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Fat32 complete library in asm language

Observing that the file system created by me is almost identical to FAT32, i decided to convert to FAT32, this library work with clusters from 256 bytes to 32768 bytes autodetect from storage device.

This library is in asm language.

This file system is designed for double buffered (a buffer to the Allocation Table and a data buffer) this method of using separate buffers increase the rate of transfer to the storage device.

The buffer’s separation between allocation table and the data, makes that at each change of the data cluster not to charge the next cluster index from storage device. In this case, the index is token from allocation table’s buffer, if this is inside the sector memorized inside buffer. If this is not inside the sector of the buffer, then will be saved the buffer in allocation table (in case that inside the buffer has been made a modification), and then will be loaded in the sector where the index is.

In this way can be made with the data buffer. The pointer can be putted …

Sharing Work and Food - Imagine That

Here's an article by Wayne Roberts of the Toronto Food Policy Council, quoted in full because I don't know how to link to it on Facebook.

BY Wayne Roberts

Unlike most people, Thomas Homer-Dixon doesn't think today's world economic crisis is very complicated. He thinks it's very complex, which makes for a world of difference in understanding which government anti-recession programs will fail (most of them) and deciding which ones can help.

Homer-Dixon, who chairs a centre for global systems analysis at the University of Waterloo, is one of the world’s leading thinkers in the field of “complexity theory,” and the author of several international bestsellers, including The Ingenuity Gap and The Upside of Down. He brings a missing dimension to thinking about remedies to the looming economic collapse that that’s so far been excluded from public and media debate. “If ever there was a case of experts not knowing wh…

GL Nitro Street Racing


BBC's The Big Read top 100 books

A friend passed this on. She says the BBC believes the average person will only have read 6 books from this list. At least 6 of these I had to read for school. It is definitely a British list but there are several important books on it.

1 Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
2 The Lord of the Rings X
3 Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
4 Harry Potter series
5 To Kill a Mockingbird – X
6 The Bible - X (though I may have skimmed the begats)
7 Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
8 Nineteen Eighty Four - George Orwell X+
9 His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
10 Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
11 Little Women - Louisa M Alcott X
12 Tess of the D’Urbervilles - Thomas Hardy
13 Catch 22 - Joseph Heller (started but didn't finish)
14 Complete Works of Shakespeare - hahahaha! About 5 or 6 of them
15 Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier X
16 The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien X+
17 Birdsong - Sebastian Faulks
18 Catcher in the Rye - JD Salinger - X
19 The Time Traveller’s Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
20 Middlemarch - George Eliot
21 Go…

Off Road Dirt Motocross[TS]

Xtreme Dirt Bike™

About the game

Get pumped for extreme motocross off-road racing with wild riders, road rage & crazy jumps!

5 game modes: Race, Road Rage, Freestyle, Duel and Time Attack.
7 racing circuits around the world: Arizona, Siberia, the Great Wall of China, the Sahara, etc.
Much more than a motocross game: Try riding a quad or a hyperbike to experience new sensations.
Give your bike a boost before races: Engine, tires, transmission and brakes.
All of motocross’ most incredible stunts: Superman, Indian Air, Tsunami, etc.
Collect weapons along the way to eliminate your opponents: Bike chains, baseball bats or metal bars.


Triple boot install problems and reinstall of GRUB

My main dev machine at home is a triple boot, XP, Vista, Ubuntu machine currently with Ubuntu 8.10, and XP Pro installed. I recently added a new hard drive and had all sorts of problems with getting the boot sequences sorted out.

In a very breif nutshell this is what i did to fix it.

1st get vista booting again

To do this i used the vista boot disk and selected the repair your computer option followed by startup repair, i think i had to reboot and do it again as far as i recall but it did it in the end.

Finally reinstalled grub

First i used my ubuntu live cd and in a console ran

$ sudo grub This puts you into a grub shell.

grub> find /boot/grub/stage1 This will return a value which looks like (hd?, ?) this is where you will find /boot/grub. '?' will point to the specific partition of your disc which contains the boot grub for example (hd0,1)
grub> root (hd?,?) Use the value from the find command eg (hd0,1)

Finally the command which will install GRUB into the MBR.
grub> setup (hd?)

