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Nawaz Sharif Daughter Maryam Nawaz Scandal Pictures

Article Source history, Wednesday 1 December 2010.Nawaz sharif Daughter Mariam Nawaz Sharif's illegal admission in medical college and migration to King Edward

Mariam Nawaz Sharif and Farah Dogar: Daughter Wars

Written by: Sumaira

As PML(N) is after the is after the daughter of chief justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, the MQM has sneaked in and distributing pamphlets about the illegal migration of Mariam Nawaz Sharif from Army Medical College, Rawalpindi to the King Edward Medical college, Lahore.

As the daughter wars raging high, nation is flabbergasted over the issue. While the India is threatening at our Eastern borders and the NATO is heating up attacks on our Western borders, while the mainland Pakistan suffers from all kinds of crisis and the economy is plummeting in the darkness of loadshedding, jacking up of numbers and migration of daughters are the hot issues.

Well these daughter nepotism issues are surely important but then they are routine in Pakistan. If a survey is carried out by the impartial parties then very very few, if any, of the politican, bureaucrat, or army officer would be left without garnering any benefit for his or her family and friends. Accountability should be carried out, but there is a place and time of everything, and this is not the time for this daughter juggernaut.



Two richest women in Pakistan: Kulsoom Nawaz and Mariam Nawaz

Do you know that Mariam Nawaz Sharif is one of the richest persons in Pakistan? She owns a number of businesses gifted to her by her father and also received in bribes by her husband from leading politicians, bureaucrats and smugglers in Abbottabad.

A leading carpet export business in Lahore, Gulshan Carpets, is owned by ladies of Ittefaq group ( Mariam Nawaz Sharif, Sabiha Shrif) but operated on their behalf by one Sheikh Hamid. No reference is ever made to Gulshan Carpets in any of the business transactions of the Ittefaq Group.

Begum Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif is the daughter of Doctor Hafiz Butt. She alleged pay a professor to write her PhD thesis at Punjab University on 'Urdu Shayeri mein Fitrat Nigari 1857'. Doctor Hafiz (father of Begum Kalsoon Nawaz) was son in law of famous wrestler Gama Pehlwan. This family eats a lot and ordinary means cannot feed their hunger, that's why they resort to corruption and bribery.

However, she very rightly complained that during her hubsand's persecution at the hand of Pervez Musharraf, many elements (except Javed Hashmi) in the PML did not support her, but rather opted for a policy of non-confrontation with the army. For months before the exile of Nawaz Sharif to Saudi Arabia, Kalsoom built a momentum for political activity. It paid off in the form of putting an end to the agony of her husband in jail when her husband signed a letter of apology and committed to refrain from politics for ten years.


'Rules bent for Mariam Nawaz'

Staff Report (Daily Times, 15 Dec 2008)

LAHORE: Rules were bent in 1991 to admit Nawaz Sharif's daughter Mariam Nawaz to King Edward Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan People's Party leader Munawwar Anjum said on Sunday.

Anjum, who is a member of the Central Executive Committee of the PPP, was commenting on Nawaz's demand for the resignation of the chief justice of Pakistan after a controversy over his daughter's admission to a medical college.

"Perhaps Mr Sharif can make such demands because the method he used to get Mariam into the KEMC was more suave," he said, talking exclusively to Daily Times.

Mariam was a grade-B student in matric and FSc and scored 580 out of 850, and 767 out of 1,100 in the two exams in 1989 and 1991 respectively, he said.

"Clearly, she did not qualify for admission to the KEMC on open merit. She was admitted to the Army Medical College in Rawalpindi and was migrated after only a month to the KEMC, which she left without completing her degree," Anjum said.

He said it was 'almost comical' that having done something similar, the Sharifs were pointing fingers at the chief justice.


Mariam Nawaz deprived three candidates of admission in medical colleges

ISLAMABAD: PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif wants CJ Abdul Hameed Dogar to resign over allegation that his daughter received undue favour for admission in a private medical college, but he is yet to offer an apology for his own daughter Mariam actually receiving such favour for enrolment in a public sector medical college in 1991, according to a report published in the Weekly Pulse.

That year, Mariam Nawaz's marks, 765 out of 1,000, in F Sc were too low to get admission in any public sector medical college in Punjab, and the minimum provincial merit was 803/1,000 at Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur.

Mariam wanted admission in King Edward Medical College (KEMC) in hometown Lahore. But with her father as PM and uncle, Shahbaz Sharif, as CM, how could it be that her wish was not realized, the report said. She was first admitted to Army Medical College Rawalpindi, in 1991, and within a couple of months, was migrated to King Edward in clear violation of Migration rules. Mariam's deprived not just one but two candidates competing for admission in public sector medical colleges. If this was not enough, investigations reveal that one professor at KEMC, Dr Shahnaz Javed of Physiology Dept was transferred from the college for not allowing an illegal increase in her attendance percentage to meet her attendance shortage for lectures in that subject.—Online


PML-N starts crying while Nawaz Sharif's corruption in the case of her daughter's admission in a Medical College and later migration to King Edwards Medical College exposed in the National Assembly

Kundi takes notice of pamphlet distribution

ISLAMABAD, Dec 19 (APP): Deputy Speaker, National Assembly Faisal Kundi Friday said no material can be distributed on floor of the House or within the Parliament premises without permission of the Speaker. "In view of rules of business and the statements of members I observe that no printed or other material can be distributed in the Parliament premises without permission of the Speaker," Kundi observed in response to a point of order regarding distribution of a pamphlet against Mariam Nawaz daughter of PML-N chief, Mian Nawaz Sharif.

