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Salman Khan editing âReadyâ

CNet Analysis MUMBAI: Bollywood mega star Salman Khan is personally overlooking the final edit of his new film Ready, after Anees Bazmee went home as a result of a fight on the sets of the movie in Bangkok. Looks like Salman Khan, the lead actor of the film is quite jittery after the fate of the filmmakers last two films at the box office. Obviously, after two consecutive superhits, Wanted and Dabangg, Salman wants nothing to go wrong with his career. Reportedly, the big boss is having the film edited at his own post- production facility Sight and Sound to keep a vigilant eye on the process. He previously edited his film Dabangg.

In Depth: What Apple’s patents reveal about its plans

CNETAnalysis: For anybody who wants to know what a company is thinking, just look at its patent portfolio. Patents are about protection: without them there’s nothing to stop your rivals from copying your best ideas and making money from your hard work. If you patent your revolutionary unicorn-powered laptop and a rival copies you, you’ll be able to sue them until they squeak – and possibly get their product pulled from the shelves too. Smart companies patent everything, and Apple is a smart company – so a trawl through Apple’s worldwide patent applications can uncover future products. Back in 2006, patent application 20,060,268,528 showed what was described as a “portable computing device capable of wireless communications… [that] is a media player”. A few months later, Steve Jobs unveiled it: the iPhone. If you’d seen the patents Apple was filing in 2004 and 2005, the iPad wouldn’t have been a big surprise either. There was the patent application for a touchscreen that can “detect m…

Couples wed in NY”s Times Square in honour of Royals

NEW YORK: Royal wedding fans braved an early morning in New York on Friday to celebrate the marriage of Britain”s Prince William and Kate Middleton with street celebrations and to watch three couples tie the knot in Times Square. About 200 people gathered in Manhattan”s Greenwich Village to watch the wedding on TV and to munch on a British breakfast in a restaurant bedecked with the Union Jack flag. Others watched the ceremony on a giant projection from Brooklyn, some dressed up in tiaras and frilly hats. Cable TV station TLC sought to boost ratings by organizing the wedding of three couples on a stage set-up just above Manhattan”s busy Times Square intersection. “It”s amazing it”s the same day, it feels a little bit for them,” said groom Hector Abreu, 27. “No it”s for us,” butted in his future bride Candice Chapman. The weddings were timed to happen roughly 30 minutes after the Westminster Abbey ceremony, and were cheered on by the applause of a live audience listening to the presen…

Spanx shapewear is perfect for wedding season style

The Royal Marriage of William and Kate has kicked of wedding session in UK and other parts of the Europe. Everyone knows that majority of women become fat after marriage. They lose their slim figures because of pregnancies and other reasons. Women who have put on extra weight in their waist can shape themselves using Spanx shapewear. Spanx shaprewear solution is available for every body types.

Libyan tanks launch assault on Misrata

CNet Analysis MISRATA: Libyan government tanks launched an assault Friday on Misrata, rebels said, as NATO reported its warships had stopped Moamer Kadhafi”s forces from laying mines in the besieged city”s harbour. Fierce fighting which had raged for days for control of the Dehiba border crossing into Tunisia, meanwhile, hit a lull on Friday, but armed rebels were on guard in expectation of a new offensive, witnesses said. “Four tanks attacked the city and one has been destroyed so far,” said Ibrahim Ahmed Boushagha, a rebel fighter who accompanied a wounded man back from the front in Misrata. “They took up positions during the night on the airport road, and tried to enter the city. We”ve stopped them at the outer limits, at least for now.” He said his group had come under mortar and rocket-propelled grenade fire, and three or four of them were wounded. A constant stream of casualties was brought in to the city”s main hospital, with several rebels saying the men had been wounded in a…

Nokia Siemens Networks completes acquisition Motorola Solutions Network Assets

CNETAnalysis: Nokia Siemens Networks has announced that it has finally completed its long-delayed purchase of a block of Motorola Solutions’ network assets. Click here for more .

Apple Becomes Second Largest Buyer of Consumer/Cell Phone MEMS Sensors in 2010

CNETAnalysis: Apple in 2010 rose one rank to become the world’s second largest buyer of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors for consumer electronics products and cell phones, as it snapped up parts for products including the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, Click here for more .

