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ISIL claims deadly attack on Saudi forces at mosque

A blast triggered by a suicide bomber has killed 15 people at a mosque inside a special forces headquarters in Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen.
An interior ministry spokesman said on Thursday that the "terrorist" attack took place during noon prayers in the city of Abha, in the southern province of Asir.
Twelve of those killed were members of a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, while the other three were workers at the compound, officials said.
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the attack that also left nine others wounded.
Earlier, state media said 17 people were killed.
Saudi Television said initial information indicated that the blast occurred after a suicide bomber detonated his explosive belt.
Earlier speaking to Al Jazeera, a Saudi political analyst said that if the latest attack is proven to be the handiwork of ISIL groups, it would be the largest ISIL attack targeting security forces inside the oil-ri…

Kalonji/Kalwanji (Nigella Seeds) Ka Istemaal Aur Faide

Kalonji/Kalwanji (Nigella Seeds) Ka Istemaal Aur Faide Part - 1 Kalonji/Kalwanji (Nigella Seeds) Ka Istemaal Aur Faide - 2

Middle East Main Baloon Ke Problems

Middle East Main Baloon Ke Problems

Periods Ke Doraan Dard Hona' Periods Ka Khul Kar Na Ana

Periods Ke Doraan Dard Hona' Periods Ka Khul Kar Na Ana

Nafs Ki Sakthi Ke Lie (Erectile Dysfunction) Ragon Ki Kharabi Ke Lie Asan Oil

Nafs Ki Sakthi Ke Lie (Erectile Dysfunction) Ragon Ki Kharabi Ke Lie Asan Oil

Talaq Problems & Solution By Maulana Tariq Jameel

Talaq Problems & Solution By Maulana Tariq Jameel

"Message Of Karbala" Most Emotional Bayan By Maulana Tariq Jameel 2015

"Message Of Karbala" Most Emotional Bayan By Maulana Tariq Jameel 2015

Kashmiri Chai "Pink Tea"

Kashmiri Chai "Pink Tea"

Frozen Pizza - Pakistani/Indian Cooking With Atiya

Frozen Pizza - Pakistani/Indian Cooking With Atiya

Khichdi and Luqmi by Chef Maida Rahat

Pakistani traditional dishes by Chef Maida Rahat Ali on ARY Zauq Cooking Show


3 cup rice (ceela/aged rice)
1 2lb chicken cut into pieces
½ teaspoon Cumin seeds
½ teaspoon big cardamom
2 -3 pieces of cardamom
½ teaspoon fennel seeds
1 cinnamon stick
Few cloves
Pinch of fennogreek
Pinch of black pepper
1 teaspoon Coriander powder
1 teaspoon Red chilli powder
1 teaspoon Crushed pepper
1 teaspoon Paprika
1 teaspoon salt
Shan Sindi biryani masala
One large onion cut into slices
Fresh green chili s
Ginger cut Julian style
4-5 teaspoon Ginger garlic paste
½ cup yogurt
½ cup tomato paste
1 teaspoon Kewra water (essence) (optional)
2 teaspoon Lemon Juice
Food coloring
Step 1: Fry onion in oil until golden brown
Step 2: When the onion is golden brown, add the Coriander powder, Red chili powder, Crushed pepper, Paprika, and salt
Step 3: Add the cumin seeds, regular & big cardamom, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, cloves, fenugreek, black pepper, and some of the Shan masala.
Step 4: Cook for few seconds, and then add the ginger garlic paste cook fo…

Indian's Kashmir lawmaker Engineer Rashid beaten up in assembly by BJP members. He had allegedly hosted beef party yesterday

Jammu and Kashmir lawmaker Engineer Rashid beaten up in assembly by BJP members. He had allegedly hosted beef party yesterday
Sheikh Abdul Rashid, an independent MLA in Jammu and Kashmir assembly was thrashed by angry BJP MLAs for hosting a beef party yesterday.
BJP MLA Ravinder Raina first began thrashing Rashid where other MLAs were seen joining him. Immediately, Rashid was rescued and escorted out with the help of opposition members and security.
Rashid hosted the beef party at the MLA hostel where he invited members from the civil society. He already alleged that BJP MLAs vandalized the hostel during the event and that three staffers who tried to stop them were suspended by the government.
The beef party took place in the lawns of MLA hostel here, with the guests being served beef kebabs, 'ristas' (meat balls) and beef patties.          
Rashid had claimed that he did not want to offend anyone but wanted to send a message that "no courts or legislature can …