Worst Headline Ever

If there were an annual worst headline award, The Sun would probably win pretty much every year. Today's paper screamed "'Enormous' fraud at City Hall"

It makes it sound as though the city council or mayor has been caught doing something corrupt or fraudulent. Reading the article, one finds out there were 9 civil servants (working in social services) who are accused of insurance scams with Manulife, the city's supplier of health insurance. They allegedly made fake claims. This is being investigated, has been turned over to the Toronto Police right now, and the city sent the accused employees home (with pay, which is necessary when a charge is unproven).

Rob Ford, (the only councillor interviewed in this article on the same topic, opined "I've always said corruption is rampant at City Hall," he said. "I believe this is the tip of the iceberg."

The city is scrutinized in ways the federal and provincial governments aren't. The city is m…

Complete Bitmap to decimal converter

I've made this converter because i've searched on all the internet looking for a converter that converts one file .bmp with header in decimal or hex and i didn't find it. This converter convet a file.bmp in a file.asm with all the additions ".db" for declaration constants.

Result file contains all the bytes converted without exception

The result file is .asm

Download Complete Bitmap to Decimal converter.exe

‘Democracy is a system of Kufr’: Sufi Mohammad

MINGORA: The chief of Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-i-Mohammadi (TNSM), Maulana Sufi Mohammad has said the concept of democracy is against the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.In an exclusive interview with CNews World news, TNSM chief said he regarded democracy a system of Kufr (unbelief). Maulana Sufi said he would remain in the troubled Swat valley till restoration of peace.He said the government held discussions with TNSM after it staged peaceful protest spanning over four months.

Democracy not allowed to flourish in 60 years: Deposed CJ PESHAWAR: Deposed chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Wednesday said during the last 60 years democracy was not allowed to thrive on part of the dictators who on more than occasion went ahead and usurped the rule of country.Addressing the lawyers’ convention here, Iftikhar Muhamamd Chaudhry said a year ago people of Pakistan, using their right to self-determination under the Constitution of Pakistan, voted to elect the new administration.“The lawyers are very well aware of the fact that Allah Almighty is the only supreme power over the Constitution under which the country’s affairs are being run,” he said adding “what must be a point of concern at this point in time is no one ever tried to determine the underlying reasons for the problems that the country continued to face.”The deposed chief justice said: “The existence of our country and ourselves is possible only through establishment of true democracy in the country.”Earlier, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry adminis…

Spyphone for S60 3rd Edition

This application turns your phone into a full remote surveillance tool - however, you are not the active spy, but the phone will alert you whenever something interesting is happening.

the application will constantly monitor the audio level of its surroundings. If they exceed a pre-defined threshold, the phone will automatically call the agent. As a normal voice call is made, you can now hear the surroundings of the phone in order to judge if something serious is happening.

Note:requires Python installed on the device: PyS60
Spyphone for S60 3rd Edition

Call for Submissions to Briarpatch

I like this magazine and it seems they are looking for submissions for their upcoming edition "How I learned to stop destroying the planet and love the global recession"
What if the economic recession we're presently experiencing
is not just a regrettable temporary setback in the never-ending
march of growth-fuelled prosperity, but the beginning of a
painful but ecologically necessary process of scaling back
our footprint to a more sustainable level?

How would we manage the decline so as to ensure the burdens
are shared out equitably? How would we go about reorganizing
our society and economy around conservation and community
well-being rather than economic growth and short-term profit?

The revolution envisioned above would require a fundamental
transformation in every aspect of our lives -- our jobs, our
homes, our food system, our arts and entertainment, etc.
It's certainly beyond the scope of a single issue of Briarpatch
to describe, but in our July/August 2009 issue, we hope t…

Free Skype VoIP client in Nokia phones

Finally Skype will embed its VoIP application to the Nokia mobile phones running Symbian S60. The first one will be the new N97 device. Moreover Skype software will be available to download onto other Nokia Symbian S60 models. But standalone version is less integrated into address books, messaging and other phone's built-in features. Integrated version of Skype client in Nokia N97 will be able

Symbian freeware in Ovi Store

Today at MWC 2009 Nokia has announced its new great service for smartphone consumers. This is a new Ovi Store - an application and content download service that will be launched in early May of this year. I've reviewed existing Nokia MOSH freeware download service which will be part of new Nokia Ovi Store. This means that Ovi Store will have a lot of free applications, games, themes, ringtones

My own filesystem for non volatile storage devices

This is a very fast file system for all memory devices ( SD/MMC, HDD, and others memory storage ) and is created in ASM language.
This file system is double buffered ( One buffer for index and one buffer for data )this method was adopted to maximize performance in the event that more files are open at the same time.
Support maximum capacity between 2^40 Bytes in 256 Bytes per page and 2^48 Bytes in 65536 Bytes per page.
For moment at 16 Mhz and SPI = 8Mhz transfer rate between Controller and SD Card is: Read = 86,036KBytes/S, Write = 52,675KBytes/S in 512 Bytes per page and Read = 86,036KBytes/s, Write = 71,697KBytes/s in 2048Bytes per page.