HipstaCase appeals to retro iPhone 4 snappers

CNETAnalysis: If you are a regular user of the retro-camera Hipstamatic app on your iPhone 4, then this new retro camera case is sure to appeal. The new HipstaCase is currently only available in the US ($40 plus international shipping costs), so it doesn’t come cheap. Tripod-mount Hipstamatic commissioned designers at Agent 18 to create the new HipstaCase, which also comes with a tripod mount, to truly finish off the retro look. HipstaCase also has a handy wrist lanyard, to truly top off the toy camera feel to this unique snap-on iPhone 4 case. You can grab the Hipstamatic iPhone app from the iTunes App Store, if you have somehow missed out on what the nostalgia-cam fuss was all about in the first place. Related Stories Developers get the latest ‘iPhone 4S’ from Apple Big Grips launches childproof iPad cases Apple MacBook Pro set for complete makeover? Steve Jobs speaks out on iPhone location tracking South Park takes on Apple and the iPad

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been pronounced man and wife at Westminster Abbey.

Miss Middleton is wearing an ivory and lace gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

Some 1,900 guests watched the couple exchange their vows, with many millions watching at home. The service is expected to finish at 1215 BST.

Thousands of people are lining the procession route the couple will take to Buckingham Palace after the service.

Despite the risk of showers, the pair will travel in an open-topped 1902 State Landau carriage for the procession, which was used by Prince William parents for their wedding in 1981.

The day has started off dry and cloudy in London but the Met Office says there is a risk of heavy showers developing later on. Temperatures in the capital are expected to reach a high of 19C (66F) in the afternoon.

The prince is wearing the red tunic of an Irish Guards colonel - his most senior honorary appointment - but the bride's dress design is being kept secret.

Prince William has been given the title of the Duke of Cambridge by the Queen, and Miss Mi…

Xbox 360 and Kinect boost Microsoft profits

CNETAnalysis: Microsoft reports record revenues of $16.43bn (£9.86bn) this week for its third financial quarter (ending March 31 2011), with sales of the Xbox 360 and Kinect helping to boost Redmond’s coffers. Revenues were up 13 per cent year-on-year, with overall profits climbing 10 per cent to $5.7bn (£3.42). Record Xbox sales The past year has seen record sales of Xbox 360 consoles, increased by the launch of the new Kinect motion controller in late 2010. Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division (EDD) posted revenues of $1.94bn (£1.16bn), up 60 per cent compared to the first quarter in 2010, with EDD profits up 50 per cent to $225m (£135m). 2.7m Xbox 360s were sold over the quarter, which means total Xbox 360 sales are now near to 53m units worldwide. Microsoft sold 2.4m Kinect units in the same quarter, which takes total sales since launch to around 10.5m Further growth predicted “We delivered strong financial results despite a mixed PC environment, which demonstrates th…

Brightpoint Profits and Revenues Jump Sharply

CNETAnalysis: Handset distribution company, Brightpoint has reported that its first-quarter revenues jumped by 40% to US$1.1 billion, Click here for more .

Hitler Reviews: Portal 2

CNET Analysis: Hitler reviews Portal 2. Created by hitlerrantsparodies Clip from Downfall (Der Untergang) Downfall Parodies Forum

Amigo Mobility launches new POV/Scooter Unveiled

Amigo Mobility International has introduced a new POV scooter. Amigo TravelMate III power scooter has been designed for people will limited mobility. They can move from one place to another using this small but power scooter. It is a lightweight unit. It can be carried along. The product can be folded down for easy transport. The maker has used a power full hub motor. The company says will require little maintenance to keep the machine in workable condition. They say it is a self-contained/service-free hub motor. The seat has been designed in such a way that it can be collapsed and adjusted according to one's needs. It features a 31-inch turning radius

Apple Q&A on Location Data Press Info

Apple would like to respond to the questions we have recently received about the gathering and use of location information by our devices.1. Why is Apple tracking the location of my iPhone?
Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so.2. Then why is everyone so concerned about this?
Providing mobile users with fast and accurate location information while preserving their security and privacy has raised some very complex technical issues which are hard to communicate in a soundbite. Users are confused, partly because the creators of this new technology (including Apple) have not provided enough education about these issues to date.3. Why is my iPhone logging my location?
The iPhone is not logging your location. Rather, it's maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location, some of which may be located more than one hundred miles away from your iPhone, to help your iPhone rapidly and ac…

