Google takes aim at the high street with possible Google Stores

CNETAnalysis: You could be popping down to the Google Shop to pick up Christmas presents this year, as it looks like Google may open up some high street stores. “An extremely reliable source” told 9 to 5 Google that stand-alone Google retail outlets would open in “major metropolitan areas” in the US in time for the festive shopping season. It’s a step on from the Google-branded zones in Best Buy in the US and PC World in the UK, where customers can already get some face time with Chromebooks and Nexus products before they invest. Expertise With more tablets and smartphones coming from Google itself and Google Glass on the horizon, it makes a certain amount of sense for there to be somewhere you can try the whole Google family out before buying. Indeed, the source reckons that the imminent release of Google Glass prompted the decision to open stores because it’s such a complex product – and the fact that Apple Stores do so wonderfully well won’t have hurt the idea either. As this speculation resides firmly in the realm of rumour at the moment, there’s no word on whether the UK, Australia or any other areas of the world will see that familiar primary colour swirl pop up next to H&M and Gap – but, rest assured, we’ll be keeping an eye out. Posted by: Maryum

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