MWC 2013: Lenovo’s new Android tablets are fairly uninspiring but probably fine

CNETAnalysis: We’re sure the halls of MWC 2013 are ringing with news of Lenovo’s three new Android tablets. At the top of the range is the IdeaTab S6000, a 10-inch tablet rocking a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1280×800 display and micro-HDMI port for when that 10-inch display just isn’t enough. There’s the option to go for a 3G/HSPA+ edition, and Lenovo reckons you can eke over eight hours of Wi-Fi web browsing out of the thing – not sure how well that bodes for streaming HD video over a data connection but we’ll reserve judgment till we get our hands on one. Jelly belly Lower down the scale is the A3000, a quad-core 7-inch tablet with an IPS screen and microSD port, running the latest version of Jelly Bean (4.2) . The relatively chunky slate is 11mm thick but does offer the option of 3G if you fancy paying a little bit extra for it. Languishing at the shallow end of the spec pool is the Lenovo A1000, another 8-inch slate with only a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.1 and 16GB of on-board memory (expandable with microSD). Lenovo’s billing this one as a ‘pocket studio’ because it comes with front-facing speakers and Dolby Digital Plus. The three Lenovo tablets will be available around the world between April and June, with June slated for the European release. Pricing is yet to be finalised but Lenovo says you’re looking at prices ranging from €129 (£114 / $170 / AU$166) to €299 (£262 / $400 / AU$385). Related Stories 128 GB Surface Pro online orders to take two to three weeks Purported casing leak might reveal Retina for iPad mini 2 New Kogan Jelly Bean tablets start from AU$119 Completely redesigned iPad 5 due in September? MWC 2013: Sony Xperia Tablet Z price makes it a worthy iPad adversary Posted by: Maryum

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