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Free Nokia Unlock codes

Unlock Codes for Mobile Phones- free Nokia Samsung Unlocks

cell phone code :These Free Nokia Unlock codes will work on most Nokia Mobile Phones
(1) *#06# For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number).
This is useful when your mobile is lost or stolen.Free Motorola and Samsung Unlock codes are in another post.

If u find any difficulty to understand this Unlock code for Mobile Phones please write in comment section.
2) *#0000# Displays your phones software version,
1st Line : Software Version, 2nd Line : Software Release Date, 3rd Line : Compression Type. ( Favorite )
(3) *#9999# Phones software version if *#0000# does not work.
(4)*3370# Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced my approx. 5%

If mobile is locked you can check by this way

(8) #pw+1234567890+1# Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).
(9) #pw+1234567890+2# Network Lock S…

Windows Vista Graphics Secret

Windows vista guide about Secret of graphics in windows vista
Microsoft took long time to introduce windows vista and everyone waiting for windows vista for its excellent graphics features. But do you know why such excellent graphics in windows vista. It is due to DirectX 10.

You may think what is Directx ?

Directx is the main core things which make the games work. All the graphics designs are because of it. When Microsoft launched first graphic base operating system in 95 it has so many limitation due to restriction on hardware like audio device video. Thus directx made API or functions which can be used in windows vista.

How DirectX10 makes it so real?

1. In reality every point is unique. 2 points on your face is not similar.directX started because of restriction on number of unique objects that can show in Scene. But with Direct you can show 100s of unique objects. This means if you want to show 100 flowers then you need not to create one and copy it to 100 places but create 100 differe…

Format Nokia 6600

FULL Formatting Nokia 6600 & 6630 phones

If you have nokia 6600 or nokia 6630 and you are facing problem like
black screen phone and unable to reboot ,
error message such as “child installer” keep popping-up.
phone start only at “Nokia” word screen or
it may possible that you are not able to uninstall some program after installation

Full formatting nokia 6600 and 6630 phones will solve these problems.

but before formatting take few precautions

1)Make sure battery is fully charged atleast 70 to 80 %.

2)Take back up of all important data like contacts list and personal files.

3)Switch-off your 6600 phone.

4)Press and hold these 3 keys at the same tome;

Green dial key, * (star key) & no. 3 key
Then press the power on/off to swtich on the 6600 phone.

hold all pressed keys until you see a formatting word screen show!

5. After a few minutes when your nokia phone’s full formatting completed, your 6600 will back to original system and factory settting.

All apps installed and data will not ava…

Windows Vista Requirements

Windows vista requirements

According to Microsoft corp, computers hardware requirements for Windows Vista are classified as Vista Capable and Vista Premium Ready.

A Windows Vista (requirements)Capable or equivalent PC needs to have at minimum an 800 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM and a DirectX 9 class graphics card. A computer that meets these requirements will be capable of running all editions of Windows Vista although some of the special features and high end graphics options may require additional or more advanced hardware for windows vista.

A Windows Vista Premium Ready PC will take advantage of windows Vista's "high-end" features but will need at least a 1.0 GHz processor, 1 GB main memory, and an Aero-compatible graphics card with at least 128 MB graphics memory and supporting the new Windows Display Driver Model. The company also offers Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor from its website to determine the requirementof a PC to run Windows Vista in its various guises. The uti…

Mobile trick to increase memory

Mobile Phone tricks to increase memory
In last post you have seen many free mobile phone unlock codes. Now free tricks for mobile phone to Increase your mobile memory

By regularly checking the task manager you can make more free memory by closing the background application

Second method - Smart Launcher trick:

For smooth working of mobile phones it is needed to have more free memory and everyone like that mobile work smoothly.Soo and there are software available like smart launcher by which you can increase free memory in your mobile same you are doing with your computer.
First install smart launcher to your mobile and go to option.
Then setting and make launcher on. Now plug on your charger and switch of your phone.

Wait till it shows battery meter on screen and then press Menu button of your mobile don’t hold it just press for a while and release.
You can see Manu on screen and you can have 4 to 5MB free RAM
Hold Menu button to check RAM.

