Blip: Kama Sutra app for iOS makes the tantilizing Twister easier to recreate at home

CNETAnalysis: Put a neck tie on the door knob, folks. We got us some sex to talk about. A new book and iOS app combo is claiming to teach the lessons of the Kama Sutra in a way that may help those baffled by the ancient text before. If you’ve ever struggled to follow the instructions that come with new IKEA cabinets, this could be for you. Using augmented reality (AR) the app brings the positions of the Kama Sutra to life, creating a 3D model of the action on the screen of the iPad. Reality, augmented Going by the woeful title Kama Xcitra, the book includes AR recognition prints on its pages which the app can “see” through the tablet’s camera and it places the animated models within the virtual boundaries of these prints. You can move the camera around the models at see them from all sides. Similar technology was included with the Sony PlayStation Vita game console, allowing gamers to create a virtual game space in their living rooms. It doesn’t seem like the models in the tutorials can be heavily customised — you can’t switch the genders around, for example — but the publisher does advertise that the skin colour can be changed to “reflect the reader’s preferences”. If this is exactly the spice you’ve been looking to add to your evenings (mornings and lunchtimes) you can grab a copy of the book from the publisher’s website , or from Amazon. More blips You can read more news nuggets here . Netflix waves goodbye to Silverlight, embraces HTML5 Google launches Person Finder in response to Boston Marathon blasts This 90-year-old enjoys Oculus Rift probably more than you will Via The Guardian

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