PTI (Pakistan Tahreek Insaf) foreign funding List RAW and Mossad Give Fund PTI

Watch Akbar S. Babar, Afzal Khan, In Benaqaab – 6th October 2015

Indian lobbies control all political parties of Pakistan, no difference if its PTI, PPP, ANP etc. Complete Lists of PTI Funds
Lists of PTI Funds

AWAZ APNI American Airlines pilot dies on overnight flight

BOSTON —An American Airlines pilot on a flight from Phoenix to Boston died as the plane was en route Monday, the airline said.
The red-eye flight had left Phoenix just after midnight and was diverted to Syracuse after the pilot's death.
"Syracuse, American 550,  medical emergency, captain is incapacitated, request handling for runway," a transcript of the co-pilot's radio transmission said.
There were 147 passengers and a crew of five on board American flight 550.
"We are incredibly saddened by this event, and we are focused on caring for our pilot's family and colleagues," the airline statement said.
Another crew was sent to Syracuse to fly the plane to Boston.
The name of the pilot, 57, has not been released.
Passenger Louise Anderson, who was heading from Reno, Nevada, to Boston via Phoenix, said she had dozed off on the flight.

"What I woke up to was the flight attendant telling us we were making an emergency landing because the pilot was i…

Media and Corruption

English Essay on "Media and Corruption" With the technological advances of the 20th century, and those anticipated in the 21st, media has become a most potent weapon both in peace and in war. However, its role as the guardians of the oppressed carries most relevance for civilization. Working without any fear or restraint a free media is the best cheek on excess of any kind by anyone or any entity having the potential and the inclination to inflict excess. What to talk about individuals, even nations feel the heat; that the media can generate on any wrongdoing. Conversely, influence over a “free” media allows the generating of excess without undue hue and cry.
The mass media, in particular the printed press, enjoys a special status which gives them protection against conventional social policies. This freedom is a vital element a safeguard of human rights in a democratic and civil society, media autonomy must be respected and defended. The exceptional degree of au…

Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana

Dheere Dheere Lyrics by Yo Yo Honey Singh: The song is sung, composed and written by Yo! Yo! Honey Singh featuring Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor. It's an alternate version of "Dheere Dheere Se" from Aashiqui, composed by Nadeem-Shravan and lyrics by Rani Malik.
Singer / Composer / Lyrics: Yo Yo Honey Singh
Video Features: Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor
Music Label: T-Series

Dheere Dheere Lyrics Har pal meriyaan yadaan
Yadaan vich ae tun
Dil di gal main dassa
Te dassa fir kinnu (x2)

Teri meri, meri teri ik jind'di
Ik jind'di what to do
Jhoomu main naachu main gaaun ke likhun
Tere liye main kya karun

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
Dheere dheere se dil ko churana (churana..)
Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse mil kar tumko hai batana

Sham wahi, kaam wahi
Tere bina o sanam
Neend nahi, chain nahi
Tere bina o sanam (x2)

Teri meri, meri teri ik jind'di
Ik jind'di what to do?
Jhoomu main nachu main gaaun ke likhun
Tere liye main kya karun


Imran Khan (PTI) Jalsa in Doongi Ground Samanabad Lahore on Oct 4, 2015

Imran Khan (PTI) Will Address Election Jalsa in Doongi Ground Samanabad Lahore on October 4, 2015 (Sunday)
Lahore (Thursday, October 1, 2015) – Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Mr. Imran ahmad Khan Niazi will address the election rally of Abdul Aleem Khan at Dongy Ground Samanabad Lahore on Sunday, October  4, 2015. While Imran Khan will address his second big Jalsa on October 9, 2015 (Last day of election campaign in NA 122 By Election). A tough competition is expected in this constituency, Although PMLN’s candidate Mr. Ayaz Sadiq has edge in popularity against the Abdul Aleem Khan.
Mr. Imran Khan and whole PTI is trying his best to win the hearts of the voters. Especially Ch. Muhammad Sarwar (Chief Organizer Punjab PTI) is working day and night in this area.