Trick behind this is that when charger plugged i…

Windows Vista Problem Troubleshooting

Windows vista Problem
Telnet is not Installed by Default in windows vista.

Telnet configuration problem

1. Goto the Start menu and Control Panel.
2. If you are using the default Windows Vista Control Panel, click on programs:
if you are using the “Classic” control panel click on “Programs & Features”
3. Click on “Turn Windows Features On or Off”
4. Scroll down to “Telnet Client” and click the box.
5. Click OK and wait for Vista to take it’s sweet time to install the Telnet client.

Windows vista slow startup

Windows vista slow start up proble and solution:-

Facing lots of problem for Windows Vista slow start up. This is common for new operating system.
Now many people facing problem about windows vista slow start up and windows vista takes to long even after entering password screen to boots up.

It may some time show message like Errors: AFEE32.EXE
And also find Server Busy

The possible reason and solution are

Most common reason is Trojan virus called afee32.exe = TAJEAWE.EXE .This is a backdoor Trojan. However these are just some of its files, the virus's real name is "W32 Randex". This Trojan using a port back door. You can find explanation about this virus at

Try running WINDOWS DEFENDER or Windows OneCare 1.5 to isolate the file.
Use MS Malicious Virus Removal Tool, it will remove this virus according to MS.

Now if your system is …

Regedit Windows Vista

As now windows vista introduced and as A techie guy everyone like to know about Regedit for Windows Vista.There are many option in regedit windows vista. I will update it as i collect registry editing windows vista.

you must take back up before doing any changes to registry of windows vista or windows XP.

Now graphics is most attractive features for windows vista.
Soo by regedit windows vista you can make great graphics.

you can Enable Avalon Effects in windows Vista

Make Aero turned on, and do the Following steps to add some effect on desktop and explorer :
go to run and type "regedit".
Go to HKEY_Local_Machine > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Explorer.
you need to make new DWORD and name it MILDesktop.
give value to MILDesktop to 1
Create a new DWORD and call it MILExplorer
Set the value of MILExplorer to 1
Exit and Restart

As if u want to Remove Splash Screen in Windows Vista mail do the following
go to the registy editor using regedit at run

Windows Vista Game Explorer Guide

Windows vista guides for Game explorer Windows vista is known for graphics and gaming has most impact on it. Now windows vista have a additional game explorer right off the start Manu so you need not to find in program Manu or short cut on desktop.

I can make you sure that game performing excellent on windows vista. The game explorer can handle all the games and many more here I guide you windows vista features for game explorer.

Features in Windows Vista Guide Game Explorer:-

1. Windows vista start Manu have central launching pad for games.
2. Each game have separate icon for games to easy access.
3. Shows in detail information about each game developer and publisher
4 Date of release, Box cover art, genre and game rating.
5. By Right-clicking you can access to a menu of play tasks to customize playing options.

It also provide support section that guide you which configuration require for games, Also help section and important publisher updates.

Windows Vista Guide for game explorer proble…

Windows vista resources

Windows vista resource

Here is the collection of important blogs and sites about windows vista tips and troubleshooting. And also few good blog related to electronics and technology which help the visitors. Interest of this resource page is to provide valuable and interesting stuff to the visitors.

Useful keyboard shortcut

Here are some of most useful key-board shortcuts.
Copy = Ctrl+c
Cut = Ctrl+x
Paste = Ctrl+v
Undo = Ctrl+z
Delete = Delete
Delete selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin:= SHIFT+DELETE
To copy selected item, CTRL while dragging an item
Create shortcut to selected item, CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item
Rename selected item, F2
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word, CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word, CTRL+LEFT ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph, CTRL+DOWN ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph, CTRL+UP ARROW Highlight a block of text, CTRL+SHIFT with any of the arrow keys
Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document, SHIFT with any of the arrow keys
Select all, CTRL+A
Search for a file or folder, F3
View properties for the selected item, ALT+ENTER
Close the active item, or quit the active program…

IE7 Short Keys tricks

IE7 Short Keys and tricks

To launch an item in quick launch hit "Win+Item Number" e.g. if Internet Explorer is the third item in quick launch hit "Win+3" to launch it.

