Saudi Arabia: Flying horse news

Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam and Islamic teachings for the Muslims of the world. Its the most happening place for the Muslims. Muslims travel Saudi Arabia in large numbers every year to perform different religious rituals and specially the Hajj. The events like theses are the best examples to show that Islam is a religion of unity and love. Specially at the events of Hajj we have never observed any event of any kind of violence because true Muslims are there.
Just like this its not the Hajj only. Muslims from different parts of the world travel Saudi Arabia to visit different religious places as well. Islam originated from the sandy lands of Saudi Arabia. The lands where people used to live in hand made houses and used to survive on cattels have turned into luxurious localities and multi billion $ empires.
This didnt happen in a fort night. But they people of the Saudi lands discovered the blessing of oil and petrol that was one of the basic needs of the world. Not only our cars and bikes need petrol to move but also the industries and factories require it. That is why now the Saudies are known for their larger than life way of living.

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Even after so much modernization and so much discoveries the sandy lands of Saudi Arabia are still very respectable by the Muslims. They travel their to watch all the places from where Islam started. The places like “Hira Cave” where the first few verses of Al-Quran came in this world while Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W ) was busy in prayer.
During the last couple of days a news headlined at different channels at during a windy and rainy evening in the skies of Makkah there appeared a horse flying in the air. This was supposed to be a rumor only but some people at the place happened to film it as well. Now there came a solid evidence as well . You might have seen many UFO videos as well. These UFO videos are still a hot topic to discuss .
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