Meri Maan drama Ratiing Due to Leave Adnan ( Imran Ashraf )

Only one actor can make a big difference.only one actor can be a back born of a drama serial as Madiha rizvi left a hit drama Meri Maa it was a big loss but as the most intense and powerful charachter adnan ( Imran ashraf ) left Meri Maa. People showing lack of interest in play and ratings are going down peaple want to see Imran ashraf as adnan again as he is still not dead in story as Madiha rizvi is . There was a strong action reaction between Madiha rizvi (Nimra) and Adnan (Imran Ashraf) peaple are missing chemistry between sajjal (Pari Hashmi) from now on only crying Anum Fayaz and handsome Hammad Farooqui remaining which according to viewers are not enough stuff to carry a hit play #imranasraf

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