To open a new tab in IE7 use "Ctrl+N"

To switch beetween tabs in IE7 use "Ctrl+Tab"

To close an active tab in IE7 use "Ctrl+W"

To open a hyperlink in new tab press and hold "Ctrl" while clicking on the hyperlink. OR Use the Middle mouse button.

To Zoom in a page use "Ctrl + (plus)"

To Zoom out a page use "Ctrl - (minus)"

To view IE7 window in FullScreen mode use "F11"

The menu bar is not displayed in IE7 by default to view the menu bar press "Alt". To permenantly display the menubar right click on the empty space beetween tabs and toolbar and then select "Menu Bar."

Windows Live search is the Default search engine for IE7 to add additional search engines and to change the default search engine, click the dropdown type arr…

make windows xp fast

Tip 1: disable Autostart Programs which are not used regularly

Many software by default configured as a autostart program. This programs run at background. You can see such programs at taskbar. But some are completely running at back ground completely hidden. These programs consume memory and processing time.

By using Msconfig.exe configuration utility that comes with WinXP , you can organize the startup process and identify unnecessary programs that run automatically.
To use this utility, follow these steps:

Click on Start, and open Run, write Msconfig.exe and click enter.
On the new windows, you can observe programs list and processes that are automatically runs while Windows XP starts.
Uncheck the box of any programs that user doesn't need.
Apply the changes, and then restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Tip 2: Clean Prefetch folder periodically

It is observed that WinXP loads applications much faster than old windows operating system. WinXP achieve this by Prefetch te…

Install Windows Vista home without product key

You can install Vista with no product key and have 30 days to evaluate it.

Boot from the DVD and start the installation
Select the Language, Time and Currency, and Keyboard
Click on Next
Click on Install Now
Don't enter a Product Key
Uncheck Automatically activate Windows when I'm online
Click on Next
Click on No to confirm you do not want to enter a product key
Highlight the version of Vista you want to install
Check that it is the same edition you have purchased (if you want to enter in a product key at a later time).
Click on Next
Check accept the license and terms
Click on Next
Install a clean copy and continue as with a regular install.

Windows Vista tips Troubleshooting

windows vista vs XP

windows vista vs XP
There are plenty of reasons to leave Windows XP and install Windows Vista,and below are my top 15 favorites reasons to switch to windows vista.

1. It’s the Interface, Stupid
Perhaps the best thing about Windows Vista is the most obvious: its new interface.

2. Flip Over Windows Flip 3D
Switching between open windows using Alt-Tab in previous versions of Windows was always a shot in the dark, as you never quite knew to which window you’d switch, or even which ones were open.

3. Live Thumbnails
Do you run a lot of programs and visit a lot of Web sites simultaneously? If so, you’ll appreciate Live Thumbnails. Hover your mouse over any window on the Taskbar, and a thumbnail of the window pops up, with the program and document name, or the Web site name, just above it.

Now this one is really awesome point to be considered….

4. Boost Performance
With ReadyBoostWindows Vista includes a quick way to enhance system performance: ReadyBoost. It preloads files and programs you often use …

Windows Vista Features Reviews

Windows Vista Features & Reviews

Windows Vista Aero- reviews topic
redesigned GUI that is clean, eye-pleasing, supports transparencies and animations. The best Windows Vista Features as compare to other windows operating system

Windows vista Shell- considerable features
significantly different from Windows XP and includes built-in search. Even the Start Menu has changed.

vista Search- good feature
much faster and more thorough, similar to Window's Desktop Search and Apple's Spotlight.

Windows vista Sidebar features-
new panel on the right that has replaceable Desktop Gadgets (or widgets), e.g. weather.

Internet Explorer reviews in vista-
more secured than before, supports tabbed browsing like Firefox and reads RSS.

Windows Media Player 11-
includes new GUI, search-as-you-type, sharing music and iTunes-like music store called URGE.

