listing the Symbian^3-based smartphone as ‘Coming Soon’, you can sign up to receive email updates regarding the handset’s Vodafone UK release here . Many of our readers are looking forward to the N8 due to it’s new and improved operating system Symbian^3, and it’s impressive 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. I am very happy to see Nokia moving away from previous versions of Symbian, as I thought that the Nokia N95, N96 and N97 were all extremely sluggish, boring to use and featured no real intuitiveness, lets hope that Symbian^3 is a step in the right direction. As we hear of a confirmed release date we will keep you posted, for the time being check out SlashGear’s article , which features a gallery of images.

Awaz Apni :Weight Loss Pills Warning: Alli, Xenical and Liver Damage

Some worrying news to report to you now, as it has been revealed that regularly used weight loss pills Alli and Xenical may cause severe liver damage to those who consume them. According to this report from LocalTechWire , the issue has reached the Food and Drug Administration who has now placed warning risks on the labels of both drugs. At the moment, both are freely available to buy over the counter from GlaxoSmithKleine. Tests were carried out on both products by the FDA and they found 3 instances of liver damage associated with the drugs. As a result of this, they have spoken to doctors over the issue and urged patients to be on the lookout for signs of liver injury – these include yellow eyes and skin, itching and loss of appetite. What are your thoughts on this story? Have you ever used these pills to lose weight? Make sure you read the full article through the link for further information.

Free Nintendo Wii play and enjoy with friends

Nowadays, gaming has become the biggest interest among masses. Games can be played on nintendo wii. It is such a great gaming console that helps enjoy with friends. To buy this you may have to pay some bucks. If you want this and do not want to spend money then search for the suitable deal in UK mobile phone market. Possibly, you can get it free with purchase of handset.

Some retailers and dealers are providing free Nintendo Wii with mobile phones. Isn't it a great offer, to avail such deal, you need to search through the market as this offer is not available with every shop. Free gifts with mobile phones are excellent tricks. To get appropriate gift you need to lock the right deal. Your careful selection can fetch one extra device absolutely free. If you meet any problem to get right gift then go online. Web portals are full of beneficial deals and they provide detailed information about every offer. Moreover, they are hassle free and deliver ordered device at doorstep.

How to get OS Version using VBA

How to retrieve Operating System Information using Excel/Word VBA
The version information of OS can be retrieved using the WIN API functions given below

dwOSVersionInfoSize As Long
dwMajorVersion As Long
dwMinorVersion As Long
dwBuildNumber As Long
dwPlatformId As Long
szCSDVersion As String * 128
End Type

Private Declare Function GetVersionEx Lib "kernel32" _
Alias "GetVersionExA" (lpVersionInformation As _

The following sub uses GetVersionEx function to get the Major and Minor version of OS

Sub Get_OS_Version_VBA()

' -------------------------------------------------------------
' Code to Get Version of Operating System through VBA
' -------------------------------------------------------------

oOSInfo.dwOSVersionInfoSize = Len(oOSInfo)

GetVersionEx oOSInfo

' -------------------------------------------------------------
' Coded for http://vbadud.blogspo…

Awaz Apni :Motorola Droid: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Facebook Hints

Following on from the Motorola message to users regarding the Froyo update earlier on this week, the carrirer has issued another statement – this time on their official Facebook page . As reported from Phandroid , Motorola seems to be preparing for the upcoming rollout of Android 2.2 Froyo for Droid handset owners. It seems certain that the Droid will be next in line to receive the update after the Nexus One – even though the update for the Nexus One was pulled shortly after going live. Nevertheless, Motorola posted the following message on their Facebook page: ”Hey guys, we know you have questions about software upgrades. We will more info as soon as possible!” Does this put further weight behind speculation that the update for Droid will arrive before the HTC Desire? Droid owners certainly hope so. Let us know your thoughts on this. We’ll update you with anything new as always.

Dell Mini 5: the iPad killer?

The Dell Mini 5 has what's needed to be a iPad slayer. Including the metallic back cover. But I doubt that this is going to be the case because Dell does not have the marketing machine owned by Apple. Enjoy Jkk's video about this wonderful machine.

- Dell Streak ( aka Dell Mini 5 ) first impressions

Awaz Apni :1st Missing Child Milk Carton: Justice for 6-Year-Old Boy

It has been reported that a missing child’s case is to be re-opened, despite being somewhat ’settled’ in 2001. Etan Patz was the first missing child to be featured on a milk carton. As reported from Washinton Post , Patz disappeared in 1972 and no offender was imprisoned for the defence when it occured during the time. Patz was declared dead in 2001, while an imprisoned child molester was declared the prime suspect over the case. Remarkably, the office of District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr said recently that the case is to be re-opened and they will be looking in to it. The case itself was declared one of the most extensive missing child cases in history – you can read much more details over at CNN here . Could Etan still be alive some 30 years since he went missing? Let us know your thoughts on this story. We will update you with further information on the case as we get it.

Awaz Apni :preGAME 16: ModNation Racers and Split/Second

This week on preGAME we build our very own racetrack and then give it a spin live on the show! Today we're giving you a double dose of racing action with ModNation Racers and Split/Second. Joining us to talk about ModNation Racers will be Dan Sochan, producer on the project.

