2nd Year Chemistry Notes for Karachi Board

Class 2nd Year Chemistry Notes Board of Intermediate Education Karachi. That Application is helpful all the second year Science Students, Model College for Girls is the best Place for Science Students, That Private college to Promote a new technique of Education. That is very helpful to all Science student. In this Application That all of Topics are Included.

Methane CH4
Benzene C6H6
Paints (Short Note)
Isomerism (Short Note)
Detergent (Short Note)
Cracking Or Pyrolysis (Short Note)
Polymerization (Short Note)   
Ether O
Ester COO
Carboxylic Acid COOH
Aldehyde & Ketone CHO and CO
Alcohol ROH
Alkyl Halide
Ethyne C2H2
Ethene C2H4
Ethane C2H6
Proteins (Short Note)
Amino Acid (Short Note)
Enzymes (Short Note)
Plaster Of Paris (Short Note)
Epsom Salt (Short Note)
Pigments (Short Note)
Tin Plating (Short Note)
Corrosion (Short Note)
Bleaching Powder (Short Note)
Silvering Of Mirror (Short Note)
Glass (Short Note)
Plastic (Short Note)
Fertilizers (Short Note)       
Varnish (Short Note)
Chemistry Scientific Reasons
Chlorine (Castner-Kellner's)
Short Answer
Caustic Soda Or NaOH (Castner Kellner's Process)
Sodium (Down's Process)
Sodium Carbonate (Ammonia-Solvay Process)
Nitric Acid (Ostwald's Process)
Sulphuric Acid (Contact Process)
Aluminium (Extraction)
Copper (Extraction)       
Periodic Table

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