Windows vista Defender and Firewall-
advanced anti-spyware and 2-way firewall now integrated into the OS.

Windows Mail- need to be reviews
replaces Outlook …

Clean Install Windows vista

Clean Install Windows Vista With Upgrade DVDs

Clean Install Windows Vista With Upgrade DVDsTraditionally, you are required to have a previous installation of Windows before you can upgrade, e.g. have Windows XP on your system before using Windows Vista Upgrade DVDs. What if you have ALREADY upgraded to Windows Vista but are having system issues that require formating and re-installing Windows? Paul Thurrot proposed this hack that lets you install a Windows Vista Upgrade, without needing to re-install Windows XP first:

Boot from the Windows Vista Upgrade DVD and begin the setup program.

When prompted to enter your product key, DO NOT enter it. Click "Next" and proceed with setup - this will install Windows Vista as a 30-day trial.

When prompted, select the edition of Windows Vista which you have purchased and continue with the setup.

Once setup has been completed and you have been brought to the desktop for the first time, run the install program from within Windows Vista.

This tim…

Windows vista Tips Troubleshooting.

Windows Vista Tips to use snip tool
Windows vista have program called snip by which you can take screenshot and put it in document or send by email. You can take different type of snap like free form, rectangular and full screen and you can send in various formats like jpg or gif or html. To access this tool open start Manu and type SNIP at new button.
Access command prompt in windows vista
In windows vista if you want to open folder in dos prompt. Then you don’t need to go at command prompt and writing long boring command.
Just right click the folder and hold the shift key that you want to use in command prompt and select open in command windows.

Get permanently Manu bar in windows vista
You can not find manu bar in windows vista by default
To see it temporary press Alt button.
To get turn on manu bar permanently.
Open my computer Click on tools then folder option
Then select view tab and select the option show manu.
Apply changes and ok.

Windows Vista Tips to change Icon size
Right click on fr…

Improve SATA Disk Performance in Vista

Increase SATA Disk Drive Performance in Microsoft Vista.
sata is equipped with dell and microsoft windows vista system.

You can squeeze a more performance out of your SATA hard disk drive by enabling write caching. The price though, is an increased risk for data loss/corruption should you experienced a power loss - this risk is less in a laptop because of its battery.
1. Click on the Start Button.
2. Type "Device Manager" and hit Enter.
3. Expand Disk Drives.
4. Right-click on your hard disk drive and select Properties.
5. On the Policies tab, check Enable Advanced Performance.
6. Click OK and close Device Manager.

Motorola Unlock Codes

Motorola unlock code-V300 Motorola razr Cell phone Unlock
Unlock motorola codes for v3 and razr.

motorola cellular T205/T19x
most of the code applicable to Motorola d460,6200,Motorola cellphone 7500,
Motorola Unlock codes for 8200,8400, 8700,V3688.
*#06# -> Displays imei for
*#300# OK -> List the Software & Hardware Version of motorola cellular
*#301# OK -> Full Keypads Functional Test
*#303# Ok -> Set Default Language to English
*304# OK -> Set OFF engineering mode new cellular phone
#304*19980722# -> Set ON Engineering mode
*#305# OK -> Location: 1 OK
*#307# OK -> Engineering Test Mode
*#311# OK -> Phone code changed to default code
*#400# OK -> ADC, Cal val*
*#402# OK -> Adjust Display Intensity/Contrast
*#403# OK -> List the manufacturing Informations of motorola cellular
19980722 OK -> Master Unlock code for Phone & Sim
this code are independent of whether it is new cellular phone or pre paid cell phone.And it may work with one model and not…

Ericsson Siemens Unlock Codes


Ericson T65

*#05# Fake Insert puk screen Press no to exit
Ericsson T20
MENU tecnichal Info
[type] >*<<*<* Displays : 1] Info service
1] Info SW 2] Info hardware 3] SIMlock 4]setup

2] Service setup1] Contrast
3]Service Test
1] Display 2]Leds 3]Keyboard 4] ringer 5] Vibration 6]Headset 7] Microphone
4] Names List
MENU info
[Type] >*<<**<>EricssonT28
>*<<*<* menu Tecnichal info SW vers. and name list >*<<**<> are the right and left.