My Country

English Essay on "My Country" The name of my country is Pakistan. It came into being on the 14th August 1947. The Muslims of Indo-Pakistan had to make great sacrifices to achieve Pakistan Karachi became the capital of Pakistan after independence. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah assumed the office of the Governor-General But he did not live long and he died or the 11th September, 1948.
The geographical position of Pakistan has given it an important position among the countries of South East and South West Asia. In the west, our neighbours are Afghanistan and Iran. Pakistan’s neighbour to the north is the Peoples Republic of China. Bharat lies on Pakistan’s eastern border. On the southern side of Pakistan spreads the Arabian Sea. Pakistan is a country with a variety of land surface. We have also a variety of climates in Pakistan. We have the hottest as well as the coldest spots of the world. In Pakistan we have some fine resorts for excursion and Sight-seeing.

Computer Technology

English Essay on "Computer Technology" The study of processes of using computers and other telecommunication devices for storing, retrieving and sending information of all kinds in form of words, pictures and sounds is called "Information Technology". Radio, Telephones, Mobile Phones, Telex, Fax, Television, Cable Net and Computers are the devices which used as the devices of the Information Technology.
The use of electronic equipment, especially computers for storing, analysing and sending out information is known as "Information Technology". The exchange of quick information Is essential for human linkage and coordination. Information Technology may be useful in following ways:
It helps in quick exchange of news and current affairs.It can make the trade and business more expeditious.It can provide quick information of changing world.It may be very useful both in war and peace.The information technology gives a continuous link of government to…

Facebook plans video profile pictures

Facebook will soon allow short videos to be used as profile pictures. Facebook is planning to give users more control over their profiles, including video profile pictures.


The world of Megayachts is a constant evolutionary platform for designers and has been undergoing serious revolutions in recent times. However, sometimes a concept that’s so bold, so very opulent and so far in to the future comes up and it begs asking the questions – Why not? and more importantly – How soon? Vasily Klyukin, who happens to be an architect, designer and writer (of science fiction no doubt) has envisioned a yacht that undoubtedly has its roots in some sort of comic book; he calls it the Monaco 2050. MEET THE MONACO 2050 The concept of the Monaco 2050 is thus – a super slick and completely state-of-the-art sea craft that has everything from a swimming pool to anything and everything else you could possibly imagine for a quick trip across the seas to a long haul ocean adventure. And while that might seem, ‘ho-hum’ interesting to any yacht buyer, the feature that will have customers whipping their checkbooks out in a frenzy is the Avenger’s Quinjet styled plan…

Tarka Vegetable And Cheese Kulcha Recipe

Tarka Vegetable And Cheese Kulcha Recipe by Rida Aftab Masala TV

Episode Four – Coke Studio Season 8

Rabba Ho – Mulazim Hussain – Coke Studio Season 8‘Rabba Ho’ begins with a simple note that crescendos into an enormous mountain of strings and rolling percussions. Mulazim Hussain’s vocal work is dynamic and honest – the perfect voice for the track’s instrumental barrage – as he swerves through the Rajasthani, Punjabi and Urdu lyrics with impeccable ease. In an orchestral climax, Sajid’s flute merge with the violin section, as the sound of the tabla and the Sitar resonates into a towering sound, all along Mulazim croons of love and longing in this classic love ballad.BTS – Rabba Ho – Mulazim Hussain – Coke Studio Season 8Kharhi Neem – Siege – Coke Studio Season 8The splendor of ‘Kharhi Neem’ is how the timeless Sindhi folk tune originally sung by Mai Bhagi, performed on Coke Studio by Siege feels renewed. The house band really shines through within the interplay of the guitar as the track begins, and setting the rhythm with the string section providing the build up. Junaid’s vocals te…

Episode Three – Coke Studio Season 8

Man Aamadeh Am – Gul Panrra & Atif Aslam – Coke Studio Season 8‘Man Aamadeh Am pairs the songstress Gul Panrra’s perfectly dreamy vocals with Atif Aslam’s signature style, delivering a magical rendition on this love ballad of a classic Iranian song featuring Urdu verses penned by Atif himself. As Tanveer Tafu works his charm on the Rubab and Arsalan Rabbani masterfully provides the melodic sound with his Harmonium, Gul and Atif effortlessly interweave the emotions while singing words of love and heartache.BTS – Man Aamadeh Am – Gul Panrra & Atif Aslam – Coke Studio Season 8Umran Langiyaan – Ali Sethi & Nabeel Shaukat Ali – Coke Studio Season 8‘Umraan Langhiyaan’ is the perfect example of what Ali Sethi and Nabeel Shaukat Ali’s combined vocal prowess are able of – transcending classical raags to improvise within the sonic space to create a fresh sound without taking away the soul of the melody. Written by Khwaja Ghulam Fareed, and originally composed by Asad Amanat Ali, the…