Apple ‘dropped the ball’ on iPhone location tracking issue, says expert

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple in the ongoing dust-up over its alleged tracking of the whereabouts of users of iPhones and iPads.“Irreparable injury has resulted and continues to result from Apple’s unauthorized tracking of millions of Americans,” alleges the lawsuit, filed on Monday in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida.“It is unconscionable to allow Apple to continue unlawfully and without proper consent tracking Plaintiffs and proposed Class members,” plaintiffs Vikram Ajjampur and William Devito contend after requesting that the lawsuit be raised to class-action status.After describing the now well-known allegations of Apple’s iOS 4 capturing and storing details of users locations consolidated.db file (“or something similar”), the lawsuit alleges that Apple collects location information “covertly, surreptitiously and in violations of law”.To the plaintiffs, Apple’s location-tracking information is both intrusive and dangerous. “Indeed, in many instanc…

Huawei Sues ZTE over Patent and Trademark Infringements

CNETAnalysis: China’s Huawei has launched a spate of lawsuits against its local rival, ZTE over alleged patent and trade mark infringement. Click here for more .

Elop: Nokia tablet will have a ‘uniquely Nokia perspective’

CNETAnalysis: Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, has waxed lyrical on the subject of a Nokia tablet , saying that it is taking the soflty-softly-catchee monkey approach to building a slate. While the company focuses on getting its first Windows Phone 7 handsets out the door and getting back into the smartphone race, it isn’t taking its eye off the tablet prize: “We could take advantage of Microsoft technology and software, and build a Windows-oriented tablet, or we could do things with some of the other software assets that we have. “Our team right now is assessing what’s the right tablet strategy for Nokia,” said Elop, speaking to a Finnish television show. Spoilt for choice So Nokia is considering a number of tablet OSes; Windows (whether the Windows Phone OS or the long-time-coming tablet-optimised OS ), Symbian or MeeGo ; but it certainly doesn’t sound as though we’ll be seeing a Nokia iPad competitor any time soon. Elop continued, “There are now over 200 different tablets on the marketp…

Use Wet/Dry Vacuum for Urine and Stain Removal

Vapamore , the well known maker of steam cleaning products, has introduced a new product for pet owners. It is a wet/dry steam vacuum . It MR-50 wet/dry steam vacuum produces 210°f steam. This steam can remove all kinds of pet accidents. Pet owners can use this product for the extraction of pet urine and other stains from carpets and upholstery.

Hunt begins for Mona Lisa model

FLORENCE: A team of researchers in Italy has begun a search for the tomb of a woman who may have been the model for Leonardo Da Vinci”s painting Mona Lisa. The team is using a special radar device at the convent in the city of Florence where it thinks the body of the woman, Lisa Gherardini, is buried. It hopes to find skull fragments and to try to create a facial reconstruction. The identity of the enigmatic Mona Lisa remains one of the great mysteries of the art world.

Steve Jobs speaks out on iPhone location tracking

CNETAnalysis: Apple CEO Steve Jobs has brushed-off the notion that Apple is using the location-tracking ‘bug’ in iOS to keep tabs on its users. The Cupertino-based company today admitted that the iPhone 4 does back up historical location data but doesn’t need to collect quite as much and promises to resolve the issue with a software fix Jobs, who remains on hiatus from full-time duty with the company due to illness, moved to dismiss the ever-present naysayers who suggest Apple might using the data for ill means. “We haven’t been tracking anybody,” he says. “Never have. Never will.” Investigation Jobs also chose the interview to defend Apple’s delayed response to the controversy, saying that they wanted to identify the essence of the problem before rushing out a statement. The stance has echoes of the antennagate fiasco that accompanied the launch of the iPhone 4, which also took Apple plenty of time to respond to. “Rather than run to the P.R. department,” Jobs says,”the first thing w…

Apple Confirms White iPhone 4 to Go On Sale on Thursday

CNETAnalysis: Apple has formally confirmed what everyone already knew – and that the long delayed white iPhone 4 will be available beginning tomorrow (28th April). Click here for more .