menu's keys Ericsson T18s/T10/A1018s

>*<<*<* software CXC125065 Internal product code PRG 970715 1515 Software version and SW rev.<* CLR <><**>*<<*<*> Displays texts and messages in the phone It will be displayed " TEXT " then push YES <> are the right and left menu's keys !!!><** Control /Enable SIM Lock!!!. Ericsson R310 Technical Info :
>*<<*<*Options :1) service Info info Software Simlock Configuration 2) Service Test Disp…

sagem Service Codes

SAGEM Mobile Service Code
This are the segem mobile service code to help mobile repairing. Keep in mind this are not sagem unlock codes. Sagem phones unlocking codes are different from service code.

Segem Secret Codes
*# Commands
to check IMEI number *#06#
Corresp. ID incoming displayed - *#30# followed by send
Your ID. outgoing displayed - *#31# followed by send
Call barr inactive - *#33# followed by send
Call barr inactive - *#35# followed by send
Call Waiting - *#43# followed by send
Your mobile number - *#100# followed by send
DHLRU1 ?meaning? - *#101# followed by send
Transmitter information *#102# followed by send
Current date and time *#103# followed by send
Last caller's number - *#147# followed by send
Call credit and service time left -*#1345# followed by send

Hidden menu sagem phone
Engage one of the menus with the scroller then press *
Application menu: option 1 Version, option 1 Battery
Prom menu: option 1 IMEI number
sagem Sim lock: option 1 Sim lock - …

Samsung cellular phone unlock

Samsung cellular phone Unlock CODE

Samsung cellular phone SGH-600 : *2767*3855#

samsung S100, S300, V200 : *2767*7822573738#

---A300, A800 : *2767*637#

---X100 : *2767*688#

samsung cellphone sgh-600 mobiles : *2767*3855#

s100,s300,v200 : *2767*7822573738#

s105 mobiles : *2767*7822573738#

After the phone reboots enter the following code : #0111*00000000#

Personalisation cancelled should be displayed. cellular phone is now unlocked

a800,a300 mobiles : *2767*637#

t100 : *2767*media#

for example stackreset = 7822573738

e700 : *2767*688#

Here some more codes for samsung T100

*#8999*228# -> Battery status (capacity, voltage, temperature)
*#8999*246# -> Program status for samsung mobile phones
*#8999*289# -> Change Alarm Buzzer Frequency
*#8999*324# -> Debug screens of cellular phone
*#8999*364# -> Watchdog
*#8999*377# -> EEPROM Error Stack
*#8999*427# -> Trace Watchdog
*#8999*523# -> Change LCD contrast
*#8999*544# -> Jig detect

Mobile phones Tips Tricks

Mobile phones Tips and TricksAlong with free unlock codes for mobiles I added few Mobile phone tips and tricks.

Tip 1
For Nokia N-Gage User: - you can install .sis files directly to your mobile by simply using the cable given with your mobile phones. Just do the following
Plug cable to your mobile, place the .sis file anywhere on (MMC) and not in any folders then disconnect the cable and look for it in File Manager. You can find it there

Tip 2
By regularly checking the task manager which can be accessed by holding down the menu button you can save on battery and system memory being used by mobile phone and this make your mobile working smoothly.You can put your query about Unlock code for mobile phones in comment section

Tip 3
It is advisable to keep your Bluetooth off or set cellular phone visibility to hidden this will avoid being "blue jacked" .You can check this by searching blue tooth device from your mobile when you at public place say at garden or shopping mall or stadium.