"Let me look into the matter and find out," he said when members Shahnaz Sheikh and Hanif Abbasi raised the issue on floor of the House showing the pamphlet.

The members claimed that the pamphlet, alleging illegal migration of Mariam Nawaz Sharif to King Edward Medical college and seeking apologies from Nawaz Sharif, was being distributed in the Parliament premises and the government should answer why it was happening.

Shahnaz Sheikh said, the issue of Farrah Dogar was being discussed in media for several days and "today pamphlets are being distributed against Mariam Nawaz."

"This exercise is uncalled for. They are daughters of the nation and we should ensure their respect and dignity," Ms Sheikh said.

She said when the country was confronting with important security issues, the politicians and the media should focus on national security instead of getting involved in casual issues. "I also request Mian Nawaz Sharif to focus on national issues."

MNA Hanif Abbasi said, maligning Nawaz Sharif through a pamphlet being distributed within the premises of the Parliament is deliberate.

He demanded an inquiry committee to probe the matter, otherwise he said, his party would expose every illegal act of the members and leaders highlighting their shortcomings.

"Whose marks were tampered, we would talk about that. But distribution of pamphlets within the Parliament premises calls for proper action," he said.

He said his party might have not objected, had the pamphlets been distributed on roads, but it has been done within the Parliament premises.

Deputy Speaker remarked that he would look into the matter.

"Let me check how it happened," he said.


Mariam Nawaz's Illegal Migration to King Edward

By Pulse Report December 18, 2008

Nawaz Sharif's daughter arrives in Karachi to see her father (22 November 1999)

PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif has asked Chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar to resign as part of the propaganda campaign in a section of the press alleging that Chief Justice's daughter Farah Hameed Dogar received special favour in F Sc examination from the Federal Board, which facilitated her admission in the International Islamic Medical College.

This is despite the fact that Mr. Sharif's own daughter, Mariam Nawaz, was awarded a special favour coincidentally also with regard to admission in a medical college, which, in her case, happens to be a public sector institution.

Weekly Pulse investigations reveal that Mariam Nawaz scored 580 marks out of 850 marks in the Matric exam with a B Grade and 765 marks out of 1000 marks in F Sc (Pre-Medical) with a B Grade. These marks were too low to get admission in any public sector medical college in Punjab in 1991, which Mr Sharif was the Prime Minister and the PML-N had a government in Punjab.

Mariam Nawaz was interested in getting admission in the King Edwards Medical College, Lahore, which is Pakistan's leading medical college and, therefore, the most competitive in admission merit. The admissions in medical colleges were granted on All-Punjab basis, with the lowest merit being 803 marks in the F Sc (pre-Medical), at the Quaid-i-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur. Obviously, the merit at the King Edwardss Medical College was far higher.

Mariam Nawaz was admitted to the Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, in 1991. However, within a short time of one month or so, Mariam Nawaz was migrated to King Edwards Medical College in violation of the Migration Policy.

As per the rules mentioned in the Prospects of the Government Medical Colleges in the Punjab for Session 1991-92 regarding Migration, such migration shall be allowed only after the student has cleared the First Professional Examination."

In detail, the said Migration rule for "a student who has been admitted in one medical college of the Province" and wants to migrate to another college within the province during the same course," sets three conditions, two of which pertain to the father/guardian of the student either dying or transferred to another city being a government servant.

The rule says that migration should be discouraged under normal circumstances and the respective principals must agree before it takes place. The third rule that applies to Mariam Nawaz's case, but was violated, states the following: "The migration can be allowed on compassionate grounds if both the principals agree. Such migration shall be allowed only after the student has cleared first, Professional Examination. The clause shall not be applicable to those admitted against Divisional, Under-Developed Seats."

Since Mariam Nawaz was not admitted under such reserved seats, the above-mentioned clause duly applied to her case. Without appearing in the first Professional Examination, she was migrated from Army Medical College to King Edwards Medical College. She did not appear in the first Professional Examination even at King Edwards Medical College, and left the college before that.

Now those behind the mischievous campaign against Chief Justice Dogar's daughter seem to imply that by using an "illegal" favour, she deprived another candidate of the right to get admission in the International Islamic Medical College, which, unlike King Edwards Medical College, is a private sector institution.