Apple is collecting location data, but not YOUR location data

CNETAnalysis: Apple has released an extensive Q&A about iOS 4′s apparent gathering of location data and is adamant it is not tracking the location of your iPhone, rather “maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location.” This is to help speed up finding your location when, for instance, you need to load up a map app. “Calculating a phone’s location using just GPS satellite data can take up to several minutes,” said Apple . “[The] iPhone can reduce this time to just a few seconds by using Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data to quickly find GPS satellites, and even triangulate its location using just Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data when GPS is not available (such as indoors or in basements).” Location, location, location According to Apple, this goes some way in explaining all the location data which can be taken from your iPhone – essentially it is not your own personal data but info that has been “crowd-sourced”. “This data is not the iPhone’…

ARM namechecks big deals in latest results

CNETAnalysis: ARM is finally seeing long term licensees turn its designs into key products, with the company’s latest financial results boasting about recent deals with Broadcom and Korean giant LG. The news that LG had sealed a deal with the British tech giant broke this week, and ARM will be looking forward to seeing more of its offerings in the company’s products. When that happens it will be joining 1.15 billion ARM-processors shipped in mobile devices and 700 million in other devices – like TVs, disk drives and microcontrollers. Really Smart TVs On top of this, several ‘major semiconductor companies’ developing chips for set top box and televisions have licensed ARM technology – which could lead to some interesting future products. “Influential market leaders are licensing ARM technology to gain access to a growing ecosystem of operating systems, software applications, tools and service providers, said CEO Warren East. “Many of these companies have been ARM licensees for many ye…

Ericsson Triples its Quarterly Profit on Strong Network Kit Sales

CNETAnalysis: Ericsson has reported that its first-quarter sales rose by 17% to SEK 53 billion. Sales for comparable units, adjusted for currency exchange rate effects and hedging, increased 25% year-over-year. Click here for more .

Russia test launches Sineva strategic missile

CNet Analysis MOSCOW: The Russian military successfully test launched a Sineva ballistic missile Tuesday from a submarine in the Arctic, the Interfax news agency quoted a defence ministry spokesman as saying. “The launch was carried out from underwater in the Barents Sea from the Yekaterinburg nuclear submarine. At the expected hour, the payload of the Sineva missile arrived at the Kura range in Kamchatka” in Russia”s Far East, said spokesman Igor Konashenkov. The Sineva is an intercontinental submarine-launched ballistic missile that entered service in 2007 and has a range of more than 11,000 kilometres (6,800 miles). (AFP)

Japan thanks US rescuers, urges Americans to return

CNet Analysis LOS ANGELES: Japan”s consul general in Los Angeles thanked local rescuers who provided emergency help after last month”s earthquake and tsunami — and urged American tourists to return to his country. Junichi Ihara voiced Japan”s “sincere gratitude” for the Los Angeles-based rescuers, “one of the first to mobilize and spring into action when the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit. “While many people, including those in my office, were still struggling to understand what had just happened, the (team) was already en route,” he told members of the LA County Urban Search and Rescue Team. Many of the the LA rescuers had only just returned home after the magnitude 6.3 New Zealand earthquake in February when they were dispatched to Japan following the killer March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Ihara said tourism was an important element of economic recovery after the disaster, which left more than 14,000 people dead and over 11,000 missing, with over 100,000 still s…

4G Network Profitability May Depend on SON Development

CNETAnalysis: Self-organizing network (SON) technology is emerging as a critical enabler for effective deployment of 4G mobile networks, potentially offering up to 40 percent opex savings for mobile broadband operators and making a much stronger case for long-term 4G service profitability, Click here for more .

Motorola Mobility Launches New Services to Accelerate Android Development in China

CNETAnalysis: Motorola Mobility has announced two new services for Android developers in China, including Amobee, an in-app advertising service that creates a new potential revenue stream for developers, Click here for more .

Blue screen of death to go black in Windows 8

CNETAnalysis: Microsoft’s infamous blue screen of death could be getting a new look in the company’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system; it’s going black. A sneaky photo of one of the latest builds of the OS reveal the system error messages on a black screen, with that dreaded message “Your computer needs to restart”. We dread to think how many millions of irreplaceable words, tricky lines of code and billions of edited pixels have been lost to the blue screen of death over the years, yet it has become somewhat of a legend as its occurrences become increasingly rare. Rainbow screen of death Encountering a blue screen of death joins the Xbox’s red ring of death as an unpleasant but somehow fondly-remembered event. The change may not be a permanent one, however, as WinRumors points out; Microsoft has switched to black screens of death in builds of other Windows OSes and always ends up back at blue. At least we can keep the BSOD initialism going, no matter what the colour. We’ll find o…