Jackson National Life picks Cool Springs for new facility, 750 jobs

Middle Tennessee beats out more than 40 sites

A Michigan-based insurance company will open a new regional headquarters in Cool Springs and plans to create up to 750 jobs during the next three years.

Jackson National Life Insurance Company officials announced Tuesday that they have signed a long-term lease to occupy One Greenway Centre, a 150,000-square-foot office building near Nissan North American Headquarters in Franklin. The company plans to bring 400 people there by January and continue expanding its workforce through 2013...

Tennessean: Jackson National Life picks Cool Springs for new facility, 750 jobs

Related: Jackson National denies rumors of HQ move.

Features in the Office 2007 Students

While I was looking for Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition at, I am amazed to find the discounted price. I never thought that even Microsoft products can be availed at discounts.

I was using the 2003 version of the Office 2007 Students. I am still very late in placing an order for this program software. I have seen my fellow students accomplish tasks the way they want speedily without hassles using Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition.

There are four major features that prompted me to buy it. The first is Microsoft Office Fluent User interface. You need not worry how to use it as it comes in-built with a help mechanism to guide you step by step for easy understanding. Program features can be easily organized systematically; there are formatting and editing options for the tasks. The second is the facility for creation of first class documents with the use of formatting galleries, new graphics, and commands (also termed Ribbon). The third advant…

Features in the Office 2007 Students

While I was looking for Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition at, I am amazed to find the discounted price. I never thought that even Microsoft products can be availed at discounts.

I was using the 2003 version of the Office 2007 Students. I am still very late in placing an order for this program software. I have seen my fellow students accomplish tasks the way they want speedily without hassles using Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition.

There are four major features that prompted me to buy it. The first is Microsoft Office Fluent User interface. You need not worry how to use it as it comes in-built with a help mechanism to guide you step by step for easy understanding. Program features can be easily organized systematically; there are formatting and editing options for the tasks. The second is the facility for creation of first class documents with the use of formatting galleries, new graphics, and commands (also termed Ribbon). The third advant…

Awaz Apni :Red Dead Redemption: Cheats, Hints and Tips

We have covered almost all there is to know about Red Redemption for the Sony PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, but it seems that we have missed some vital information – cheats, hints and tips. There are so many cheats available that it is often hard to know which one you will want to use first. While doing some searching around we came across a post on Gaming Today , it offers an extensive walkthrough – which we also discussed in a recent post – and more importantly those cheat codes. These are easy to activate, all you need to do is enter the phrases to unlock each cheat. Visit Gaming Today via the link above for all the cheat codes. Red Redemption is a huge game and will take some time to get used to the layout; this is where you could use some help in the way of hints and tips. One of the best sources for this has to be Tech Arena – their advice is extensive, which you can see for yourself on their website. While scrolling down to the bottom I noticed that they also have a huge li…

Awaz Apni :Red Dead Redemption: Hunting Guide for Help

There is no question that Red Dead Redemption for the Sony PS3 and the Xbox 360 is one of the biggest games of the year, but what makes the game so popular? We could go on for hours discussing that but the simple answer is hunting in the wilderness. This can be a daunting task, but thanks to GamesRadar, they have a detailed hunting mission guide for you to study. Hunting is the easiest way for you to make money, so learning all there is to know will help you progress through the game. The hunting guide will make it easier for you to locate each animal that you need to kill, but we have to point out that these are just approximate locations – but they will be very close. Once you get to the location explained in the hunting guide you will need to do a scout around the area – bringing along bait will make this job much easier. Some of the best advice when hunting includes: If you have nothing to show from your hunt then come back later. However, you should never go home empty handed. Th…

Trouble free communication with SIM only deals

As the popularity of mobile phones are touching a new height, people are looking forward to more simple ways to stay in touch with their loved ones. SIM only contract is one such medium which can give the ease of communication. It is a nice way to reduce your monthly expense on calling. As per this scheme, user gets only a SIM card and not the mobile handset. That is reason, why it is cheaper than other deals. Sim only contracts come up with a number of free gifts in the form of free line rental, low call rates, cash back, unlimited minutes and a lot more. Through this, users can enjoy complete freedom from long term contracts as happens in case of contract mobile phone deals.

Cheap and hassle free SIM only contracts can be enjoyed for a period of 30 days. Once this period gets over, one can easily shift to any other mobile service provider as per his choice. So, you do not have to take any tension about contract period, monthly bills; all in all, a trouble free way to keep in touch wi…

Awaz Apni :Crave 02: While the Donald’s away…(podcast)

Jasmine picks up the slack on Donald's sick day and gets fab producer Jason Howell and "huge" CNET Labs editor Eric Franklin to co-host the latest Crave podcast. We scoured Crave to bring you only the best gems, and this week, we came up with a luxurious $15K speaker from Bowers & Wilkes, some Twitter-friendly dairy cows, a gadget porn crackdown, and the latest Japanese auto innovation . Also, no Crave podcast would be complete without a little something gross to cap it off. Tune in to find out what. Subscribe in iTunes SD Video |  Subscribe in RSS SD Video ...