Episode Two – Coke Studio Season 8

Rizwan and Muazzam – Sakal Ban – Coke Studio Season 8As the rightful torchbearers to the century old tradition of Qawwali, ‘Sakal Ban’ adds to Rizwan and Muazzam’s colossal catalog of their signature sound marked by churning rhythms and apocalyptic finality. The doubled-over vocals and the throbbing beat of the drums by Aahad Nayani, coupled with the timeless kalaam of Amir Khusrau, the track is nothing less than an assault to ones auditory perception. The mood intensifies further with Tanveer Tafu’s guitar solo and once again establishes Rizwan and Muazzam’s peculiar flair of creating a sonic ocean only they’re capable of.BTS Rizwan and Muazzam – Sakal Ban – Coke Studio Season 8Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Balouch – Sammi Meri Waar – Coke Studio Season 8On their first collaborative single, ‘Sammi Meri Waar’ – the duo, Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Balouch (QB) stick close to their dual strengths. A folk Punjabi song that’s traditionally sung at weddings – the track has been masterfully …

Episode One – Coke Studio Season 8

Mai Dhai & Karam Abbas – Aankharli Pharookai – Episode One – Coke Studio Season 8 At its best, the energy of Mai Dhai and Karam Abbas’ duet, ‘Aankharli Pharookai’ transports you to the vast landscapes of Rajasthani deserts, where this folk tune originated. With the rippling groove of the harmonium provided expertly by Arsalan Rabbani, Mai Dhai’s prowess of high-strung vocals in Marwari language celebrates a prophecy of something good, just about to happen. The classical performance of Karam Abbas in raag Bhimpalasi merges with the folk melody setting the tune on an upward incline from the very beginning of the track. The harmonious arrangement of the Rubab solo played by Tanveer Tafu serves to be a natural climax, making an otherwise traditional folk tune into a psychedelic anthem. BTS: Aankharli Pharookai – Episode One – Coke Studio Season 8 Nabeel Shaukat Ali – Bewajah – Episode One – Coke Studio Season 8 ‘Bewajah’ hovers in the space between lovers coming together and breaking apa…

SOHNI DHARTI – Coke Studio Season 8

Lyrics – Sohni Dharti – Coke Studio Season 8 سوہنی دھرتی اللہ رکھے
sohni dharti allaah rakkhe
O beautiful land, may God قدم قدم آباد
qadam qadam aabaad
Keep you prosperous every step of the way قدم قدم آباد تجھے
qadam qadam aabaad tujhe
Keep you prosperous every step of the way قدم قدم آباد
qadam qadam aabaad
Keep you prosperous every step of the way سوہنی دھرتی اللہ رکھے
sohni dharti allaah rakkhe
O beautiful land, may God… جب یہ سوہنی دھرتی الله نے بنائی ہے
jab yih sohni dharti allaah ne banaayi hai
When it is God who has brought this beautiful country into being
تو وہ شاد بھی رکھے گا اور آباد بھی رکھے گا
to wuh shaad bhi rakkhe ga aur aabaad bhi rakkhe ga
He will also make sure to keep it happy and flourishing تیرا ہر اک ذرہ ہم کو
tera har ik zarrah ham ko
Every single grain of your soil اپنی جان سے پیارا
apni jaan se pyaara
Is dearer to us than life itself تیرے دم سے شان ہماری
tere dam se shaan hamaari
It is through you that honour and glory is ours تجھ سے نام ہمارا
tujh se naam hamaara
Yours is the…

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani sets new Box Office Record in Pakistan

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani which attracted a record viewers on very first day of its release is still not going weak, the movie has entered Rs 7.73 crore business in few days.
According Box Office Pakistan the film is all set to set new trends in Pakistani film industry. it would be the first ever film since revival of the local industry that can be termed as a “Blockbuster”.
The Film JPNA is said to be an adventure comedy film. Leading cast of the movie includes Hamza Ali Abbasi, Hamayun Saeed, Ahmad Butt, Vasay Chaudhry, Javed Shaikh, Ismail Tara, Mehwish Hayat, Sarwat Gillani, Sohai Ali Abro and Ayesha Khan.
The movie is being screened in 85 cinemas in all large cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
The film initially obtained criticism from Pakistani viewers on release of trailer which showed actresses in short dresses, Bikinis and short skirts.

Responding to criticism Hamza Ali Abbasi, the leading actor, had also announced that he will n…


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