For now this file system has the following features included:
1) FastFormatDriveMemory
2) ModifyFileDimension (From 1 do Maxim Storage support dimension )
3) ReadOneByteFromFile ( With autoincrement pointer )
4) WriteOneByteToFile ( With autoincrement pointer )
5) Create Folder (The name is maxim 48 Char )(Normal folder,Read Only Folder,System Folder,Hidde…

Gender, Jobs, Recession... and bad math

Usually the Toronto Star has pretty decent writing, but this was one of the poorest pieces I've seen in a while. There are some good points made, but the headline ("In shrinking workforce, women may surpass men") is misleading, and the writing jumps around without leading to any reasonable conclusion.

Perhaps this is nitpicky, but there is some sloppy math here. The article claims "there's a possibility women will soon outnumber men in the job force." The numbers quoted in the same article don't really bear that out, unless you define "soon" as "probably never".
According to StatsCan, there were 7,295,900 men with full-time jobs in January 2005 and 6,297,400 women working full-time.

By January 2008, that number had dropped to 7,186,800 for men and to 5,339,200 for women. And as of last month, it fell further, to 7,095,000 full-time jobs for men and slightly for women, to 5,339,000 full-time positions.

So the trend shows in the longer t…

Nokia 5800 error "Expired certificate" solution

Nokia consumers report the Nokia 5800 Express Music phones with touch screen got a software bug in installation software. This bug prevents you from installing any Symbian signed or developer singed sis packages with applications. You always got "Expired certificate" error message. For self-signed applications installation process finished successfully. This happens probably because of new

Time To Take a Mini-Microsoft Pause

It's time again for me to press the Big Blog Pause button.I've put up a post over on the Cutting Room Floor for you to share any comments and ideas you have in the meantime.Right now, I'm going through a long building change in perspective and simply reconsidering where I want to focus my energy and spare time (hint: writing, but not here). Also, you can only bang your head on the wall for so long without something getting knocked loose that probably needs to be put back in place.(Is this pause layoff related? Sorry to disappoint the Just Deserves club out there, but, no, I'm not in the 1,400 and I can't imagine my group being touched by the remaining 3,600.)Getting back to focus, I have lots of forward looking thoughts and it's interesting to me in how few of them I imagine myself at Microsoft for the long-term, let alone mid-term. Four years ago that would be unimaginable heresy. Now: well, in my opinion, the company has fumbled and tumbled into an awkward fu…

US to ensure stability of Pakistan: Obama

Awaz Apni WASHINGTON: The United States wants to make sure Afghanistan does not become a safe haven for Al Qaeda and does not destabilise its nuclear-armed neighbour Pakistan, US President Barack Obama here said.In an interview, the US President said his administration would have clear objectives in Afghanistan and wanted to fix the drift that occurred there over the last two years. “What we can do is make sure that Afghanistan is not a safe haven for Al Qaeda. What we can do is make sure that it is not destabilising neighbouring Pakistan,” he told a television.Obama also said he feared the detainees freed from Guantanamo would resume attacks on the United States.“Can we guarantee that they’re not going to try to participate in another attack? No,” Obama said.“But what I can guarantee is that if we don’t uphold our constitution and our values, over time that will make us less safe. And that will be a recruitment tool for organisations like Al Qaeda,” he said.

The Art of Don Simon

Don Simon, The Herd 2
This is from a series called Unnaturalism, which he describes:
Throughout history, particularly since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, mankind has been less than kind to our cohabitants on the planet. We build, produce, and consume with little or no regard to the impact it has on the environment. It is the nature of nature to adapt and evolve in order to survive, and we are forcing other species to deal with compromised, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems.

This series of triptychs depicts scenes resulting from our tragic indifference. They are rendered in a beautiful and natural way, highlighting the idea that we find this acceptable. We are numb to the damage -- and so, the unnatural becomes natural to us. This may be the saddest commentary of all.
Strangely beautiful and peaceful. View more of his art or watch a video


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