Father's Day Gift Guide

As usual every year, has published its Gift List for the Father's Day. I hope that my daughter reads this because I liked a lot the Toshiba Camileo S20 HD camera.The Tablet PC Gift Dads and Grads Gift Guide includes something for everyone.  A variety of technology gifts & accessories for the Dad or Graduate in your life and you just may spot an item or two for yourself as well.Tablet Pc 2010 Dads and Grads Gift Guide

Awaz Apni :Leaked Motorola Droid Shadow headed to Verizon this summer?

A recent spate of leaked information indicates Motorola's next flagship phone might be nearing. Looking every bit as powerful as the HTC EVO 4G, the purported Droid Shadow could usher in the era of Froyo this summer. Might this be Verizon's answer to the fourth-generation iPhone? Originally posted at Android Atlas

Awaz Apni :Killzone 3 (PS3): Release Date Set by Sony, Vehicles and More

Are you looking forward to the 3D jetpacking action which Killzone 3 will be offering? If so we have some good news for you, it seems as if Sony have set a release date for the game’s release. According to a recent article posted on ComputerAndVideoGames Sony has internally set a release date for Killzone 3, apparently we should expect it in May 2011, which is slightly more accurate than the Spring 2011 release date which was previously rumored . Some other details were also ‘reaffirmed’, such as more than one online co-op mode, including a standard two-player co-op and a four-player co-op as well. As for standard multiplayer gaming, we can expect to see vehicles too. Other confirmations include PlayStation Move compatibility, Stereoscopic 3D gameplay, jetpacks with guns on them, all of which seem pretty neat. For more information check out the source link below. Source: ComputerAndVideoGames

Microsoft's Robbie Bach Retires... Whoo-Hoo! (And J is gone, too.)

Just a quick celebration of this morning's news: Robbie Bach is retiring from Microsoft.I'm so happy for him. And for Entertainment and Devices. And Microsoft.This is a great opportunity for E&D to evolve and restructure. And, of course, a great opportunity to really screw up who to put in charge and such.And yes, J Allard is out of here as well. Don Mattrick and Andy Lees step up. Also: David Treadwell side steps. And Office shuffles up a little bit.What would you do with the various groups, products and who else would you put in charge? -- Comments

Awaz Apni :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M: Fermi Architecture to Notebooks

For those of you who own a netbook and feel that it lacks power in the GPU area, then you will be pleased to learn that NVIDIA has announced the GeForce GTX 480M. The new Graphics Processor Unit supports DirectX 11 and also brings Fermi Architecture to Notebooks. These small laptop devices have always struggled in the graphics department, but the GeForce GTX 480M offers a speed increase of up to 5 times that of other GPUs on the market. In the press release sent to Engadget , it mentions that netbook makers will no longer feel restricted when designing a new model – knowing that there is a GPU on the market that can handle what is thrown at it. That Fermi Architecture that we mentioned above now means that netbooks installed with the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M will come with almost three times more cores than any previous version. This means that the users will be able to watch videos much faster than ever before. The first netbook to take advantage of the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M…

Awaz Apni :Dell Streak: U.S. Release Rumors – Getting Android 2.2 FroYo

Last year Dell revealed plans to impact the smartphone market, we are now hearing that U.S. carriers may soon be offering Dell’s impressive Streak handset. Earlier today we revealed details regarding an O2 UK release, we have now heard some information regarding a U.S. release, albeit a bit vague. Apparently the Dell Streak (formally the Dell Mini 5) will be available in North America sometime this summer, no carrier details have emerged yet, however it could be a popular handset with it’s massive 5 inch capacitive touchscreen display and 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Despite earlier reports suggesting no Android 2.2 FroYo update was expected, SlashGear suggest that FroYo will come later this year, the reason for the delay is said to be due to Dell's customized UI, it’s a bit of a shame that the handset doesn’t come out-of-the-box with the latest Android version. Will you considering upgrading to the Dell Streak? Source: SlashGear

Awaz Apni :Gran Turismo 5: PS3 Release Date Delay – More 3D Rumors

We have an update on the long awaited release of Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3 now, as have heard further reports that 3D support is the primary reason for the delay of the game. We wrote this report back in April, which first informed you about a delay due to upcoming support for Playstation Move and 3D capabilities. We now have a fresh report from Eurogamer for you to check out, which states that a source close to Sony has indictated that extra development time on the game has been needed, in order to implement the new technologies within 3D and Move into GT5. We recently heard that the game was 90 per cent finished, so does that mean we are now at the 99% stage? Let us pray.

Beautiful Scenery Wallpapers, Free Scenery Pictures, Scenery Backgrounds Photos

Here is the amazing and beautiful collection of free Beautiful Scenery Pictures from world's most beautiful places. It is absolutely fantastic place which you never seen before Here we show Free Scenery Wallpapers, Beautiful Scenery Pictures, Scenery Backgrounds Photos. On this site, you will find variety of desktop wallpapers for the background of your computer screen and latest Awesome 3D scenery photo, animated scenery wallpapers & beautiful scenery places photos for your mobiles & cellphones.


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