Nokia Phone Unlock Codes

Nokia unlock codes

Nokia phone unlock codes for free. There are different nokia unlock codes for different nokia models like nokia 6288, n95, Nokia 6682, 7270, 6280, 1600, Nokia 6130. Even there are two types of mobile unlocking service provider unlocking – sim unlock. You can also get mobile unlocking software that will generate codes for unlocking
Free Nokia Cell Phone Unlock Codes

1) Unlock Nokia 6600 (Orange, UK)
2) Unlock Nokia 3390 (Fido, Canada)
#pw+6595657252+1# or
3) Unlock Nokia 6102 (Cingular, USA)
4) Unlock Nokia 6820b (AT&T, USA)
5) Unlock Nokia 6102b (Cingular, USA)
6) Unlock Nokia 6010 (T-Mobile, USA)
7) Unlock Nokia 3120 (Vodafone, Spain)
8) Unlock Nokia 6101 (T-Mobile, USA)
9) Unlock Nokia 6230 (Vodafone, UK)
10) Unlock Nokia 7600 (3 Network, UK)

Motorola codes

Motorola cdma service codes:
motorola unlock codes are diffrent from this motorola service codes and this motorola codes are for cdma phones not for motorola gsm mobile cellular phones.
StarTAC 7760/7860 programming:
Service menu: FCN+0+000000+000000+RCL
Test mode: FCN 00**83786633 STO
V60c programming:
Service menu: 74663 # [Menu] [Menu] (programming code)
Test mode: [Menu] 073887 * (security code = 000000)

Motorola Tarpon (120x)
1. Press 74663 (spells PHONE)
1. Press # MENU MENU quickly
2. Enter OTKSL
3. The work MIN will be highlighted
4. Select the word CHANGE by selecting the top right button
5. Select DELETE. Press and hold the button until clear
6. Have the customer enter the 10 digit MIN number
7. Select OK with the top right button. The “User Activation” screen will appear
8. Scroll to highlight the CDMA Sys ID
9. Select CHANGE by selecting the top right button
10. Enter SID
11. Select OK by selecting the top right button
12. Select DONE with the top left button
13. Press the END key
14. Press # ME…

LG Codes

LG cdma service codeThis LG Codes are different from lg unlock codes.
LGC-300 programming: menu + 9 and enter SPC: "000000" or may be other SPC typed by user
A-Key: press STO for some time while you can see special code enter zone. Type 2539** and enter A-key
LGC-330W programming: menu + 4 + 0 and enter SPC: "000000" or may be other SPC typed by user.
A-Key: type 2539** and enter A-key
LGC-800W /500 programming: menu + 0 and enter SPC: "000000" or may be other SPC typed by user.
A-Key: type 2539** and enter A-key
LGC-510 programming: menu + 3 + 0 and enter SPC: "000000" or may be other SPC typed by user.
A-Key: type 2539** and enter A-key

LG1010 LG4NE1 TP2200 TP2100 Touchpoint SB/DB TP 1100 TP5200

1. Press ##
2. Enter the OTKSL
3. Scroll to SAVE and press OK
4. Scroll to MIN and press OK
5. Enter 10 digit MIN scroll to SAVE and press OK
6. Scroll to SID and press OK (Skip on 4NE1 go to RESET PHONE and press OK to complete)
7. Enter SID (4654) and scroll to SAVE…

Samsung CDMA Codes

Samsung cdma Service Code Samsung unlock codes are different then service codes.

All type of phones (old modeles):
NAM programming: 47*869#08#9
Test mode: *759#813580 or 5809540*45680
exit test mode - 02
A-Key: menu + 0, code 25##

Samsung A500

1. Enter ## and the 6 digit OTKSL
2. SERVICE MENU will appear and 1.Basic will be highlighted
3. Press OK
4. Device will display NAM CDMA/ Phone Number
5. Enter 10 digit MIN
6. Press OK (3 times)
7. Display will return to Service Menu. Press END.
8. Programming is complete

Samsung N240 and N400
1. Enter ## and type in the 6 digit OTKSL
2. The display will show SVC MENU and 1. Phone Number
3. Press OK
4. Enter the 10 digit MIN and press OK
5. The display will show NAM with Home SID on the second line (Note: SID is no longer used)
6. Press OK
7. The display will return to the SVC MENU
8. Press END to complete the programming

Samsung Uproar
1. Press MENU key
2. Enter 9 2 0
3. Enter the OTKSL
4. At SVC Menu screen press OK
5. Enter MIN and press OK 4 times
6. Enter SID …


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