LG launches flicker-free Cinema 3D monitors

CNETAnalysis: LG has unveiled a range of 3D monitors which it claims offer flicker-free 3D performance. The two Cinema 3D monitors, the D41P and D42P, come with LG’s new Film Pattterned Retarder (FPR) technology, which sounds mildly offensive but is in fact meant to give a brighter, clearer, flicker-free 3D picture by lowering crosstalk. The ‘Flicker-Free’ certification is something LG has also bestowed upon its own Cinema 3D TV range, which, it says, banishes dizziness and nausea from the 3D realm. So if you like your 3D computing experience sans dizziness and nausea, you’re in luck. Life’s good in 3D Supporting all graphics cards and “popular home PC operating systems”, the monitors also offer HDMI 1.4, 2D to 3D conversion and come in a range of sizes, with screen sizes from 21.5-inch to 25-inches. LG’s vice president of Monitors, Si-hwan Park, reckons these new monitors solve all the main 3D problems: “Although 3D is one of the hottest items in technology today, some consumers are…

Mobile Shopping Searches Triple in the UK

CNETAnalysis: In the first quarter of 2011, total retail search volumes grew by 29% compared with the same quarter a year earlier, but mobile retail search traffic jumped by 181% over the same period, Click here for more .

Sony Tablet S1 unveiled, will take on Apple iPad

CNETAnalysis: The Sony Tablet S1 has officially been announced, optimised for rich media entertainment and aiming to hit a UK release date of autumn 2011. Sony Tablet S1 is one of two new tablets announced by the Japanese electronics giant – lining up alongside the dual 5.5 screen mobile communication-friendly S2. Although the S1 is only the codename, the tablet’s specs are not so mysterious, with Sony confirming that the Sony Tablet will bring Android 3.0, WiFi and 3G and play nicely with Sony’s premium network services, including the PlayStation Network for gaming and the Qriocity media service. 9.4 incher The tablet will feature a 9.4 inch display for “enjoying the web and rich content on a large screen.” “Its off-centre of gravity design offers ease of grip as well as a sense of stability and lightness, offering comfortable use for hours,” adds Sony. Interestingly, the Sony Tablets can control home entertainment devices, with the inclusion of infrared meaning that you can control…

Tanks storm Darra, 25 dead

CNet Analysis DAMASCUS: Syrian troops backed by tanks rolled into the flashpoint town of Daraa Monday, killing at least 25 people, witnesses said, as Damascus was accused of choosing the military option to crush dissent. The Syrian army however, insisted it had been invited into the southern town at the request of citizens to hunt “extremist terrorist groups.” Witnesses said troops also launched assaults on the Damascus suburbs of Douma and Al-Maadamiyeh, as a leading Syrian rights activist accused the regime of going for the “military solution” to end six weeks of dissent. The United States, which has repeatedly condemned Syria”s repression, was considering sanctions against Damascus. “The United States is pursuing a range of possible policy options, including targeted sanctions, to respond to the crackdown and make clear that this behaviour is unacceptable,” said National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor. Monday”s assault began at dawn with 3,000 to 5,000 army and security f…

portal 2 review hd exclusive yeah boi

CNET Analysis: My full in-depth review of the recently released game, Portal 2.

Dieting Can Make You Fat

The writers of the new diet book say that most of the diet programs available in the market make a person fat.

Speed Week: Intel: ‘We could easily have CPUs with hundreds of cores’

CNETAnalysis: This article is brought to you in association with LG Optimus 2X It’s almost 40 years since Intel released its first CPU, the 4004, a ground-breaking processor that crammed all the computing power of ENIAC – the first general purpose computer – into a tiny silicon chip. Of course, what was impressive in 1971 looks, well, rather less spectacular today. And now the Intel 4004 is most useful as an example of just how far CPU technology has come in recent years. Take the clock rate, for instance: the 4004 ran at only 108KHz. In a mere eight years, the Intel 8088 (the power behind the first IBM PC) would run at 5MHz, something like a 50x speed boost. And a modern 3GHz CPU has a clock rate around 30,000 faster than the humble 4004. And the increase in the transistor count, probably a more accurate indicator of CPU power, has been even more spectacular. The Intel 4004 contained a mere 2,300; the 8088 increased this to more than 29,000; and if we jump to a modern high-end Intel…


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