If the same criteria is applied to Mariam Nawaz's case, then she deprived not just one but two candidates competing for admission in public sector medical colleges in 1991. If this was not enough, Pulse investigations reveal that one professor at King Edwards Medical College, Dr Shahnaz Javed of Physiology Department was transferred from the college for not allowing an illegal increase in her attendance percentage to meet her attendance shortage for lectures in that subject.

This magazine has further learnt that, in 1998, Mariam Nawaz again applied to the Principal of King Edwards Medical College to obtain admission in MBBS but was able to obtain admission in the Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore. The request was approved by the Admission Committee of the College. Despite that, Mariam Nawaz did not join, thereby depriving a third candidate of the right to be admitted in a public sector medical college.

As against Mariam Nawaz, the current chief justice's daughter is being targeted for seeking a favour, which, as she explained in a recent press statement, was no favour as such. Farah Hameed Dogar was just one of the 1093 applicants who applied for re-checking of their answer sheets after the Federal Bureau of Intermediate and Secondary Education declared the results for 2008.

According to her statement, she was among the 201 students for whom the broad issued revised mark sheets in accordance with rules and regulations, and that she applied for admission only in three private medical colleges which admit students on self-finance basis. She got admission in the International Islamic Medical College wherein 50 seats are filled on merit and another 50 are reserved for children of overseas Pakistanis. The college has one seat reserved for Al-Mizan Foundation, a welfare body for retired judges. This seat is rotated every year among the four provinces and in 2008 it was reserved for Sindh. That is how Farah Hameed Dogar was able to get admission at the International Islamic Medical College.

Compare this issue, which is pending hearing in the Islamabad High Court, with the mockery of justice done in the case of Mariam Nawaz, who was able to enter Pakistan's best public sector medical college, the King Edwards with just 767 out of 1000 marks in F Sc (Pre-Medical) in 1991, despite the fact that the lowest admission merit that year was 803 out of 1000 marks in the F Sc (pre-Medical) at the Quaid-i-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur.

17 years have passed since rules were violated to facilitate the illegal migration of Mariam Nawaz from Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, to King Edwards Medical College, Lahore, depriving two legitimate candidates of admission in public sector medical colleges of the Punjab. A decade has passed since Mariam Nawaz deprived yet another legitimate candidate of admission in the public sector medical college.

Yet Mian Nawaz Sharif has not apologized even once from the nation for this mockery of justice that took place first during his first stint in power at the Centre and in the Province and second time in his second stint in power at both places.

Nawaz sharif’s Daughter is married to a grandson of King Fahd?

US embassy cables: Pakistani relations with Saudis ‘strained’

Thursday, 16 October 2008, 10:16

C O N F I D E N T I A L RIYADH 001541


EO 12958 DECL: 10/15/2018



REF: A. (A) ISLAMABAD 3249 B. (B) RIYADH 1510 C. (C) RIYADH 1175 D. (D) ISLAMABAD 2405

Classified By: CDA David Rundell, reasons 1.4 b & d.

1. (C) SAUDIS UNHAPPY WITH ZARDARI: Echoing Pakistani interlocutors in Washington and Islamabad, in an introductory call with PolCouns, Pakistani DCM Sarfraz Khanzada (protect) characterized Saudi-Pakistani relations as “under strain.” This was due, he said, to a lack of Saudi confidence in the Zardari government. He cited a sharp reduction in Saudi financial assistance to Pakistan, and said that the Saudis had not provided “a single drop” of oil at the concessionary terms promised last year (refs c & d). Instead, during 2008, the Saudis had provided assistance in the form of a single $300 million check, considerably less than in previous years, but “beggars can’t be choosers,” he lamented. Khanzada opined that the Saudi government appeared to be “waiting for the Zardari government to fall.”

2. (C) NAWAS FAVORED: Khanzada said the Pakistanis are convinced that Saudi King Abdallah would prefer to see Pakistan run by former PM Nawas Sharif, and were cutting back assistance to Pakistan to hasten this eventuality. Nawas “practically lives” in Saudi Arabia, Khanzada declared, claiming that Nawas had even been favored with reserved prayer space in the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Because Nawas’ daughter is married to a grandson of King Fahd, he has “become a member of the Saudi royal family.” (Comment: Embassy is not able to confirm whether this is true. End comment.)

3. (C) AFGHAN MEDIATION: Khanzada claimed that the Pakistani government was not directly informed about the Saudi Afghan mediation effort, though they suspected that Nawas had been present, since he was in Mecca at the same time. While the Pakistani government did not oppose such talks in principle, they believe they have little chance of succeeding without U.S. and Pakistani participation.

4. (C) COMMENT: Khanzada’s remarks track with reporting from Islamabad and Washington regarding Pakistani concerns about deteriorating relations with the Saudis. While our Saudi interlocutors tend to be less forthcoming, they’ve made no secret of their reservations regarding Asif Zardari. Nevertheless, officials continue to insist that Saudi Arabia supports efforts to stabilize Pakistan, and we expect that Saudi officials will participate in the next round of meetings of the Friends of Pakistan


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