Flu: Few Prevention Tips To Fight Cold

When we talk about some common health issues, flue is one of them. It is considered a minor problem, but actually it leads to many other problems. Many people say that one should not use any kind of medicine in flu; just the intake of vitamin C is enough. It is true to some extent, as medicines cannot do something special for the viral infections like flu. However, here we are discussing some natural remedies, which can help you to fight flu and have a healthy winter season.

  • Vitamin D: If you have a strong immune system, you can easily survive a viral attack, which cause flu. Vitamin D is really important for healthy defense of the body. You can take vitamin D supplements as well, but it’s good to add vitamin D rich foods in your diet. For instance, food like eggs, salmon fish and liver of animals are rich source of vitamin D. Add anyone of these foods in your daily diet and give a boost to your defense mechanism. Remember, vitamin D deficiency can cause some diseases as well.
  • Prebiotics: Bacteria are not only bad; rather they are good too and help to strengthen our defense mechanism. It is important to have the healthy population of bacteria in your gut to have a good immune system. You can get prebiotics from foods like yogurt. They are also available in artificial form.
  • Carotenoids: This is a huge group of plant pigments, which are useful for human body. Few examples of carotenoids are lutein, lycopene, beta- carotene and alpha- carotene. These substances are bright is bright color vegetables, like carrots, tomatoes and peppers. They help to fight with bad bacteria and help you to remain healthy. If you eat carotenoids rich diet, there are chances that you will lead a health life, with fewer chances to get caught by flu.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a mineral, but it’s important for the strength of immune system. It is naturally present in food like mushrooms, red meat and spinach. You can also take it as supplement; however, it should not be take alone, unless you get advice from your doctor, as it can cause imbalance in your body. So, it’s better to take zinc rich foods, instead of supplements.
  • Selenium: It’s another important mineral, which help fight viral infections like flu. It is naturally present in food like garlic, oats, honey and salmon fish. Usually, lemon tea with honey is recommended in flu, as lemons are rich in vitamin and hone contains selenium, so it makes the best combination to fight flu.

These are just the few foods, which can help you to fight flu. Moreover, if you take care of your hygiene, like wash your hands properly and avoid the contact with the person, who already has flu, you can avoid this viral infection. Foods have treatment of almost every disease or it can help you to fight with the disease in a natural way, without any side effects, as we have in case of medicines. So, need natural foods and stay healthy!

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